The hammingtons episode 26 – 27

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 26🍃

Gia’s POV

Ethan and I stood beside the ice cream stand, slowly licking our cold ice cream before it melted away

“So….. I didn’t know Sophie had a younger brother” I said trying end the silent atmosphere

“Not many does, she’s always so busy trying to cater for both of us you rarely see us out together” Ethan replied

“Oh, so about that dagger, where the hell did you get such a magical dagger that gives a thousand cuts with just one strike?” I enquired

“Sophie made it” he said and I looked at him wide-eyed


“Yeah, she dabbles in different magical spells whenever she’s down and she’s quite good at it, only problem is she doesn’t seem to know how to perform all the amazing magical spells again when she’s sober” Ethan explained

“Oh” I said “So so she’s only good at magic when she’s down?”

“And when she’s drunk” Ethan completed licking his ice cream

“Your sister is very talented then” I said but I then I noticed Ethan was moving no more
No one around was moving, even the wind stopped blowing and it looked as if the world had come to a standstill

“What is going on?!”

“Hello Gia Hammington” Aria said as she suddenly appeared in my front


“Nice to see you too Gia, did you miss me?” she smiled

“What did you do?” I asked

“Oh it’s just a little time spell, the time is paused till I finish my business with you” she said

“And what is your business with me?”

“Your death Gia, you should all know by now that my aim right now is to annihilate the Hammingtons from the surface of the Earth” she said and I chuckled

“And each and every time, you’ve always failed, is it not time you learn not to mess with the Hammingtons Aria Dixon?”

“Oh I assure you Gia, I won’t fail this time” she said and looked at Ethan

“He’s not a Hammington” I said quickly “Do not harm him”

“Oh I think he might actually come in handy” she said as she snapped her finger and everything suddenly went blank

Ivan’s POV
“What just happened?” I asked and Sophie looked at me puzzled

“What happened?”

“Something eerie is going on, where’s Gia?” I asked

“I think she went down the street with Ethan” Sophie replied and I ran down the street

“Gia!! Gia!!!” I called looking around
“Ethan!!” Sophie called but there was no trace of any of them

Eva’s POV
I sat on the couch trying to clear my head after Eric left and slowly I dozed off……

“Noo!!!” I saw Eric screaming as he fell to the floor looking miserable as Ivan walked out holding Gia’s dead body

A cackle slowly emanated from the background
“I told you I will end you all, one down, three more to go” I heard Aria say along with her enchanting laughter

Then I saw Dianna, walking dejectedly like her world just ended. She was bleeding down her legs, Aria had killed the baby in her tummy……

I jumped up from the couch as my dream ended abruptly

That wasn’t a dream but a vision
“I must warn them” I said as I stood up but my better judgement stopped me
It will be best not to get involved with that family again

“They will handle their problem themselves” I said as I sat back down

Eric’s POV
I slowly sneaked back into the Mansion to avoid waking up Dianna
Since I was unable to convince Eva, I hope Gia and Ivan got some luck on their side

I tiptoed into the living, trying to make little or no sound
“Where are you coming from?” Dianna asked coming down the stairs and I freezed


“Am sure you heard me, where are you coming from and where is everyone?” She asked again

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“I…..I don’t…..I just stepped out ……down the….ummm …. the road…..ummm…..I went for a walk” I stuttered

“I’d have believed you Eric Hammington, but I am no fool, where are you coming from and where is Gia and Ivan?” She asked again “And am sure you know better than to lie to me Eric”

I sighed
Game over Eric
“I went to meet Eva” I said

“Eva? Why?”

“Ivan found a way to track down the Guardian but to do so we need her blood or anything she’s particularly attached to, so I went to seek Eva’s help though I was outrightly declined” I explained

“And Gia and Ivan?” Dianna asked

“They went out to see if they can track down the Guardian and get her blood” I said

“And why am I just finding out about this?”

“You were…..”

“Don’t you dare tell me I was sleeping cause that is not an excuse, not when it comes to matters concerning the Guardian” Dianna said

“You… needed rest sister, for you and the the baby, we can’t have you fainting out of stress again so we decided to keep it between us and not involve you”

“Oh so it was a group decision?! Nice to finally see my siblings working together without any altercations even if it’s to connive against me!!” she yelled

The door suddenly flew opened and Aria ran in

“Gia is in danger” she said

“What is the meaning of this?” Dianna asked

“I had a vision of Gia Hammington’s death, she will die and Aria Dixon will be the one to kill her” Eva said

“Gia is immortal, she cannot die” Dianna said

“After what happened to you and Ivan, and with a very powerful witch like Aria Dixon in the picture, I think you should rethink your definition of immortality” Eva said

“I came to you before for your help but you clearly spelt it out to me, the degree to which you hate my family and I, so what is this charade about Eva, even if what you said is true, even if Gia is going to die, why will you warn us? I only expect you to be happy about it” I said

“That was the plan Eric Hammington, to ignore whatever situation your family is in and never interfere but here I am aren’t I? Against all sanity, trying to help you guys again, one of the perks of fighting for witches for so long is that you cannot sit and watch one of your own die, no matter who or how devious they are” Eva said

“Well thank you for your concern Eva but Gia is with Ivan and she is safe”

“Gia!!” Ivan yelled barging inside the Mansion with Sophie


“Is Gia back?” he asked and shook my head

“No, is she not with you?” I asked Ivan fisted his hand

“Aria” he grunted “Am sure she did this, she took Gia and Sophie’s brother, I am going to make her suffer!” Ivan said as he made to leave

“Enough!!” Dianna yelled obviously angry “This is what happens when you do things behind my back and without telling me first!!”


“I said no more word Ivan!!” Dianna yelled “You took Gia out on a search for the Guardian without telling me, when you very well know how dangerous Aria is, you left your sister alone and Aria took advantage of the situation! Might I ask what you were doing when Gia was getting kidnapped?” Dianna asked and Ivan remained quiet

“Never mind, as you all have proven yourselves to be thoughtless and useless, I shall save Gia myself” Dianna said and barged out……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 27🍃
Ivan’s POV
“Ivan….my brother Ivan, he’s only a little boy, we have to save him” Sophie cried

“Nothing will happen to Gia nor your brother, I will make sure of it” I assured

“You will make sure of it?” Eric asked turning to me
“And how will you do that when they got taken on your watch!”

“Choose your words carefully Eric!” I said

“And why should I?!!” Eric yelled “Gia is in the hands of that evil witch because of you! You better pray to whoever you believe your supreme being to be for nothing to happen to Gia because if something does, I will find a way to end your beastly life myself” Eric said and walked out

“So, are you going barge out angrily like your siblings or will you listen to what I have to say Ivan Hammington?” Eva asked

“Unless your opinion gives a way to save my sister, I’ll advise you to hold your peace” I said

“I think you’ll find my opinion very valuable Ivan Hammington” Eva said

I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my arm and I winced

“Are you okay?” Sophie asked as she quickly held my hand but I shrugged her off

“It’s the Guardian” I said as a writing magically burnt in my hand

“You want your sister and the cute little boy? Meet me at the plain of sorrow before nightfall” Eva read aloud

“Plain of sorrow?” Sophie asked

“That was where we were cursed a thousand years ago” I recounted

“What the hell is Aria planning?” Eva thought aloud

“I should go” I made to leave but Eva held me back

“No” she said

“What do you mean no, she has my sister!”

“A very obvious fact thank you for making it more obvious” Eva said and I walked away from her

“Am in no mood for your jokes”

“Hear me out Ivan Hammington!” she said and I stopped

“That writing on your arm, it’s not the first time the Guardian is using such spell on you Hammingtons, now unless my guess is wrong, which rarely happens, I’d say your siblings got the same message from the Guardian too” Eva said

“So Dianna and Eric will be heading to the plain of sorrow too” I said and she nodded

“Now you can either go join your siblings in their perilous quest or you can join me and let’s do something that’s actually meaningful and worthwhile in saving your sister” Eva said

“How do we save my sister?” I asked

“We have to find the Guardian’s location” she said

“And how do we do that?”

“You aren’t gonna like it” she smiled and I moved closer to her

“My sister is in danger as we speak so whatever contribution you have, spill it before I nip off your throat for wasting my time!”

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“I could cast a spell, an ancient spell, you are very close with Gia, she’s your sister so like a Trojan horse, I can try and use the connection between you two to figure out her location” Eva said

“You said I wouldn’t like it” I reminded and she nodded

“It’s going to be a very complicated spell and do that, I’ll need this damsel here to serve as my arrow inside your head” she said referring to Sophie

“You mean you’ll put Sophie inside my head?” I asked and she nodded

“And by putting her inside my head she’ll be able to see everything about me?” I asked

“Yes and I’ll be able to use her to signal out the connection between you and Gia and I’ll try to use that connection to trace her location”

“Nonsense!” I said angrily “I will not be part of this”

“Ivan” Sophie called softly

“She wants you to go inside my head!!” I yelled

“I don’t mind, I just want to find my brother” Sophie said

“Oh you should mind Sophie, you want to go into the mind of a thousand year old beast? I promise you’ll not come out the same, that’s if you even come out at all” I said

“Ivan Hammington….”

“Do not call my name!!” I yelled at Eva “Aria already told us where she’ll be, the plain of sorrows, I’ll go there and save Gia myself, I need not to partake in this absurd plan of yours!”

“This absurd plan of mine is the only option you have to save your sister!!” Eva yelled back “I thought you were the smartest but have you really become so shortsighted Ivan Hammington? Do you really think Aria will call you and your siblings to the plain of sorrows without a plan in mind? Do you really think she’ll bring Gia to the plain of sorrows and just hand her over to you guys? Use your thousand year old brain Ivan, Aria has a plan, and she’s not going to the plain of sorrows with your sister, since she still has no means of killing one of your kind, am sure your sister will be hidden somewhere while Aria confronts your siblings, we just……”

“We just need to beat her to her game” I completed “Use my siblings as distractions and while she fights them, I’ll go save my sister”

“Now we are getting somewhere” Eva sighed

“But I will not allow Sophie into my head” I said

“Oh not again” Eva grunted

“Sending her into my mind will damage her” I said and Eva looked into my eye

“Is that what you are truly concerned of? Or is your crippling paranoia setting in and you are getting scared of what dear Sophie here will think of you when she finally sees the real beast behind the man she admires?!” Eva said and I grabbed her throat

“No Ivan, stop” Sophie tried to stop me but one stern look from me let her know she is not to interfere

“I do not know what you want to gain from putting Sophie inside my head but I shall not let that happen. Sophie’s brother was kidnapped too, you can try to single out the connection between her and her brother, use me as your arrow by putting me inside Sophie’s head, figure out the connection and find her brother, if we find her brother then we’ve found my sister” I said and Eva stared at me for a moment

“Fine, I shall make you my arrow instead Ivan Hammington, I shall begin the preparation for the spell right away” Eva said and I nodded

I waited patiently as Eva prepared for her spell and Sophie moved closer to me


“I do not wish to speak to you and I’d appreciate if don’t do the same” I said and she looked at me with teary eyes

“And what did I do wrong this time?” she asked

“You distracted me, that’s what you did! If it weren’t for you, I’ll have never left Gia’s side and Aria would not have had the chance to take her!!” I yelled and she flinched

“Go easy on her Ivan, her brother was taken too” Eva said and I looked at her

“You should just focus on your spell Eva” I said and she stood up

“Yeah am done, I need you two lay here” she pointed at the big circle she had drawn

Sophie and I laid on the circle, then she brought out a bowl and a dagger

“Am going to put you into Sophie’s memories and I need you to figure out which of her memories she best connected to her little brother, once you find that, I’ll handle the rest” Eva said

“What’s the dagger for?” Sophie asked looking scared

“Don’t worry dear, this is not for killing any of you, at least not today. For the spell to work, Ivan will be going into your subconscious mind, so I’ll need you two to a bit close to death for this to work, I am going to stab the both of you Sophie Sophie, Ivan will obviously not die as he is immortal but I can also promise you too Sophie, you won’t be dying today” Eva explained and Sophie nodded

Eva came close to me to stab me but I held her hand
“Why are you doing this? Why are you helping us?”
I asked

“Am only trying to save the family of the only person among you that has a soul, Dianna’s little girl, she’ll need her family to fight for her if she’s ever to be birthed” Eva said and I let go of her hand

“Do what you have to do” I said and she nodded……