The Hammingtons

The hammingtons 2 episode 3

🍁The Hammingtons🍁
A Cursed Family
🍃Chapter 3🍃

Eric’s POV
Dianna went to her room to confirm the safety of her child and we went along with her

Bella was still sleeping in her crib and Dianna heaved a sigh of relief

“The first step to getting back the spell is finding out who took it, who could’ve taken the spell?” I asked

“Who else is gunning for our throat? It is him, I’m sure it is him” Dianna said

“Who are you talking about?” Eva asked

“I think she means Ivan” I said

“But Ivan is your brother, he fought so hard to protect you and your baby back then, no matter how angry he is, I don’t think he can being himself to harm you or your little girl” Eva said

“Well Ivan has a knack for surprising people and doing the unexpected, we are are all beasts but Ivan is the wildest, he doesn’t think before he acts and since I killed the only woman he ever loved, I am sure he’s coming for me, he said it himself remember? He severed all ties with me and he promised to kill me” I said

Whenever I close my eyes to sleep, I still have nightmares about that day and Ivan’s promise always echoes in my head
………”If you do this Dianna I will never forgive you, she’s the only lady I’ve come to love and find happiness in after a thousand years of solitude, if you take her away from me I will hunt you down Dianna and I will kill you myself!” ………..

“Ivan isn’t the only one that wants to kill you lot, remember the head of the humans? Adrian Hunter, after the demons escape the Hell Gates and began to cause havoc all over the city, he came to me all angry and furious, he said the Hammington siblings and I have ruined a city he has so suffered to put in order and he promised to be the orchestrator of mine and the Hammingtons end” Eva said

“He’s just bluffing, Adrian is a human, he can do nothing” Dianna said

“Yes he is a human Dianna but do you know how he rose to become the head of the humans? He’s smart and devious, he doesn’t have the power but the has the brain and ideas to get whatever he wants” Eva said

“Fine, let’s check all of them out then, only problem is we still don’t know where Ivan is” Dianna said

“I could try and find his location and in the meantime, Eric you should go to the Mansion and check out Adrian Hunter, find out if the spell is with him” Eva said

“I’ll be going with you Eric, I’ll assume my baby will be safe in your hands Eva, till I return” Dianna said and Eva nodded

“Then you two should be careful, there are still demons out there and you could very well bump into one” Eva said

“Any demon that meets me today can blame it on their bad luck because they won’t survive the encounter” Dianna said

They were both suspecting Ivan and Adrian Hunter for stealing the immortal killing spell, but no one was saying anything about Gia, we’ve not seen her in six months too and as much as I hope not, she could very well be the one that carried this risky theft too, after all Gia is someone that is well capable of doing something as irrational as this, only question would be why? Why would she want us dead?

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Ivan’s POV
I had dozed off under the tree and I was woken up by the hissing sound of a snake crawling down my hand
I slowly grabbed it by it’s neck and it exposed it fangs to bite me aimlessly

“Poor thing, you are barking at the wrong tree, even if you bite me, I would not be harmed as I am much more poisonous than you are” I said

“You and the snake are pretty much the same” someone said and I looked up to see the least person I expected to see out here in the woods, Gia

“What brought you so far from Arcane County? And how did you find me?” I asked as I stood up and threw the snake away

“Is that how you welcome a sister you haven’t seen in 6 months?” she asked as she stared at me and then she moved forward and embraced me tightly

“I’ve really missed you Ivan” she said

“You shouldn’t have come here Gia, you really shouldn’t be here” I said

“Then where should I be? Should I have gone back to Dianna and Eric? Should I have done that?!” she asked getting angry and I sighed

“How is Ethan?” I enquired

“Oh so you remember him now? You now remember the younger brother of the woman you claim to love? You claim to be mourning Sophie yet you abandoned the only family she has left! You went on a life of solitude and you left us alone in that city! A city that has turned into ruins! A city that isn’t safe for anyone!!” Gia yelled

“I left him with you, and I trust you to take good care of him that is why I didn’t bother” I said

“Oh you trust me to take good care of him? So what now? I should be really happy that the great Ivan Hammington trusted me with the safety of a person that very precious to him? If so then what about me Ivan? I am always there for Ethan yes but who is always there for me? You were supposed to be there for me always Ivan because that is what elder brothers too but you were selfish and you left me all alone!!” Gia yelled


“I’ve been here for some minutes now and you’ve already asked about the wellbeing of Ethan, when will you ask how I am too Ivan? Or aren’t I precious to you anymore? I know after Sophie’s death, you said you cut of all ties with Dianna but did you cut off all ties with me too? Aren’t I your little sister anymore?” Gia asked and I pulled her into an embrace

“You still are my sister Gia, always” I said as I embraced her tightly

“Am I interrupting some rare siblings moment?” Layla asked as she approached us

“Is she….”

“Yeah she’s Layla, the one that makes my spelled gloves and socks” I said

“Wow, the last time I saw you, you were just a frail little girl and now you are so old” Gia wowed

“Well some of us aren’t immortal and certainly some of us does not look the same even after 60 years” Layla said

“Gia doesn’t look the same, she looks somewhat different” I said and Gia looked at me

“How do I look different?” she asked

“Well for one, you obviously have cut your hair cause it used to be so long now it’s just up to your shoulder and what’s this big tattoo of a snake on your arm?” I asked

“It’s a viper Ivan, is it not beautiful?” she smiled

“And when did you so much fall in love with snakes that you decided to get a tattoo of a viper on your arm?!” I asked

“Come on Ivan, stop treating me like a kid, I can get whatever tattoo I want, be it a snake or a lion” Gia said and Layla chuckled

“I knew family was what you needed to get back in shape Ivan, it’s nice to see you out of your shell and no longer speaking monosyllabic words like the world would collapse if you spoke too much” Layla said

“I haven’t spoke much” I said

“Yeah we’ll assume that you haven’t, anyway it’s nice to meet you Gia” Layla said as she brought her hand out for a handshake

“It’s great to meet you again after so many years too Layla” Gia said and she shook Layla’s hand and Layla suddenly gasped

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“I looked into her mind and…..and it’s a dark pitch, ask her how she found out where you were” Layla said

“What are you talking about Layla? This is my sister and there’s nothing to be suspicious or afraid of” I said

“Well I am telling you that your sister have changed and it is not for the better! Her mind is blocked from me and I was barely able see anything else except the dark aura she carries but I saw a glimpse of it, ask her, she knows it too, ask her how she found out where you are and ask her why she’s here” Layla said

“What is she talking about Gia?” I asked

“Oh come on, has Layla always been so overly dramatic, but anyway she’s right, I have changed Ivan, we all have, you don’t expect me to remain as the past Gia you knew with my childish mentality and survive in Arcane County, you gave me a responsibility of protecting Ethan and I had to become stronger to carry that out” Gia said

“The boy you claim to be protecting is the same one you used to find out Ivan’s location isn’t it?!” Layla asked and I looked at Gia surprised

“What does she mean by that? What did you do to Ethan?” I asked

“Ethan is fine Ivan, I promise” Gia said

“Then how did you find me?!!” I yelled

“Ethan found you!! Have you forgotten? Sophie was a Dixon and Ethan is her younger brother, when Sophie became the Guardian and she was sacrificed, the Guardian’s power went to the only living Dixon remaining, Ethan” Gia said


“Yes Ivan, Ethan is the current Guardian of The Hell Gates and while you were here doing God knows what, Ethan was struggling with enormous powers he couldn’t control at such a young age, I was the one that helped him out, I helped him master his powers and he has matured so much, he found you for me and he wants revenge for his sister’s death Ivan, he wants to avenge his sister so he helped me steal the immortal killing spell from Eva and that’s why I came to meet you today, cause I know if we are ever going to succeed in killing Dianna, we’ll need you by our side, so Ivan, will you join us and avenge Sophie’s death?”…….


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