The hammingtons episode 30

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 30🍃
Ivan’s POV

“Gia and Ethan are at the borough here” Eva said as she handed me a map with a red dot showing the location

“This better be right” I said as I stood up to leave

“Am going with you” Sophie said and I stopped and looked back

“You aren’t going nowhere, you will stay here with Eva” I said

“Oh don’t include me in your discussion, I’ve done my part here and am leaving” Eva said as she walked out of the Mansion

“I am going with you Ivan” Sophie repeated

“It’s dangerous, The Guardian kidnapped Gia and Ethan and you very well know how dangerous she is so I can’t let you go with me” I said

“You promised me Ivan, you promised to not let a tear fall from my ears again, now if you don’t want me to cry my eyes out, you will take me with you” Sophie said and I scoffed

“Are you threatening me with your tears?”

“Not threatening Ivan, pleading, please let me save Ethan with you, there are…… there times I’ve hurt Ethan so much and I’ve always felt guilty for that so I….I feel like I’ll be repaying a little part of that if I helped save him so please help me Ivan, help me save my brother” she cried

I stared at her for a while and sighed
“We are wasting too much time, let’s go”

“I know there’s no much time, that’s why you should just allow me……wait what?”

“Try to keep up with me and if a fight breaks out, do not come in my way” I said and Sophie quickly nodded

“I promise not to, I won’t be a burden nor a distraction” she said

“Good” I said as I walked out and she quickly followed me

Gia’s POV
I felt lightheaded as I opened my eyes
“Where am I?” I thought out loud

Then I sighted Ethan in front of me
I was chained with my hands upward and Ethan was seated on the ground unconscious with his legs and neck chained

“Ethan! Ethan!!” I called “Wake up boy!” I said and he slowly opened his eyes

“What….what happened, where’s Sophie?” he asked

“Am sure Sophie is fine and we were taken by The Guardian, it’s actually my fault, Aria came for me and you just happened to be there when she came so she took both of us but don’t worry Ethan, we’ll definitely escape from here alive, I just need to get us free from these chains” I said as I tried freeze the chains that held my hands upward but it wasn’t working

“She spelled the chains so I can’t freeze it, I guess the only option left is to break it” I said I tried to pull my hand down with all my power

“Ahhh!!!” Ethan yelled in pain and I quickly stopped pulling
It was then I noticed, the chains that held my hands is same as the one tied to Ethan’s neck, so the only I can break the chains and be free is if am ready to cut off Ethan’s head from his body which is certainly not an option to consider

“Smart Aria, no wonder she left us here alone, she knew there’s no way I’ll kill Ethan just to break free”

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“What….what are we going to do? Are we going to die here? Will….will I never see Sophie again?” Ethan asked

“I told you before right, I told you we’ll escape from this place alive and that hasn’t changed, my siblings will come for me, they always do, we just have to be patient” I said and Ethan nodded

“Good boy” I muttered

Eric’s POV
*******Year 1521*******
Dianna and I ate in silence alone
Ivan is in one of his lonely moments so he didn’t attend the dinner and Gia, well she went to see Michael

“Oh am done eating” Dianna dropped her spoon angrily “What’s a family dinner without the family” She said and left

This wasn’t supposed to happen, tonight was supposed to be one of the few night we get to be together and be happy even if it’s just a moment. Tonight was supposed to be a night to remind us of familial love
I understand Ivan, he’s the most lonely one so he always wants to be left alone but Gia? What the bloody hell has come over Gia?

“Hey Eric, already done with family dinner?” Gia asked as she walked in with Michael
She looked drunk

“Why did you miss the dinner?” I asked

“Oh I asked her to come with me to a funfair” Michael said and I looked at him

“Do not interfere when I am speaking with my sister!!” I yelled

“Calm down Eric, do not get angry at Micheal he hasn’t done anything wrong!” Gia said and I scoffed

“He hasn’t done anything wrong? The one night we all agreed to come together and have a good time, he made you miss it, he made you miss family night!”

“And what bloody family is that?!! The one that kills off people each day? Or the one that rips off people’s heart like they are chickens? Or is it the one that is filled with a bunch of immortals with uncontrollable powers and anger issues? You know Eric, there can never be a happy night when we are all together, if we had all come for the dinner last night it would have ended in some kind of quarrel or fight, it always does! So what’s the point? I’d rather have fun with someone I love than attend some dinner filled with psychopaths!!”

“Gia!!!” I yelled

“Do not yell at me!!” she said and I chuckled

“Is this argument all because of this imp here?”

“He is no imp and if you call him that again, I will freeze you for a century! I am old enough to decide where to be and who I want to hang out with and the next time you interfere in my life Eric, I will end any familial relationship that I have with you” Gia said and turned to Michael “Let’s go back Micheal, I do not think I can sleep here”

Michael and Gia walked out and I just stood and watched….

The sun was still yet to come out but I went out angrily
How could Gia speak to me like that?! How could she call her siblings a psychopath
I could feel the anger boiling inside me as I walked down a dark alley

An old man bumped into me by the road
“Oh sorry” he said but I couldn’t hear him, I couldn’t hear anything anymore, the only thing that filled my ears was my beating angry heart

“Fool!!” I said as I struck the old man dead with lightening

A young lady saw me killing the man and she ran, she ran into the woods and I followed her

She ran into a gathering of people that was dancing round a campfire and they all stopped immediately they saw me

“Bad move” I said as my whole body started bringing out lightening

“Aaahhhh” they all screamed but I struck them all with my lightening, and the few that escaped my lightening, I ripped out their throats with my bare hands

“Oh Eric, didn’t expect to meet you in the woods” Michael said as he suddenly came out from the dark and walked towards me

“Gia and I spent the night in the woods, our campfire just went off so I came out looking for more woods, what are you doing…..” he stopped on his track as he suddenly noticed the dead bodies around me and my hand dripping of blood

“What did you do?!” he said as he slowly moved back

“Michael wait”

“Stay away from me!!” he yelled as he ran away and I ran after him
He ran pretty fast but soon I was able catch up with him

“It’s a pity you had to meet your end this way” I said as I placed my lightening hand on his neck and ripped out his throat

“Micheal!!!” Gia screamed as she suddenly ran towards us
She held Micheal and shook him vigorously but it was too late, the damage has been done and he is dead…..

Ivan’s POV
I traced the map Eva gave me to an old abandoned building in the woods and Sophie and I walked in silently

“Sophie!” Ethan called as he saw Sophie
Sophie ran to meet Ethan but she was suddenly pushed back by an invisible force

“Sophie! Are you okay?!” Ethan yelled and Sophie nodded

“Am fine dear” She said

I moved closer towards Gia and Ethan then I stopped
“It’s a boundary spell, Aria placed a boundary spell here”

“How do we break it?” Sophie asked and I sighed

“Stay back” I said as I moved forward and I removed one of my gloves revealing my flaming hand
I placed my hand on the invisible boundary trying to force my way in and soon, the boundary caught fire and I was able to go in

I tried to pull down the chain that tied Gia but she quickly stopped me

“Stop!!” she yelled “The chain, it’s connected the one on Ethan’s neck, if you pull it down, you kill Ethan”

“Fine then, stay still Gia, it might get hot but am sure you can take it, you can neutralize the hotness with your freezing power” I said and she nodded

I placed my flaming hand above Gia’s chained hands
I held the chain and soon it started melting away
The chain fully melted away and Gia fell to the ground and Sophie ran to hug Ethan

“Are you okay?” I asked Gia and she nodded

“Am fine, Dianna and Eric, where are they?” Gia asked and I remembered the message we all got from the Guardian

“Probably fighting with Aria at the plains of sorrow as we speak”

“Then we have to help them!” Gia said standing up

“You take Ethan back home” I said to Sophie and Gia and I walked out

“This is our chance Ivan, you said we needed Aria’s blood in order to conjure a tracking map that shows her location at all times right?” Gia said and I nodded

“We must make her bleed”…….

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