The hammingtons episode 31

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 31🍃
Dianna’s POV

“Oh enough of all this” Aria said as she suddenly conjured a boundary spell round me and I couldn’t move

“Boundary spell again Aria, really? When you notice you are loosing, this is always your last resort” I said and she smiled

“I think it’s time to wake up your brother but before that” She moved towards Eric and cut him with her dagger

“What the bloody hell are you doing!!!” I yelled

“I just needed his blood” Aria smiled “Now he can wake up”
She snapped her fingers and Eric jerked up panting

“How was your journey back to the past?” Aria asked Eric

“You!! How dare you!!” Eric moved towards Aria angrily and she quickly conjured another boundary spell round Eric

“Oops, missed me” she laughed

“You are a crazy fanatic Aria Dixon” I said

“Better to be crazy than to be a monster with deadly mood swings” she smirked

“If you are so powerful as they say, you will bring down this boundary and fight me alone!” Eric said

“Oh how can I Eric Hammington, you are a thousand year old immortal beast with the power of lightening, I dare not come against you alone, not when I’ve not yet deciphered a way to end your cursed life yet!”

A dagger suddenly came from nowhere and struck Aria’s arm

“Ahhh!!” she screamed as a thousand cut suddenly formed on her body and she bled alot

“Did that hurt?” Ivan asked as he came to view with Gia

“Ivan Hammington!” Aria muttered angrily

Ivan’s POV
“Yeah that is me and if you want your head to still remain on your neck you will release my siblings from your boundary spell” I said

“You released Gia and the kid” Aria said

“Obviously” Gia said as she punched Aria on the face and she fell to the ground

“That’s for kidnapping me and Ethan” Gia said

“My siblings Aria, release them” I repeated

“Fine!” she said as she snapped her fingers and Eric and Dianna were now able to move

Dianna fell to the ground and Gia and Eric rushed towards her

“That’s what happens when a pregnant woman comes to fight against The Guardian” Aria laughed

“How dare you!!” I said as I removed one of my gloves and I moved towards her

“You aren’t thinking of touching me with your flaming hand are you?” Aria asked moving back

“Not just touch Aria, I plan on burning out your neck and leaving your decapitated head in the field for the vultures to feed” I said as I made to grab her throat

“Stop!!” she yelled “Unless you want little Ethan to die of blood fever, you will stop!”


“Am not a fool Ivan Hammington, I knew you guys will definitely come for your siblings and I knew I was definitely going to be outnumbered so I took a precaution in case things goes really bad like just now, I casted a spell on Ethan, he has the blood fever and only I can cure her, now unless you want little Ethan to die of blood fever, I think you will rethink your plan”

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Dianna stood up and walked towards us
“She’s bluffing, kill her”

“She’s not!!” Sophie yelled as she ran towards us panting

“What’s wrong Sophie? Where’s Ethan?” Gia asked

“We….we were going back home and….and on our way back, he…he started burning up and then he collapsed” Sophie cried

“What did you do to the little boy!!” Dianna said angrily as she charged towards Aria

“Easy Dianna, I need to be alive to heal the little boy” Aria said

“Then you better do it fast” Eric said and Aria laughed

“Oh you Hammingtons, you really amaze me, each of you with your own dark secret and yet you fight like you are a saint, I will heal little Ethan if I get out of here alive but before I go” she turned towards Sophie

“I read your soul lady and I cringe for your future, your mother died while you were still a kid and your father abandoned you as a child” Aria said

“How….how do you know that?!” Sophie asked

“I am the Guardian of The Hell Gates, there are only few things that I do not know” Aria said

“If you know then am sure that you also know that the one who ended my mother’s life was you Aria Dixon!!” Sophie said getting angry and Aria chuckled

“You’ve had a very dark past Sophie but that’s nothing compared to how dark your future is going to be. You created doom for yourself the day you fell in love with the beastly immortal, Ivan Hammington, you will be hurt Sophie, the one you love will leave you after finding out who you truly are” Aria said

“Oh will you stop uttering nonsense” I said

“But I did not lie Ivan Hammington, you already went inside her head and you saw the monster she kept hidden away and the way you look at her have changed haven’t it Ivan?” Aria asked and Sophie looked at me

“Ivan….” she muttered

“Oh don’t feel bad dear Sophie, everyone here has there own dark secret, lemme stire things up a little bit before I leave, Dianna” she called facing Dianna

“You love your baby so much don’t you?” Aria asked

“Of course I do” Dianna said

“But do you really not know who the father is? Or you are just ashamed to tell your siblings who got you pregnant?” Aria said

“I….. I…. do not know who the father is” Dianna stuttered and Aria

“We’ll just assume that’s true even though it’s obviously not” she said and faced Eric “I do not need to say your dark deed Eric, I already showed you by taking you that very past” she said and then turned to Gia

“You Gia, you are the only one I shall say nothing about, because I want your part to come as a surprise for everyone” she said and then faced me

“Ivan Hammington, as expected, you hold the worst secret and for always ruining my plans, I will show the one you care about how monstrous you really are” she said as she snapped her fingers and I groaned as my nose bled
The blood from my nose didn’t touch the ground, instead it flew towards Sophie

Sophie’s POV
My body felt like it was on fire as Ivan’s blood landed and disappeared into my skin

I closed my eyes and groaned, then I saw a flash of what looks like Ivan’s memories

He was dressed in an old overall and there was a woman in front of him, she had a dreadful expression on her face, like she’s going through the most horror full experience of her life
“Goodbye mother” Ivan said he grabbed the woman’s neck with his flaming hand and then struck her down with his other hand that exuded lightening

“Ahhh!!” I screamed as I opened my eyes and the memory ended

Ivan’s POV
“What you just saw Sophie is the real Ivan Hammington, so do you still love him?” Aria asked and Sophie remained quiet, looking at me with a teary eye

“What did you show her?!” I asked angrily

“Your deepest and darkest secret Ivan, the secret you are most of afraid of coming into the open, the secret none of your siblings knows” Aria smiled “I think I have caused enough damages for today, I am going to leave and since am leaving unharmed, I’ll be keep my promise too, I don’t really have any need to curse little Ethan with the blood fever since I already have a bigger plan so by the time you all return back, Ethan will be healed” Aria said and suddenly disappeared

Gia quickly went to Sophie
“You are witch right? So you should be able to do a few tricks right?” Gia asked but there was no reply from Sophie, she look sad and lost

“Sophie!!!” Gia yelled snapping Sophie out of her thoughts
“I don’t care what Aria showed about my brothers but I need you to focus! We need Aria’s blood to be able to track her again, Ivan had cut her with your enchanted dagger and she blood alot over there, could you do some trick and extract all the blood from the ground?” Gia asked and Sophie nodded slowly

“Good, ummm…..” Gia looked around and found a large leave. She quickly took it and handed it over to Sophie

“Here, put the blood here” Gia said

Sophie stared at me for some moments then sighed
She moved close to towards the place Aria bled
She chanted some spells and the blood on the ground rose and fell on the large leave

“Good” Gia said as she collected it from her

“Aria took Eric’s blood too when he was unconscious, I wonder what she’s planning on using it for, but am sure whatever it is, it is not good” Dianna said

“We’ll think about that another day, We’ve all had a long day, We should go back home now” Gia said and we all walked back in silence

Eva’s POV
It was nightfall already and I fell asleep immediately I laid on my bed, I guess I was really tired
Then felt a sudden presence beside me and I jumped up

“Eric!!!” I exclaimed on seeing him beside my bed and holding a dagger

“Please help me” he said

“What the hell…. What’s wrong? And how did you get in here?” I asked

“Last thing I remember was falling asleep after we came back from the plains of sorrow, next I knew was I was beside Dianna’s bed with a dagger about to stab her in her sleep”

“What?!” I exclaimed

“I have no ideas how it happened and I was barely able to stopped myself” Eric said
“Then I saw this figure on my arm” he said as he showed me his arm “I ran here because I know you are the only one that might be able to help me”

I saw the figure on his arm and i shook my head, this is bad, real bad
“Do you know what this figure means?” I asked Eric

“I know enough about magic to know I’ve been hexed by The Guardian”…….