The Hammingtons

The hammingtons episode 36

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 36🍃
Dianna’s POV

I bent down to examine the path we followed in the woods
“Here Ivan, there are footprints here” I called Ivan over

He bent over to see the foot prints too
“We should follow it then, it goes over that way” he pointed and we followed the foot prints

We followed the foot prints for some minutes and it finally disappeared as we approached a cottage

“I suppose that’s where he lives” Ivan said

“Probably” I replied

“Halt!!” someone said and we turned to see him, the father of my baby, pointing an arrow at us

“What is the legendary Hammingtons doing so deep inside the woods, state your business” he said

“Owen” I called and he looked at me

“Hello Dianna, may I ask what brought you here?” he said and then he noticed my bulging tummy

“You are pregnant” he looked surprised “I thought The Hammingtons cannot procreate”

“Yes, when we were cursed, we were stripped of any ability to have an offspring” I replied

“Then how…..”

“The curse on the Hammingtons including the inability to procreate is a magical curse and the only way I am pregnant now is because I got laid by an innate one four months ago, an innate one isn’t affected by magic so you weren’t affected by the curse and you were able to get me pregnant” I said and he looked at me wide-eyed

“Me? I….. I got you pregnant?” he looked bewildered

“You are the father of my baby Owen” I said and he laughed nervously

“No, that can’t be true, there must have been a mix up somewhere” he said

“Okay, I’ve heard enough of this” Ivan said as he walked towards Owen and punched him on the face

“No! Ivan!” I yelled as I ran to stop him

“That’s for not being there for my sister when she needed it the most” Ivan said and I quickly dragged him back

“Stop Ivan” I said

“You punched me” Owen said as he cleaned his injured lip

“Yeah, you want me to do it again?” Ivan said and Owen faced me

“I still don’t understand Dianna, we….”

“What don’t you understand?!!” I yelled getting angry
“Have you forgotten the day you brought your foolish self to my house to kill me forgetting I was immortal?! Did you forget how I kept you captive after your failed attempt on my life?! Or did you forget how we both got drunk that night and had sex?! Or did you forget how you disappeared the next morning after that night?”


“You do not have to accept the baby Owen” Ivan said “Hell you don’t even deserve to be the baby’s father, only reason why we are here today is cause we needed you to help break a hex that has been put on my brother”

“What hex?” he asked

“It was created by your family centuries ago, it was created by the first innate one who used it to empower her witches in battles” I explained

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“We call it the raging hex, even back then, the witches it was used on ended up dead in the end, what makes you believe I can cure your brother and even if I can, what makes you believe I’d want to? Your family is the reason am left all alone, you killed my whole family and if anything, I want you all dead” Owen said

“Maybe your dead parents didn’t give you the full story or maybe they did but you forgot but allow me to jiggle your memory, we never made the first attempt on your family, hell we didn’t know that witches like the innate ones even existed but your ancestors, they decided to eliminate us first, they thought us impure and decided we do not deserve to live, they tried to take our lives first and we had to strike back, we fought back and we won, we always win Owen, and we will defeat this hex too, with or without your help” Ivan said

“Then it shall be without my help then, no matter what you say, you all ended my family so I have no intention of helping you guys” Owen said and I nodded

“Owen” I said as I slowly moved closer to him “You know I don’t really get drunk that easily, you were the only drunk one that night Owen but I still got laid by you because I actually found you pretty, muscular yet pretty, it’s a pity your beautiful face will have to suffer this hit”

“What hit?” Owen asked

“This one” I said as I punched him on his face and his nose bled

I immediately punched him again and he fell to the ground, unconscious
Then I turned to Ivan who has being watching us silently

“You can lift him up right?” I asked and Ivan continued staring at me

“What? You don’t expect me to be the one to carry him after doing the punching do you?” I said and Ivan smiled

“You really knocked him out” he said

“Well he was being stubborn and noisy” I said
“Get him and let’s go, it’s dark already, we don’t have much time” I said to Ivan

Gia’s POV
“Gia! Gia!” someone called shaking me vigorously

“Wake up Gia, wake up” someone said and I slowly batted me lashes trying to get my eyes open

It was blurry at first but soon after, everything came to focus and I saw Sophie beside me looking all worried

“What…. Sophie?” I called as I sat up

“You are finally awake” she said

“What the hell are you doing here?! Eric is still here in the woods and it’s bloody dangerous” I said

“Nice way of saying thank you for saving my life Sophie” she said and I stood up

“Even without you, I was going to wake up anyway, I am immortal after all”

“True, foolish of me to take the risk of coming here at this dark hour to save an immortal” Sophie stood up

“Here” she said as she gave me a big handcuff

“You said Eric is out of control, this cuffs are spelled to give so much headache that it knocks out anyone that wears it, Incase things gets out of hand, you can put this on Eric to knock him out temporarily till you are able to get him back home, that was the only reason that brought me here, I’ll be going now” she said as she turned to leave

“Wait Sophie! Am…. am sorry” I said

“What is it about you Hammingtons? You all have a specialty in driving people away from you” Sophie said

“Bear with me Sophie, for a thousand years we’ve been alone feared and dreaded by all, we aren’t used to being helped out freely by anyone” I said
“Thanks, you did save me” I added and she smiled

“Would you like to help me get Eric?” I asked

“Oh that’ll be great Gia, I’ve been so bored since morning so this should be interesting” she smile

“So we just need to find Eric, again” I sighed

“Oh that won’t be much of a problem, I brought the tracking map I created with your blood” Sophie said as she brought out the map

“Bloody hell Sophie, you are a saviour” I smiled “Let’s go get him shall we?”….

We tracked down Eric to are dark part of the woods
They were no humans for him to kill in the woods so he was expending his anger on the trees, striking them down with lightening

“Eric Hammington” I called as I stepped forward

“You!!!” he growled

“Yeah me, why don’t you come get me” I said and Eric chased after me and I ran as fast as I could

I suddenly stopped, turned back and cast a freezing spell on him so he was unable to move for a moment

“Now!!!” I yelled and Sophie dashed out from behind the trees and put the cuffs on Eric before he broke out of my spell

Eric gave a shrieking scream as he went on his knees

“What’s wrong with him Sophie?” I asked

“I told you the chain is spelled to give so much headache that it will make the one who it’s placed on collapse temporarily” Sophie explained
“But since Eric is a powerful and immortal being, it seems he’s holding out a little longer before collapsing” she added

“Gia?” Eric called softly
His voice filled with pain

I quickly ran to him but he shifted back

“No, don’t…. don’t come closer, I might hurt you” he said

“When did you start caring about hurting me Eric” I said as I moved closer

“Am serious Gia, stay back!” he yelled


“Do you know why I killed Micheal back then? Though I hated him for making you grow distant from me but that wasn’t why I killed him, he saw this side of me Gia, he saw me killing off some people mercilessly, I can still remember the look of terror in his eyes when he saw me ripping people’s heart out, I knew then that I had to kill him, not because I hated him but because I knew he was going to tell you about the monster I am and I didn’t want you to give me the look of terror and fear he gave me when he saw me killing off those harmless people, so I killed him, so he won’t be able to tell you about the freak that I am”


“But you saw everything today, you… saw how much of…..of a monster your brother is” He said slowly and then fell to the ground unconscious……


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