The Hammingtons

The hammingtons episode 4

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 4🍃
Dianna’s POV
“That was eerie, shall we go have dinner?” Ivan said

“I can’t believe you are thinking of food after what just happened!” Eric said

“What happened?” Ivan shrugged

“Am sure you heard what the Guardian said, after all, you aren’t deaf are you?” Gia said

“Speak like that to me one more time and I’ll make sure it will be the last time you ever speak, in case you’ve gone blind, I am not Eric and I won’t be tolerating your rudeness!” Ivan said coldly

I sighed
“Ivan is right, let’s go have dinner” I said as I walked back inside and they followed

We ordered food and it was delivered
We all sat in the dinning and ate in silence

“The Guardian was bluffing right?” Eric asked breaking the silence

“She didn’t sound like she was bluffing” Gia said

“She said we shall get what we wish for but we shall want it no more, what do you wish for Ivan?” I asked

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“Death” Ivan replied

“She gave us death, she said we will die in a year’s time”

“Why are you all taking the fake Guardian’s curse to heart? She was obviously rambling anything that came to mind and even if what she said was true, death is something we all have wished for centuries ago up till now, this savage life is not worth living forever for, if we are really cursed to death now, than it’s not a curse but a salvation, one that I’ll embrace with all happiness” Ivan said

“Indeed, we have always wished for death, we even tried to kill ourselves numerous times, if the Guardian words are true, then I shall embrace death joyfully too, I have lived too much of this abominable life and if I have a choice, I want no more of this life” I said
“What about you two?” I asked Eric and Gia

“I have nothing to live for” Gia said
“I think we’ve all lived long enough” Eric said

“Good, we have no problem with death, whenever it comes, if it comes, it shall be embraced, so no one shall speak of the Guardian or any curse anymore” I said and they nodded

“In a year’s time, the Hammington name shall exist no more…” A cold and silent voice echoed in my head and I sprang up from the bed

I dragged myself up and walked downstairs

“You look like you just woke up from hell” Gia said on seeing me

“Is the Guardian’s curse already manifesting in you, are dying Dianna?” Eric asked

“I think I caught a fever, bloody headache won’t let me be too but thanks for the concern Eric but I won’t be dying today” I replied as I walked to the kitchen to get an icebag

“Heard you guys talking, is one of us already dying?” I overheard Ivan from the kitchen

“It’s sister, but she’s not dying, she just a fever” Gia said

“Ooh, that’s weird, but anyway let’s watch, who knows, maybe the death begins with a fever” Ivan said

I walked out out of the kitchen angrily and threw the icebag at Ivan

“Ouch! What was that for!” he yelped

“Do you all wish that I die so bad!”

“You said you had no problem with dying yesterday” Eric said

“Yes but that doesn’t mean you should run it on my face!”

“Dear sister” Ivan said as he placed his hand on my shoulder

“Get that hand off me else I’ll cut it off” I said coldly

“Chill sis, before your fiery side emerge again, all am saying is that if you really are dying, that means we all can die too and I don’t know about others but I am quite eager for death, so your situation is like a case study, we’ll watch and see how you die so we can prepare right for our own death” Ivan smiled

“Get out” I said “Get out all of you!!!” I yelled

“Come on sister” Gia said

“Fine, I’ll get out if you all don’t want to, your sights irritates me!”

“Just let her be, I guess the high mood swings are symptoms of the impending death, who knows, maybe we’ll experience it when death comes for us too” I heard Ivan say as I walked out of the house…

I sat on a roadside bench watching as the busy people of Arcane City went about their business as usual
Both young and old, they were all in haste to be somewhere, do something
Not that I blame them though, their life is fleeting, the highest anyone of them can boast of living on average is a 100 years, and I’ve lived ten times that time
I’ve seen people being birthed and same people dying, I’ve seen barren lands turning into huge cities, I’ve seen empires rise and fall, I’ve lived longer than I bargained for
I am not afraid of death, Like Ivan said, death is a salvation for my siblings and I, if am really dying then so shall it be, I shall not try to avoid my fate

I sat under the sun for a while longer
My head was still aching but I’ve endured worse pain so it barely bugged me
I finally stood up to go back home but everywhere looked blurry, and before I knew what was happening, I was falling and I couldn’t stop myself

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“Are you okay ma’am?”
“Someone please call the ambulance!”

The crowd gathered around me but I couldn’t say a word neither could I stand up, my eyes were closing up and I couldn’t stop it
Is this it? Has death finally come for me?…..

Ivan’s POV
“Please turn down the TV volume Ivan, am trying to read a book here” Eric said and I raised the TV volume even higher

“What’s the point of reading when you are about to die!” I said and Gia sighed

“You guys makes me wish death comes sooner for us” she said

“That’s the spirit little sister, wish for it earnestly and maybe it will come to pass” I smiled

“Look it’s on the news” Eric said and we all shifted our attention back to the TV

The journalist was talking about the exploded theater house and how the police are on their feet to find out how it happened and those responsible for it

“I hope they find us soon, I’ll like to kill a few cops before I finally die” I sighed

“Is that not sister?!” Gia asked pointing at the TV

There was a breaking news and Dianna was shown on the ground, not moving
They were requesting for the patient’s family as she didn’t have any contact information on her

“Did she die? Was the Guardian right? Did she really die?!” Gia asked agitated

“Shut up and let’s go to the hospital she was taken to” I said as I stood up

The ride to the hospital was a very silent and long one, everyone was occupied with their own thoughts

Is Dianna dead?
Did one of us finally die?
Does this means am the next to die too?

We got to the hospital and we rushed in

“Dianna Hammington, is she dead?!” I asked the receptionist

“What? Who are you?” the receptionist asked surprised and Gia came upfront

“Am sorry, he meant to say we are the siblings of Dianna Hammington, the lady that collapsed on the road was brought here few hours ago” Gia said

“Oh, she’s still unconscious” the receptionist said

“Sure, can we see her?” Eric asked and the receptionist nodded

“She’s in room 5 of the intensive care unit” she said and Gia muttered a thanks

We located the room and we found Dianna, still unconscious like the receptionist said

“Is she really dead?” Eric asked

I looked at the drip on her hand, the needle on her was melting away, so the puncture through which the needle was inserted was closing up and healing

“She’s not dead, she’s still immortal” I said

Dianna suddenly gasped and sprang up from the bed

“Sister!” Gia hugged her

“What happened to me?” she asked

“Same thing we want to ask you, we thought you really died” I said

The doctor suddenly walked in with a smile

“You are finally awake” he said

“What did you do to me? What happened to me?” Dianna asked

“I didn’t do anything to you my dear, infact what happened to you is most natural, you passed out cause you had undergone too much stress which is not good for your condition” the doctor said

“What? What condition?”

“You are pregnant ma’am” the doctor smiled

“What?!!!” We exclaimed all at once…….

Dianna is pregnant 😮😳
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