The hammingtons episode 41 – 42

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 41🍃
Gia’s POV
“Are you going to be my babysitter for tonight?” Owen asked as I sat in the living room with him

“When is Eva going to be back, I’ve already lost a lot of blood” he said and I noticed the bowl I kept under his wrist is almost full of his blood

I stood up, got another bowl and replaced it with the initial one

“Isn’t it better if you to just kill me at once than this prolonged torture?” he sighed and I kept quiet

“Why aren’t you saying anything? At least speak and keep me company, am damn bored, at least fulfill this bleeding man’s wish” he said but I concentrated on the book I was holding

“What are you reading? Shakespeare? Or tales of beedle the bard?” he asked and I closed my book

“You know for someone who spent his whole life in the woods, you are too noisy and you know too much about the external world” I said

“The fact that I spent my whole life living in the deep part of the woods doesn’t mean I never stepped into the city at all, I actually do come out once in a while and for the noisy aspect? That’s courtesy of spending years alone in the woods with no one to talk to expect yourself so if you uncomfortable, just ignore me cause I don’t think I’ll stop talking anytime soon since talking aloud is the only way I can distract myself from the pain in my wrist, or better still, if you can’t ignore me, you can just let me go” he smiled and I scoffed

“Oh that reminds, that lady, the one that left with Ivan, who is she?” he asked

“And why are you interested in knowing who she is?”

“Cause she seems awfully familiar” he said

“I don’t think you’ve ever met her before so pick no interest in her” I said sternly

“Sorry for interrupting your chitchat” Eva said as she walked in with a pile of old looking books
“But there are more books outside”

“I’ll go bring them in, I was getting tired of hearing this douchebag talk anyway” I said and walked out

Eva’s POV
“So here” I said as I dropped the books in front of Owen

“We’ll be doing a lot of studying” he said and I nodded

“And we’ll only be faster if we get started immediately” I said as Gia dropped the remaining books

“Okay, so am good to go now right? I don’t think I can stand the sight of this guy anymore” Gia said and I nodded

“Sure” I said and she climb upstairs

“Why do they hate me so much, I mean they killed my people and deprived me of having any family so if anything I should be the one hating them” Owen said

I glanced at Eric and he was still unconscious on the couch, he looked so pale, the enchanted chains must be having a great effect on him

“Hey, hey! head of witches?! Eva?!” Owen called waving his hand in front of my face jerking me from my thoughts

“What?!” I asked facing him

“What were you thinking? You looked zoned out and you weren’t hearing me at all” he said

“Did you say something?”

“I was actually wondering why the whole Hammington siblings hate me so much when I should be the one…..” Owen was saying but I grabbed his throat

“This might all be a joke to you cause you think you have some scores to settle with The Hammingtons but am not gonna let you settle those scores using Eric, Eric Hammington is the only sibling I care about and he’s the only one that matters and we are going to save him, so you better start concentrating in opening and studying those books before you actually bleed to death” I said and he looked at me puzzled

“You love him don’t you” he said

“Love is too strong of a word” I said as I handed him a spell book
“Start reading”

Owen’s POV
I collected the book from Eva and I smiled
I actually do not need this books, an innate one doesn’t need a book of spells, most of the time we only need to think what we wants and it happens
I do know how to cure the raging hex but why will I helped the family that made me live my life without a family, they do not deserve such help


One thing everyone around here doesn’t know is that the power of an innate one goes beyond being able do magic without spells or being immune to magic
An innate one is a seer too, only thing is we see for others but not for ourselves
We see the rise and fall of people but we cannot see ours, we see the future of others yet we cannot figure out ours

And I’ve seen all their futures, I’ve seen their future and it is not bright, it is filled with the darkest darkness, people will die, enemies will be formed and the thousand year old Hammington family dedication to each other will be broken
But among all the darkness, I saw I tiny little bit of light, a very small sparkle of light yet very bright and the light is from the one they claim to be my baby
In all the fight and battles that will spur in the future, she is the one that will save them all

Gia’s POV
I had checked on Dianna and she was already asleep so I returned to my room, laid back on my bed and let my mind reminisce about everything that happened in the last 24 hours

……”Do you know why I killed Micheal back then? Though I hated him for making you grow distant from me but that wasn’t why I killed him, he saw this side of me Gia, he saw me killing off some people mercilessly, I can still remember the look of terror in his eyes when he saw me ripping people’s heart out, I knew then that I had to kill him, not because I hated him but because I knew he was going to tell you about the monster I am and I didn’t want you to give me the look of terror and fear he gave me when he saw me killing off those harmless people, so I killed him, so he won’t be able to tell you about the freak that I am”……

I remembered Eric’s word
So that’s why Micheal died, because he saw the wild side of Eric, he killed the one I love just so I won’t see him for the monster that he really is
I sighed

I have not forgiven Eric, but he has to be alive and well for me to be able to settle scores with him
I see the ferociousness with which Eva is fighting for Eric, I’ve actually suspected some kind of connection between those two but I didn’t want it to be true because if it ends up being true, if it turns out that Eric and Eva love each other, I’ll have to return the favor of what Eric did to me centuries ago, I’ve always longed to make him feel the pain I felt back then, even if it’s just a tiny little bit, an eye for an eye…..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 42🍃
Ivan’s POV
I drove for hours, miles out of Arcane County
I drove on till I got to the entrance of The Dark Woods

The Dark Woods is called The Dark Woods because no one ever survives the dark in here, all the creatures in the woods comes out from their hideouts when it’s nightfall to hunt and whenever they sees a prey, they never misses it

This is where Layla lives
Yeah, she’s pretty crazy but that’s exactly why I’ve been able to work with her for the past decades

It’s morning but it was still dark, the sun hasn’t started rising yet
I came down from the car but then I stopped

….”…. I know you are immortal and any wound you get will probably heal but still, do not get injured”……

Sophie’s words echoed in my head and I sighed
I guess it won’t hurt to wait in the car till the sun has risen before I go on my search

I went back into the car and I brought down the mirror to stare at myself
When did you start obeying the words of a mere witch Ivan Hammington?
When did you begin to change so much?

Eva’s POV
I slowly rubbed my eyes as I tried to get them open
I had fallen asleep last night while studying the spell books
I finally opened my eyes and saw Owen asleep on the floor too
I sat up to meet Eric staring at me

“You are awake!” I exclaimed

“I’ve been awake for some time now, I’ve been watching you sleep” he said and I scoffed

“Even though you just woke up from sleep, you still look tired” he said

“I know, am a mess right?” I smiled

“Eva” he called in serious tone

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked and he slowly brought his hands
The chains that were keeping in him control had started melting away

“What?! How is this possible?!” I exclaimed

“It’s the raging hex” I heard Owen say
“The hex is supposed to make you stronger, angrier and out of control but Eric is trying to tame it, so it is destroying that which is keeping it in control”

“What can we do to stop it?” I asked

“Nothing Eva, that chains will continue melting away till the hex is able to break free of it’s enchantments and when that happens, Eric will go crazy again, a normal witch will go crazy till they are finally dead but Eric is an immortal so he will become a brutal killer forever” Owen said and Eric laughed

“You are laughing? You have the nerve to laugh in this situation?” I asked

“Sorry Eva, am just looking at the irony of things, for a thousand years I’ve tried to keep myself in control and to never show the angry and beastly part of me to the world but now, now you are saying I might actually live forever being the angry and beastly part of me that I’ve always wanted to hide” Eric said

“You talk as if you are a saint, you’ve always been a beast Eric, you’ve always killed people, you and your siblings” Owen said

“Yes I’ve been killing people Owen, but I’ve only ever killed to protect my family, killing with a purpose and killing without a purpose, there’s a big difference” Eric said

“This is not the time for a chit chat, get to work Owen, we need to find the cure before the chain fully melts away and it’s not like you have much time either, you are loosing a lot of blood” I said to Owen and he chuckled

“I might just die here” he muttered

“Eva!!” Gia suddenly yelled running downstairs

“Dianna, I…I just went to check on her and she won’t wake up!” she said

“What is wrong with sister?” Eric asked looking worried

“I do not know Eric, you need to help me check on her Eva” Gia said

“Please Eva, find out what’s wrong with my sister” Eric said

“We do not have the time for this, your life is already in danger we have to try and save you first!” I yelled

“Dianna is pregnant! Her life is more important!!” he yelled and I scoffed

“Fine, what was I even thinking trying so hard to heal you in the first place when you actually have zero regards for your life” I said as I stood up
“Where’s Dianna?” I asked and Gia motioned for me to follow her

Owen’s POV
Gia and Eva walked upstairs and I followed them too, being very careful so my bleeding hand won’t drip on the floor

I stood beside the door as Eva examined Dianna
Now that I look at her, she looks much more paler than when I saw her back then
She must have suffered alot

“It’s just a fever” Eva said “It’s common among pregnant women especially a pregnant woman that has been very stressed and Dianna hasn’t exactly been resting lately”
“She’s really burning up so just get some cold water and massage it on her head, she’ll be fine soon” Eva said as she stood

She walked out and looked at me
“What are you doing here?” she asked “You should be studying up on the spell books if you do not want to bleed to death” she said and I nodded

“Yeah sure”

“How’s Dianna?” Eric asked immediately we got downstairs

And I looked at him puzzled
“You are in more danger than she is yet you care more about her health than yours” I said

“She’s my sister and unlike you, I care much about her life and that of her baby, that’s what families are for anyway, to worry about each other and also protect each other” Eric said and Eva scoffed

“How exactly are they protecting you now Eric? Dianna is bedridden with some pregnancy sickness and Gia is taking care of her and Ivan is off to God knows where, so which exactly of your great siblings is fighting to protect you now?!” Eva asked and Eric smiled

“They aren’t here because they trust you’ll heal me, and so do I Eva” he said and Eva scoffed

“You all are the same, immediately you are healed I am so leaving this place and never getting involved in any of the Hammington problems again” Eva said and turned to me

“Let’s continue reading, if we are fast enough, we might be able to find a cure before all the blood runs out of your body” Eva said

“That’s was harsh, you complain of the Hammington sibling’s cruelty when you are slowly turning into the exact unfeeling monsters that they are” I said and she handed me an old looking spell book

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“Lecture me after we’ve healed Eric” she said

We studied on for hours and I started feeling dizzy, I have lost alot of blood
One of the disadvantages of being an innate one is that no matter how powerful you are, you cannot use your great powers to heal your own self

“Still haven’t found the right hex to heal Eric?” Dianna asked as she walked down accompanied by Gia

“How are you feeling Dianna?” Eric asked

“You should know something as little as a bloody fever won’t keep me down that easily” Dianna said and Eric smiled

“Nice to see you on your feet and talking again” Eva said still concentrated on her books

“Oh please, I know you don’t like me but since you are trying to save my brother now, I won’t argue with you” Dianna said and then looked at me

“He’s still bleeding, you haven’t called anyone to heal him” she said

“The deal was to get him treated after Eric is healed and Eric isn’t healed yet” Eva said

“And what if he bleeds to death before that?”

“Then that is his luck” Eva said and Dianna scoffed

“Go get a doctor or anyone that can treat Owen, Gia” Dianna said to Gia and Eva stood up

“What are you doing?!” Eva said

“I can’t let Owen die” Dianna said

“Even at the expense of your brother’s sanity? And here I thought the Hammingtons will always do anything to save each other” Eva

“Yes we will, that’s how we save each other, by doing anything! Even it means burning a whole city to the ground, we do anything Eva! But that’s not who you are, the Eva I know will not put the life of a witch at risk just to achieve her aim, you are not this kind of person Eva, you are good but since you started associating with us you’ve been changing, but that’s not your fault anyway, we always snuff out the good in people close to us, that is what we do but I still won’t stand by and watch you turn into the very monster you despise Eva, I won’t allow us to snuff out the good in you this time” Dianna said and turned to Gia

“I said go get someone to treat him Gia!” Dianna said again and Gia nodded and walked out

Dianna’s POV
There was a sudden growl and I looked at Eric
“Why the bloody hell is his chain melting?” I asked and Eva quickly turned to Eric

“He’s loosing control, the chain can’t tame him anymore!” Eva said as Eric suddenly broke free and grabbed Eva by the throat

“Eric stop!” I yelled but it was obvious he wasn’t hearing me

He threw Eva hard on the wall and advanced towards me

“Come on then” I said as I got ready to fight but Owen suddenly got in front of me

He snapped his fingers and Eric’s neck snapped and he fell down unconscious

“That wasn’t bad” he said as I stared at him

“Don’t worry, he’ll wake up though I suggest you find something to contain him with before he wakes up and go all crazy again” he said

Eva grunted and I went over to where she is and helped her up
She had hit her head on the wall so it was bleeding

“The chain has melted, there’s no way to subdue him now when he wakes up” Eva said

There was a sudden low cackle which turned louder by the second and soon Aria appeared right in our living room

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” I asked and she looked at Eva

“Isn’t it a pity Eva, fighting alongside those you once despised, but am not here for you today, I’ll punish your bad deeds another, you’ve been a very bad leader after all” Aria said and faced me

“You asked me what am doing here? Well I need your blood, as you know, am researching for spells that can kill an immortal so am trying out everything I can find, at first I thought the raging hex will work out so I tested it on Eric but turns out even the hex can’t beat immortality, it will only make you crazy and I don’t you all crazy, I want you all dead” Aria said

“So? You think I’ll just stay still and let you take my blood?” I said and she shook her head

“Definitely not, but I came prepared” Aria said as she brought out a dagger and I laughed

“You think that can hurt me?”

“Of course an ordinary dagger won’t but this is no ordinary dagger, a normal witch will die immediately they are struck by this dagger but for an immortal, it will at least render you powerless and unconscious for some moments and that’s enough time to get your blood” she said as she threw the dagger at me and Owen quickly stepped in front of me

“Owen! Owen no!!” I yelled as he fell to floor

“Why the bloody hell did you get in front of me! I wasn’t going to die anyway!!” I yelled

“But I still didn’t want you nor my baby to be hurt” he weakly as he spurted out blood from his mouth

“Come on Owen, you are strong, you cannot die like this!” I said and his eyes suddenly turned white

“What is he doing?” I asked and Aria laughed

“He’s healing your brother before he dies, only an innate one can heal the raging hex so I guess he’s one” Aria said

“The spell…” Owen muttered and I moved close to him

“…..that can kill an immortal…..the spell” he stuttered

“What happened to the spell?” I asked

“In my……..”

“Owen!!!” I yelled as his eyes started closing

“….my home” he said and coughed profusely
“Our baby girl…… she is….. she’s the only one……she can save….save you all” he said as his eyes closed

“No…..No don’t, you cannot die!!” I yelled and Gia suddenly walked in with the doctor

“Get the doctor over here!!” I yelled and the doctor ran over to where I was to examine Owen

“What the bloody hell is this witch doing here?!” Gia said angrily as she made to get Aria but she quickly disappeared

“Seems like this dagger was laced with poison” the doctor said “And he has already loosed alot of blood so there’s no saving him, he is dead”

I felt the world spinning around me as I fell to the floor

“Dianna!!” I heard Gia’s yell but it sounded quite distant
Everything became blurry as tears clouded my eyes, he is dead, the father of my baby, he is dead……