The hammingtons episode 45 – 46

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 45🍃
Dianna’s POV
Eric pulled up the car and we got down
“I think we’ll have to walk from here, the pathway isn’t wide enough for a car to go through” Eric announced

“Will you be okay with that Dianna? The path is pretty rough” Gia asked

“Oh don’t treat me like I am some weakling Gia, let’s go and get this done with” I said as I took the lead and they followed

We walked for some minutes and we finally got to the valley

“So…. Here we are” Gia announced

“Where could the spell possible be here? This is just a plain land, no cave nor burrows that can possibly be used for hiding stuffs” Eric said

“I believe it’s here Eric, we just have to think hard and be patient, if it was that easy to find the spell, alot of people would have long found it before us” I said

We were all silent for a while, thinking of where Owen could’ve hid the spell in this plain land

“Plain land?” I muttered
“Eric is right, there’s no cave around here and no burrows too, there’s only this plain land, it’s right underneath us, the only place Owen could’ve hidden something in this plain land is underneath the plain land!”

“Let’s say you are right, so what are we to do then? Dig out this whole place and look for where Owen might have hidden something?” Gia asked

“There’s no need for that” Aria said suddenly appearing from the thin air

“I must say, thank you for leading me here and giving me the hint as to where the spell might be hidden, you’ve done your part now let me do mine” Aria said as she casted her usual boundary spell and none of us could move

“Again! A bloody boundary spell!” Eric huffed angrily

“Since I can’t kill you yet, the boundary spell is the perfect spell to contain you all till I find a way to get rid of you which might actually be sooner than you think” Aria smiled

She began to whispering into her fist and an army of spiders started running out of her hands into the plain field

“What’s she doing?” Gia asked

“Seems the spiders are spelled to lead her to where the spell is hidden” Eric said

“When she finds the spell, am gonna break this boundary spell and you two will go get the spell from her” I said

“Break the boundary spell?” Eric asked

“You can break the boundary spell?” Gia asked

“Ivan once did it with his fiery hand so if he can do it then so can I” I said and they nodded

The spiders roamed round the valley for some minutes and finally they started gathering together in a part of the plain field

Aria went to the place the spiders gathered and casted a spell that made that part of the ground collapse inside and a corked transparent bottle containing an old-looking parchment paper rose out of the ground and she grabbed it

I quickly placed my fiery hands on the invisible boundary trying to break it apart

“Now!!!” I yelled immediately I felt the boundary disappeared and Gia and Eric dashed out towards Aria

Aria had already removed the parchment paper from the bottle and was about to read it when Gia quickly whistled her cold breath freezing Aria from afar as the ran towards her

Aria froze for some moments but she immediately started breaking out and the ice holding her captive began to crack

Eric quickly got to where Aria was and tried to get the parchment paper from her hand but before Eric could pull it out, Aria had already unfreeze herself and casted a duplicating spell turning the paper into two, one with Eric and the other with her

“That was close” Aria sighed
“I believe the next time we meet, I will have a weapon strong enough to end your malignant bloodline” She said and disappeared

Ivan’s POV
I drove as fast as I could back to Arcane City.
It was just getting dark so l presumed Sophie would still be working so I went straight to the bar
I walked in but I met another lady by the counter

“Welcome Sir, what drink will you like to be served?” the lady enquired

“Sophie, Sophie Griffith, where is she?” I asked

“Ummm…. and you are?”

“Someone you do not want to mess with so tell me where she is before I get angry and burn out your bloody tongue” I said to the lady in the nicest way I could

“She….. stepped out to….ummm……to throw the trash” she stuttered and I mustered up the best smile I could

“See? That wasn’t so hard, nice meeting you and have a great day” I said and I walked out

I went towards the back of the building and I saw Sophie throwing out the trash

“Need a hand?” I asked and she turned back to see me

“Ivan!” she called excitedly as she ran towards me but stopped midway

“Come on, what’s wrong?” I enquired

“I….I was so happy to see you that I was going to hug you in a tight embrace” she said

“And why did you stop?” I asked

“Cause I don’t think you’d like that” she said and I stared at her for a moment

She is right to hesitate, I have pushed her away several times after all
But things have definitely changed now

…….”Your curse doesn’t give you the privilege to love Ivan but you already love Sophie Griffith so her fate is doomed, she will die sooner or later, so go and be with her Ivan, be with her while you still can” Layla’s voice echoed in my head……

I slowly walked towards Sophie and embraced her instead
“Things have changed love” I said as I wrapped my arms around her

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“You sound sad” she said as she looked up at me
“And you don’t look so good too, did something happen during your visit to Layla? Did you find out something? Were you guys able to conjure the tracking map?” she asked looking worried

“Layla conjured the map” I said trying to muster up a smile

“And? Did you find out anything? About me? About my strange powers?” she asked with a curious look on her face

…….”Sophie Griffith, she’s Aria Dixon’s sister” I remembered Layla’s words…….

“I understand that you are curious but I just came back from a long journey, won’t you even take me inside, offer me a sit and get me a drink?” I asked

“Oohh, am sorry, let’s go inside the bar then” She said as she made to leave but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back into my embrace

“I won’t let you die Sophie Griffith, I promise”…….

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 46🍃
Ivan’s POV
Sophie and I went back inside the bar and the lady by the counter whispered something into her ear

“What did she say?” I asked as Sophie brought me a drink

“She asked what I was doing with such a scary man, seems you were rude to her when you first came so she’s afraid of you now” Sophie said

“That’s not a big deal, everyone should be afraid of me, I am Ivan Hammington after all”

“Well you better start dropping that attitude if you want to be hanging out with me Ivan Hammington” Sophie said
“So” she said sitting down in front of me
“What did you find out?” she asked again

“Did….did Gia check up on you while I was gone?” I asked avoiding her question again

“No, I saw none of your siblings” Gia shook her head

“That’s weird, I asked her to help me check on you and make sure you are okay”

“I guess she’s busy, your family is always busy, fighting one battle or another” Sophie said and I stood up

“I need to go check up on them”

“Let me come with you” Sophie said

“You are working” I reminded

“Am done with my shift” Sophie said and I sighed

“Let’s go then”

We walked out of the bar and got in to the car and I drove as fast as I could back to the Mansion

I walked in and living room was dark, there was no one there

“Where’s everyone?” Sophie asked

I heard a crackling sound from the courtyard and I slowly walked there while Sophie followed from behind

“Ivan!!” Gia exclaimed as she saw me and Dianna and Eric looked at me

They were all in the courtyard and they seemed to be burning a body

“Do not tell me….”

“He died, Owen” Eric said

“Aria killed her” Gia uttered

l walked towards Dianna who was standing near the burning body
I made to place my hand on her shoulder but she immediately turned back

“Did you get the map?” she asked and I nodded

“Good, we’ll talk tomorrow” she said and walked inside

“She’s hurt by Owen’s death” Eric said

“I think she really liked Owen” Gia said

“It must be hard on her then, it isn’t easy to loose the one you love, the pain is heartbreaking” Sophie said

“How did Owen die?” I asked

“Aria came here, she wanted to try killing us again and Owen took the hit for Dianna” Eric narrated
“But before he died, he released me from the raging hex, the pain of loosing his family made him to hate us but deep within, Owen was actually a nice guy” Eric added

“He would’ve made a great father to Dianna’s baby” Gia said

“Dianna might be hurt now but she’ll be fine, she’s strong, perhaps the strongest one amongst us all” I said
I walked back inside the house and Sophie followed

“Are you okay?” she asked

“You should go back home” I said

“You don’t seem okay” Sophie stated

“I said go home!!!” I yelled

“And why are you suddenly yelling at me? I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“You have done something wrong Sophie, knowing me, coming close to me and my siblings, loving me, they are all wrong!!” I yelled


“You’ve seen what happens to anyone that comes close to my family, you’ve seen what happens to people we love, Gia loved Michael and his gone, the father of Dianna’s baby is gone too, if you come too close to me Sophie you wouldn’t be able to escape that fate too” I warned

“What are you saying Ivan?” Sophie looked confused

“You wanted to know what I found out from Layla, she said you would die, she said you were going to die because I love you, it’s part of the curse, we have to be alone for eternity so the one we love always ends up dead sooner or later”

“You….. you love me?” Sophie stuttered

“That isn’t important now” I said

“It is for me, do you really love me Ivan?” She asked and I moved close to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips

“Is that enough for an answer?” I asked and she was silent
“If you’ve gotten your answer then leave”

“If you really love me then why are you pushing me away?!” Sophie asked

“Am pushing you away because I love you Sophie, I cannot let you die so the only way to save you is to stay away from you” I said

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“Don’t say that Ivan” Sophie said as a tear rolled down her face

“When Layla told me about the curse, I came back with the intention of being with you for as long as I can but Owen’s death made me realize the truth, he was safe in the woods till we brought him to our Mansion where he met his death, there’s no saving you if I continue to be by your side Sophie, and even after knowing this, if I continue to stay by your side, isn’t that selfishness?”

“Come on, you are Ivan Hammington, when did you start caring about being selfish? When did you start becoming so scared, the Ivan Hammington I know is always fearless” Sophie said

“That was before I met you Sophie, you turned me into this weakling that is scared of loosing you, you woke up the tiny bit of human still left in me and that’s why am asking you to leave now, stay away from me Sophie”


“Go!!!!” I yelled and she flinched

“Fine, if….if that’s really want you want, I’ll leave” she said and walked out

I wanted to stop her but I knew I had to let her go, if I want her to live then I have to let her go

Gia’s POV
“You didn’t tell Ivan about the spell that can kill an immortal” I said to Eric

“Sophie was here, the less people know about the spell the better perhaps, we can always tell Ivan later” Eric said

“Did you read it? The spell?” I enquired

“Dianna collected it before I could, she’s the only one that knows what the spell entails” Eric answered

“And Aria knows it too, she made a copy of it before disappearing” I said and Eric nodded

“If the spell is really authentic, she’s gonna try to kill us with it, do you think she’ll succeed?” I asked

“Remember when we first kidnapped Aria and brought her here, we tied her to a chair and placed her right in this courtyard, do you remember the prophecy she made that day?” Eric asked

“A long and lonely journey you all have walked
A thousand souls you all have perished and all lines you all have crossed
And by the wails of all those that met their end by your hands, you have been cursed again
You shall be given what you’ve always seeked for but you shall want it no more
The agony of loosing the ones you love you shall experience
And in a year’s time, the Hammington name shall cease to exist” I sighed on quoting Aria’s prophecy
“How can I ever forget it, it was the first time I was told I’ll be dying in a thousand years”

“She said we’ll experience the agony of loosing the one we love, I think that already started with Dianna loosing Owen and I think we’ll be next to die too, a spell to kill an immortal surfaced and worse, it’s also in the hands of the one that has been seeking to eliminate us all” Eric said

“If you die today? Do you have any regrets?” I asked

“I already have many regrets, killing Michael tops the list of regrets” Eric said and I looked at him

“Do you remember what you told me in the woods when you were still under the influence of the raging hex?”

“I remember” Eric said
“I told you I killed Micheal not because I hated him nor because he was in love with you, I killed him because he saw the beastly side of me I do not want you to know about, I killed him because I didn’t want you to look at me with fear and see me as a monster, but I was very foolish, we are already monsters and it is not something we can hide, but I was selfish and I killed the only man you ever loved, if only I could turn back the hands of time, I definitely won’t make the same decisions, I know I hurt you Gia and I know this doesn’t change how much you hate me but still, am sorry”

“Do not apologize!!” I yelled
“Do not apologize Eric, you killed the man I love for your selfish reasons and I plan on doing the same to you, I plan on killing Eva in return so you’ll also feel the pain I felt so you must not apologize now Eric, it is too late”

“Eva?” Eric asked

“Yes, are you going to deny that you do not love her or that she does not love you? I saw the ferociousness with which she tried to save you from the raging hex, I have never seen Eva so keen on saving anyone before, she loves you Eric and you love her too, it is very obvious and that is why at the peak of your relationship with her, I am going to kill her and you will at least feel a little bit of the pain you made me go through” I said as I stood up and left Eric alone in the courtyard…….