The hammingtons episode 47 – 48

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 47🍃
Dianna’s POV

For a thousand years, I have lived my life with no fear nor remorse, I’d always do what I wanted, get whatever I wanted and kill whoever I wanted
But last night, I felt fear, my heart hurt and I was scared
Owen’s death was like an eye opener and a reminder that this war is far from being over
I have been relaxed all this while, I was not cautious and I brought Owen into this house, he died because of me but Owen is going to be the first and last person that I will mourn because I won’t be relaxed anymore, I am going to fight for I won’t loose anyone I care about anymore
No matter who’s head I have to tear apart, who’s throat I have to rip out, I will get to The Guardian and I will make her suffer

We all sat in the dining room, eating breakfast in silence, everyone’s mind seemed to be occupied

“Yesterday was a pretty long day and a bad one for me for I lost the father of my unborn baby, Aria ruined my baby’s chance of having a father before she was even born” I said breaking the silence
“And she won’t stop there, she has proven that she will stop at nothing to end us”

“And now she has the weapon to do it” Gia added

“What weapon?” Ivan asked

“A spell, one that can kill an immortal, we acquired it but Aria has a copy of it too” Eric explained

“Aria will not be able to kill us yet” I said and they looked at me
I brought out the parchment paper containing the spell

“And why are you so confident sister?” Gia asked

“Same reason why I didn’t die back then when Owen used the spell on me, the spell says you need to say line a dagger made of gold with the ashes of our enemies and chant some incantations but there’s one more important thing”

“What is that?” Ivan asked

“You have to dip the dagger in the blood of a born immortal for it to work” I said

“A born immortal?” Eric asked

“When Owen was dying, I still remember his last words, he said now he understands why it didn’t work, our baby girl, she’s the key, my baby is going to be the born immortal and that’s why the spell didn’t work on me when Owen used it, because he didn’t have my baby’s blood, it is also why Aria’s spell won’t work” I said

“And if she figures out the blood of a born immortal means your baby’s blood?” Eric asked

“Then we’ll have to kill her before she figures that out” Ivan said and I nodded

“Exactly, Ivan has the map that constantly shows Aria’s location, that is our weapon and we are going to use it to our outmost advantage”

“I studied the map throughout the night and Aria has been moving around alot” Ivan said bringing out the map

“She must be trying to figure what the spell means” Eric said

“That means we have to move fast too, Aria is a very smart witch, the moment she finds out that we have a map that always shows her location, she’s going to destroy it so we only have one chance at this, only one chance” I said

“Don’t worry, we’ll get her this time” Gia said

“We’ll be needing Eva” I said and Eric looked at me

“She’s just a witch, why will we need her?” Eric asked

“She’s the head of the witches and we will need her powers, each time we fought with Aria, she always held us back with a boundary spell, this time we’ll use her spell against and make her unable to disappear or escape, when we meet with Aria, we’ll be needing Eva to construct a boundary spell, one strong enough to contain The Guardian of The Hell Gates” I said

“Will Eva agree to help us?” Gia asked

“She has to” I replied
“Gia you will go with Eric to Eva’s Mansion and you will bring her back here to help us, by whatever means necessary” I stated and Gia nodded

“Can Ivan go with Gia instead of me?” Eric asked

“If Ivan goes, he’ll end up killing Eva out of anger perhaps, Eva has shown she has a soft spot for you so we can use that to our advantage” I replied to Eric

“Let’s go, we have no time to waste” Gia said as she stood up and Eric followed

Gia and Eric left and I stood up too and went back to my room
I took the jar which contained Owen’s ashes and I went back downstairs

“Where are you going?” Ivan asked

“To the Burrows Valley to scatter Owen’s ashes, the valley is where most of his family died so am taking him back home, to be with his family” I said

“Let me go with you” Ivan said standing up


“You are in your sixth month of pregnancy sister, at this stage I am not letting you go anywhere alone and you very well know you cannot stop me” Ivan said as he collected the car key from me

“Let’s go” he said and walked out

I followed him and got into the car, he began to drive

“Are you still afraid of your powers?” I asked Ivan


“Your powers, are you still afraid of it?” I asked again

“I am not afraid of anything, least of my own powers” Ivan said

“You can say that to a stranger not your sister, for a thousand years I’ve never seen you use your full powers, I’ve never seen you without all your spelled gloves and socks, we only have one chance at ending Aria and when we go after her Ivan I want you to be on your full potential”

“You want me to go without my spelled gloves and socks?” he huffed
“You might as well ask me to summon a thunderstorm and blow up the whole city”

“That doesn’t matter as long as Aria dies” I said

“Did you ever wonder why I am so afraid of unleashing my full powers? A thousand years ago, when we cursed by The Guardian, mother was the first person that created the spelled gloves and socks for me to keep me in control but I soon got tired of it, I wondered what could possibly happen if I removed the spelled gloves and socks, so one day I went into the woods and I removed them, both the gloves and socks, I removed everything and a person dear to us all died that day” Ivan said as his voice cracked up and I looked at him

“Who died?” I asked
“Who did you kill when you unleashed your full power?” I asked but Ivan remained silent

“Who did you kill Ivan?!!” I yelled and he suddenly stopped the car

“It was mother!!” he yelled
“When I removed my spelled gloves and socks, the power overwhelmed me, my whole body was burning yet I was exuding lightning at the same time, the trees around me was burning and the thunder rumbled, I would have destroyed the whole village if mother didn’t find me earlier, she found me and tried to stop me but I felt an unexplainable anger when I saw her, it was as if my blood was boiling, I saw mother and I saw the woman that brought such a curse upon me, it was her greediness that made The Guardian curse us all, so why was she pretending to care about us now that we’ve been turned into beasts? Mother brought my spelled gloves and socks and tried to make wear them again, to keep me in control but I ripped out her throat with my fingers and her blood splashed all over my body, I killed mother Dianna, I killed the only parent we had left to care for us, I made us orphans” Ivan said and stepped out of the car……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 48🍃
Eric’s POV
Gia and I walked into Eva’s Mansion to meet her seated on her couch

“What do I owe this visit? Oh wait let me guess, you and your siblings are facing another problem and and you need my help don’t you?” Eva asked

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“You are right, we do need your help, so you can either decide to take things the easy way and come with silently or we go the hard and well… let’s just say you won’t like the hard way so much” Gia said and Eva looked at me

“Why aren’t you saying anything Eric? Are you in support of your twin sister too? Is this what I get for saving your life?” Eva asked but I remained silent

“So are you gonna come with me? Or do you want me go back to the Mansion with your frozen body?” Gia asked

“Maybe you’ve forgotten but I am the head of the witches Gia and I am no easy person!” Eva stated angrily

“We’ll see how easy you are when I take your frozen body back to the Mansion” Gia said as she advanced towards Eva but I stopped her

“Easy Gia” I said and she looked at me surprised

“You are supporting her? Is your stupid affinity for her more important that the lives of all your siblings? We need her to get Aria!” Gia exclaimed

“Since we need her, you will treat her with respect!!” I yelled and Gia huffed

“Respect?” Gia chuckled
“And how well did you treat Michael with respect back then?”

“This….. this has nothing to do with Michael or your past relationship Gia” I said

“It has everything to do with it!!” Gia yelled
“Do you not know, just the way you are hurt cause of the way I am speaking with Eva, I was hurt the same way each time you threatened to kill Micheal!”

“Not everything is about Micheal and not everything is about you Gia!!” I yelled
“We came here to get Eva so be focused!”

“I should be telling you that, we came here to get Eva and that was exactly what I was doing yet a weak-hearted fool like yourself stopped me!”

“Oh God, how exactly do you plan on defeating Aria Dixon when you can’t even carry out such a simple task without aiming for each other’s throat” Eva said as she sat back down on her couch

“You were asked to come get me because you need my help to defeat Aria Dixon so what exactly are you guys doing now?” Eva asked
“With the way you all act so foolishly sometimes, am sure the only reason Aria hasn’t finished you guys yet is because she hasn’t found a way to kill you immortal lots”

“What if I told she’s found a way now” I said

“Eric!” Gia yelled

“We have to tell her Gia” I stated

“We can’t, she will use it against us!” Gia said

“She won’t Gia” I assured

“And when did you become so trusting? She hates us, she will definitely kill us with it if she knows so if you want to put the life of all your siblings at risk because of your stupid selfishness, then go ahead!” Gia said

“What exactly are you guys talking about? What do you not want me to know?” Eva asked and I remained silent

“Speak Eric” Eva said

“Remember you once said the only reason you fought to save our lives is because of Dianna’s baby right?” Eric asked and Eva nodded

“You said she’s a pure blooded witch, the greatest this world will see in very long time and she’ll need her family to protect her and be there for her?” Eric said and Eva nodded

“Where exactly are you going with this conversation?” Eva enquired

“We found a spell that can kill an immortal and Aria has the spell too” Eric stated and Eva sprang up

“What?!!” She exclaimed

“Great Eric, now she knows there’s a way to kill us off if she wants to” Gia stated

“Oh you are right Gia, it’s feels good to know there’s actually a way to kill you all but whatever the weapon is, it shouldn’t land on Aria’s hands” Eva said

“And what makes you so different from Aria? You both hate us!” Gia said

“Right, but I care about Dianna’s baby, Aria doesn’t, Dianna’s baby is a very powerful witch and I have a responsibility to protect all witches” Eva stated

“Then you will come with us? To help defeat Aria?” I enquired

“As much as I don’t want to associate with you lot anymore, I don’t have any choice do I? Let’s go” Eva said as she walked out and we followed her

Ivan’s POV
I sat by the roadside with my head in my hands
Dianna is totally going to hate me now, she’s going tell Eric and Gia too, and they are going to hate me too
But do I blame them? I deserve all the hate for the blasphemy I committed, I killed my own mother
This was bound to happen one day, they were bound to find out about this one day and I have been preparing for this day all my life, the day my siblings will find out the evil I had done
But why does it hurt so much, even after a thousand years, why does it still hurt so much?

“Ivan” I suddenly heard Dianna’s voice and I looked up to meet her standing in front of me

“You didn’t go to the boroughs to spread Owen’s ashes?” I asked

“I decided to postpone it, I have more pressing matters for now” Dianna said as she sat beside me

“A thousand years ago, when we were cursed cause of mother and father’s greed, father died that night and I always wondered why the Guardian didn’t kill or curse mother too even though she hated her so much, now I understand, it was all the Guardian’s plan all along, what worse death can you give a mother more than letting her watch her children suffer and then making her own child kill her?” Dianna said

“Doesn’t matter what the Guardian planned, what matters I killed my own mother, with my bare hands, I killed the one that gave me birth” I said

“No Ivan, you didn’t kill mother, the curse did, the Guardian did, the Ivan I know, the little innocent boy I know will never do anything to harm his family, the curse made you this way, it turned us all into beast, we are the victims here Ivan, the Guardian forceful snatched our youthful innocent life from us and condemned us to an eternity of suffering and wild powers so stop blaming yourself for mother’s death, you didn’t kill her, the curse did” Dianna said and I looked at her

“Am … sorry” I uttered as I tried hard not to burst into the tears that was threatening to escape my eyes

“It’s alright Ivan” Dianna said engulfing me in a hug and I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore

“Oh my, I can’t even remember the last time I saw you cry Ivan, how you must have suffered all this while keeping this secret to yourself and fearing your own siblings will hate you if they find out” Dianna said patting my back

I quickly cleaned off my tears and muttered a thanks to Dianna

“Today I was reminded of the little and innocent Ivan Hammington that existed a thousand years ago, I remembered how we always played together with Eric and Gia and on one occasion, you had mistakenly pushed Eric and he hit his head and got injured, I still remember how you cried the whole day and refused to eat anything, blaming yourself for hurting your own brother” Dianna smiled
“I guess even after a thousand years, we do still have a shred of humanity left within us because the wild and beastly immortal Ivan Hammington that everyone fears acted just like my innocent little brother today” She said as she held my hand
“This will be our little secret Ivan” She said “That fact that you lost control of your powers and killed mother, let it be our little secret”………