The hammingtons episode 5 – 6

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 5🍃
Dianna’s POV
*Year 1241*

I slowly opened my eyes to meet the penetrating gaze of my siblings

“Seeing the look on your faces, I guess this is not the afterlife and am not dead, my planned failed” I said

“You plan was stupid and reckless, you burnt an entire colony down and wiped out a whole village just in a bid to kill yourself!!” Gia said

“Oh please, and when did you start to care about people or the destruction that befalls them Gia?” I scoffed

“Hell we don’t care for any of those imps, but what we do hate is running, because of what you did, the village authorities are gonna come after us and I’ll be glad to make a dinner out of them but that will only earn us more attention, and in the end we’ll have to leave and we’ll have to run again” Eric said

“You think I like this?!!” I yelled “Always being on the run, alone, with a power I cannot control, you think I like this?! All my life, I wanted nothing but to live simply, learn a trade, fall in love and have a family of my own but I can’t even do that, I can’t do any of that now courtesy of this stupid curse! I….I can’t even birth a child to call my own” I cried

“In case you are forgetting sister, the curse is on all of the Hammingtons though some deeper than others” Ivan said “If you are being so miserable then I wonder what I should do, my right hand and leg bring out fire constantly and my left hand and leg exude lightening constantly, I can’t control it neither can I turn it off, you know this Dianna, I can’t even touch someone without condemning them to a fate of immeasurable pain yet you don’t see me going off to burn every village I come across in a bid to kill myself, you are the eldest Hammington Dianna so you better start acting like it” Ivan said and walked away

“That can’t be true doctor, you are definitely mistaken” I said

“Here’s the result ma’am, you are 3 weeks pregnant” he said handing over the pregnancy test result

I went through the result hurriedly with my mouth wide agape

“Lemme see that” Ivan said snatching the result from me
Eric and Gia moved closer to get a view of the result too

“This is unbelievable, there must be a mistake somewhere” Ivan said

“Am quite certain you are 3 weeks pregnant Miss Dianna” the doctor said

“You don’t understand doctor, she can’t have an offspring, none of us can!” Gia said

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“None of you can? Is….is it a hereditary disease or something?”

“That’s one name for it” Eric nodded

“Well sometimes there can be exceptions even in the case of a long term hereditary disease”

“Not in this case doctor” Ivan said “We’ve all tried this before, we cannot procreate, it’s a curse on us and there is no exceptions, there never was”

“If there’s no exceptions then she wouldn’t pregnant now would she? Though that result in your hands is clearly saying otherwise, your sister is pregnant, you all should be overjoyed” the doctor said and faced me

“You’ll have to be careful of all you take and do from now onwards an as everything you do could have an effect on your baby, you should come for a counselling with the father of the baby, it will be really helpful cause right now you’ll need all the support you can get, you’ll also need to….”

“Stop stop stop!!!” I yelled “Enough of all this, I’m outta here”
I threw the IV drip off my arm as I stood up

“No, stop, you have to stay till you are completely recovered else it will affect you and the baby” the doctor made to touch me but Eric grabbed his hand

“Do not touch her” he said “She wants to go, let her go”

I walked out of the patient’s ward and my siblings followed me

“Get in, I’ll drive” Ivan said and we all got in to the car and drove home silently

I walked slowly into the Mansion cause I knew immediately we get inside, I’ll be bombarded with questions even I am still struggling to answer for myself

“What happened sister? How….how are you pregnant?” Gia asked immediately we got inside

“Leave her be Gia, she needs some rest, we’ll talk later” Ivan said and walked off

“He’s right, get some rest sister, we can always talk later” Gia smiled and walk off

“You were right, you didn’t die today” Eric said and I smiled
“Rest” he said and went off

I walked upstairs to my room and I laid on the bed staring at the blank space above

How am I pregnant?
Is this really possible? Or is fate toying with me?…….

“Sister, sister wake up” Gia tapped me gently waking me up


“It’s dinnertime sister” she said and I nodded

“I’ll be down in a bit” I replied and she left

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and walked downstairs
Everyone was already eating but they stopped immediately they saw me

I sat down and Eric dished out my food with a smile

“Eat” he said

They continued eating but I couldn’t eat

“I have no idea how it happened” I said breaking the silence
“You all know how I’ve always fancied having a child of my own, for a thousand years, I’ve tried all means to get pregnant all to no avail so I finally made peace with my fate, I can’t have a child, none of us can, the Hammington line will end with us. Considering the fact that I couldn’t have a child, I had sex whenever I felt like and with whomever I wanted, sex was never a big deal so if am really one month pregnant now, it’s from a one night stand and I’ve had lots of one night stands in the past month so i have no idea who the father is”

“If you are pregnant…..” Gia was saying but I interrupted

“I am pregnant Gia, I can’t explain how but I can feel it, there’s a little human growing inside here” I said touching my tummy

The room was silent for a while then I broke the silence again

“Remember the Guardian’s curse? Now that am pregnant, I cannot afford to die, this baby must be birthed so the Hammingtons must not cease to exist in a year’s time, I have to live for my baby” I said and Ivan laughed silently

“The Guardian was right” he said “You shall be given what you wish for, but you shall want it no more, that was what she said”

“We wished for death and we were given, we will all die in a year’s time but we don’t want that want any more” Eric said “Now things are different, there’s a little Hammington growing inside sister, we have to live for the baby, Dianna has to live”

“You are unusually making sense recently Eric” Gia said “Since you are pregnant sister, we are solely behind you, finally, the Hammington line will not end with us, it shall live on through your baby Dianna, it’s a dream come true”

“And what exactly will be the point of that?” Ivan asked and we all looked at him “A thousand years ago the Guardian didn’t just curse us, she cursed the Hammington name, so anyone of our bloodline will automatically be cursed too”

“You don’t know that” I said

“I think this is a pretty common logic Dianna, your baby is a Hammington and the curse will…..”

“Shut up Ivan!!!” I yelled banging my hand on the table “My baby will not live like we did, she will not be cursed like we were, I will give birth to this baby and I will make sure my baby lives a happy and free life, for that I will find the Guardian again because I am certainly not dying before I give birth to this baby and I need to make sure the curse wouldn’t be transferred to my child, you can help me if you want to, or you can keep your peace, either way, I am not loosing this fight, I will find the Guardian and I will save my baby alone” I stood up and turned to leave

“And what kind of Aunt will that make to your child?” Gia stood up and held my hand “This is our fight sister”

“You are unusually making sense too Gia” Eric stood up and faced me “You are not alone sister, your baby has a strong uncle to depend on no matter what”

Ivan sighed and looked up
“Well I can’t be the only bad uncle can I? How do we find the Guardian?” he said and I smiled………

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 6🍃
Dianna’s POV
“Well I can’t be the only bad uncle can I? How do we find the Guardian?” Ivan said

“The only way we were able to find her last time was because I bumped into a witch that knew her so this time around we’ll start from there, tomorrow we’ll go around Arcane City and a pay a visit to all popular and powerful witches to inquire about the Guardian” I said

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“Am sure the witches will be very delighted to see us” Gia smiled

“They hate us only because they fear us, which is going to be a big advantage for us if we plan on getting any relevant information from them” I said

“I guess we’ll begin our search tomorrow then” Eric said and I nodded

“I just hope none of us loose control while making a peaceful conversation with the Arcane witches” I said and we all directed our gaze to Ivan

“Why y’all looking at me with that faces, you should look at the person that spoke instead, Dianna is the one that always looose control not me” Ivan protested

“Yes sister always loose control but This is about her child so she won’t mess it up” Gia said

“Which leaves us with you, you rarely loose control but that’s because you don’t even have any control to begin with, remember back then, we found shelter in a small county, I think that was around the 80s” Eric said

“Yes I remember” I said “Ivan was supposed to go get us some food but he bumped into a witch outside and he decided that the easiest way to kill the witch was to remove his glove and burn the whole county up, with us inside”

“That’s was a long time ago and you can’t blame me for that, you didn’t see that witch’s face, she looked really irritating” Ivan defended

“So you burnt the whole county up? If we weren’t immortal we’ll have burnt along with the villagers that day!” Gia said

“Face it Ivan, you are never at your best with witches, you always loose control around them” I said

“Yes I guess so! But you can’t blame me can you? A witch is responsible for my predicament, the Guardian is a witch isn’t she? And she cursed us! Do you how it feels to wake up everyday knowing the only thing keeping you in check is some stupid spelled gloves and socks?! I can’t even remember the last time I saw my hands and feet as they are always bringing fire and lightening constantly so it has to be covered, a witch damned me into this life of eternal misery so forgive me if I do not have an affinity for any of them!” Ivan said as he stood up


“Me going along with you guys tomorrow to find the Guardian doesn’t mean I want to live, it just means I want that little cousin of mine in your tummy to survive, if I find a way to die alone I will die happily” he made to leave but stopped and turned back
“Lemme just say this for the sake of clarity, I will try to suppress my hatred for the witches tomorrow but if any of those irritating being gets on my nerves tomorrow, I won’t hesitate to make them suffer” Ivan said and walked out of the dinning room

“Why’s he taking it so personal” Gia sighed

“Leave him be Gia, once in awhile, we all need to give in to that frustration within us in order to survive” I said and Eric sighed too

“We are all so broken” he said

…….Next Day……..
“Everyone ready?” I asked as I climbed down the stairs to meet my siblings in the living room

“Combat jeans, a black top with a ponytail and sunglasses, which son of man do you plan on killing today sister?” Gia asked and I smiled

“Anyone that gets in my way” I replied

“Where’s Ivan?” I asked noticing he was not in the living room

“Right here” he said as he walked in

“Great, we are going into the city today, in search of witches that might have any information of the Guardian, Gia will go with Eric and Ivan, you’ll be coming with me” I said

“Is this your measly attempt to stop me from murdering any witch today sister” he said and I nodded

“This is very important for me so I won’t let you nor your nasty hatred for witches ruin it”

“So you’re leaving me with him?! You know how much I hate being alone with this douchebag!” Gia complained

“Douchebag?! The only reason I haven’t ripped off your tongue Gia is because no matter how irritating you might be, you are still my sister but call me a douchebag again and I’ll forgo all familial relations and teach you a lesson you would not forget in a hurry!” Eric said

“Oh you are still the same, you talk so much but we rarely see you act” Gia said and Eric chuckled

“I did act back then didn’t I? When I told you I was going to get rid of Micheal, was that all talk too? Did I or did I not get rid of him?”

“Don’t you dare speak of Micheal!!” Gia yelled

“Okay, we all seem ready, let’s go” I said ignoring the current twin squabble

Ivan moved closer to me and whispered
“Leaving them alone together won’t end well”

“Don’t worry, they can’t kill each other even if they wish to, it’s one of the perks of being immortal” I replied

I left the house with Ivan and Eric and Gia went there own way too

Eric’s POV
“So where do we start our search from?” I asked Gia as we walked down the busy street of Arcane City

“I have no interest in speaking with you Eric, am only enduring this torture of being alone with you because I want Dianna’s child to live so for as long as this little expenditure lasts, let’s try to keep communication to minimal” Gia said

“That was a long answer, there’s a bar shop, let’s go see what information we can dig out from there” I said and we walked down to the bar shop silently

The shop was filled with a few people having a drink, we sat on a table and the bartender came to meet us

“Welcome to Arcane Bar Shop, what drink would you like to have? Or should I just get you our signature coffee?” She asked

“Hi dear beautiful, I was going to say soda but hearing you talk about your signature coffee makes me wanna have a taste” I said and she smiled

“I’ll get it for you Sir, am sure you’ll love it” she said and turned to Gia “Would you like me to get you a cup of coffee too ma’am?” she asked the grumpy looking Gia

“Nah, she doesn’t take coffee, I’ll be the only one taking coffee, just assume she isn’t here” I smiled and the waitress nodded and walked

I looked up to meet Gia’s angry gaze
“What?!” I asked

“Is this your plan? Come into a coffee shop and hit on the bartender, is this how you plan to find the Guardian?” she asked

“You know the problem with you Gia, you are always impatient, did you expect me to just come in here and ask for anyone that knows the Guardian? Of course I’ll have to create an avenue for communication first” I explained and Gia scoffed

The bartender brought my coffee and placed it on the table

“Your coffee Sir” She said

“Thanks beautiful, are you from this city?” I asked and she nodded

“I was born and brought up here” she replied

“Then I guess you can help us, we are actually visitors in this city and we are looking for a Circus performer popularly called The Guardian, do you have any idea where…..”

“That’s her the lady from the theater explosion!” A man exclaimed pointing at Gia


“You are the lady with strange freezing power, I was among those you saved” the man said moving closer to Gia

“Stay away from me” Gia said

“How did you make an ice wall come out of the ground that night? What kind of trick did you do, it seemed so real, you just waved your hand and ice wall came of the ground” the man said touching Gia’s hand

“I said stay away from me!!!” Gia yelled and the man went flying hard to the other end of the shop

“She’s a witch! She’s a witch!!” People in the shop exclaimed

“You messed up” I said as I grabbed Gia’s hand and we ran out……….