The hammingtons episode 53 – 54

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 53🍃
Eva’s POV
“You really helping them?” Aria said as I sat on the couch
“You playing servant for them now?” she spoke again

“I play servants for no one Aria Dixon, no one so you better shut that hole of yours, you’ve already caused enough damages as it is” I said as I glanced at Gia’s and Eric’s unconscious body

“Okay, I see what this is about now” Aria said and I looked at her

“What do you mean?” I asked

“You don’t really care about the Hammingtons do you? You only care about one of them, the only person you are fighting for is Eric Hammington, is that not right?” she asked and I remained silent

“Why don’t we make a deal huh?” Aria said

“What deal?” I asked

“Help me get out of here and I’ll promise to spare Eric’s life for you when I kill his siblings” Aria uttered

“Seems like that chain isn’t blocking out just your powers, it’s blocking out your senses too” I said
“Maybe you still don’t get it Aria, I do despise the Hammingtons but I despise you much more, over the past few month I’ve come to realize that they are lesser beasts than you are, if we are to rank you guys up based on your beastly nature, I assure you Aria, you make the top of the predator chain so stop trying to play any mind trick on me, I do care for Eric, same way I care for every witch in this city that you have absolutely no regard for so I think it’s in my city’s best interest that you no longer exists and the Hammington siblings are just helping me do that, you know the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend” I said

“Is she making some noise?” Dianna asked as she walked down the stairs

“Kinda” I nodded

“You should enjoy my noise cause this is the noisiest this Mansion is ever gonna get because the moment I escape, death will loom over the whole house” Aria said

“Oh shut up Aria” Dianna said as she sat on the couch

“Oh Dianna, you sure must be feeling bad, the normal you will be out now trying to bring a solution to the situation like your siblings are doing but you can’t, you can’t cause you are pregnant, isn’t that pregnancy such a burden? But not to worry Dianna, I’ll be taking that little baby growing in there from you real soon” Aria uttered

“I told you before Aria, shut your mouth before I burn a hole on your lips and lock your bloody mouth for you!” Dianna yelled standing

“Ooh, seems I struck a nerve there” Aria said making a mocking face

“You look so low and stupid right now” I said to Aria as I went to hold Dianna

“She’s tryna get to you Dianna, do not let her” I said trying to calm Dianna down but she kept moving towards Aria’s cage

“Dianna” I called trying to hold her back

“Look, her chains, they are slowly melting” Dianna pointed out and I turned to look

“What the hell…..” My words trailed off as I saw the chains melting away slowly and Aria laughed

“I told you I’ll be leaving here real soon, didn’t think you could keep me here forever did you? When this chain finish melting, I’ll be able to use my powers again and that won’t bid too well for you guys” Aria smiled

Ivan’s POV
I walked into an old looking cottage with Sophie
“This your grandma’s cabin?” I asked

“You’ve been here before remember?” Sophie asked and I nodded as the memory flashed through my head

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“Yeah, we are looking for Aria then too and our search from here led me to Martha”

“Well hopefully you won’t end up almost lifeless this time around like you did the last time” Sophie said

“I won’t as long as you don’t lead me to some crazy old witch like you did the last time” I said and Sophie smiled

“So……. when Aria came in, we had a fight here” Sophie said and I nodded

“Obviously, this place is a mess” I said looking at the scattered chairs and the broken shelf and ceramics
I knelt down to pick a piece of broken ceramic and I noticed the dried mud on the floor

“Am trying to cast retracing spell so I can see where she went before coming here but it’s not working, I think my powers left me again, I told you it comes and goes” Sophie said

“Well I don’t think we need your powers to track her” I said

“What do you mean?” Sophie asked

“You got mud on your shoe since you came here?” I asked and she shook her head

“No, I barely went out” she said

“Well there’s some mud on the floor and it isn’t from your shoe and it can’t be from mine too cause one, my shoes got no mud and two, the mud are dried that means the stain isn’t from today, it’s probably from yesterday, around the time Aria came to confront you” I said

“But how did the mud get on her shoes, it hasn’t rained for days now” Sophie said

“Exactly, that means wherever Aria was coming from, the place is always muddy, with or without rain, and the path she followed to the place must be a clear path cause if she went through the bushes, the leaves would’ve definitely cleaned the mud off her shoes before she got here” I said

“Wow, that is true, you are really good at tracking people” Sophie said

“It’s not the time to praise me, do you know in the bayou that’s just like that? Always muddy with a clear path leading to it?” I asked and Sophie thought about it for some moments

“I don’t think so Ivan, only place I know here in the bayou is my grandma’s cabin” Sophie said
“Maybe you should ask Eva, if there’s anyone that knows everywhere and everything about this city, it is the head of the witches”

“She should be with Dianna, I’ll call her” I said as I brought a phone and contacted Dianna

“Did you find the totem?” she asked on picking up the call

“Not yet, is Eva there with you?” I asked

“Yeah, any problem?”

“I need to speak with her” I said

“One minute” Dianna said and soon Eva was on the phone


“Do you know a place in the Bayou that’s always muddy regardless of if it rains or not and the path leading to that place is a clear path, maybe not necessarily a clear path but there aren’t no bushes on the path leading to the place, do you know any place like that?” I asked

“There is two places that I know of, it’s a swamp area so it’s always wet and muddy, one is close to a cave and the other is close to an abandoned house surrounded by bushes” Eva said

“Well it’s definitely got to be the cave since I don’t think there were bushes on the path Aria followed, I’ll go check it out” I said

“Well be fast about it Ivan, I think Aria is currently trying to play some mind games on us by trying to get on our nerves and Dianna isn’t exactly calm and….”

“And what?” I asked

“The chains stopping her from using her powers, it’s melting, if you don’t find and destroy that totem before the chains melt down completely, let’s just say things are going to get pretty ugly for us over here” Eva said

“Keep my sister in control, I’ll find and destroy the bloody totem before Aria’s chain melts of completely” I said and ended the call

“What did she say?” Sophie asked

“You should go back home now, I’ll take things from here” I said

“Come on Ivan, you are doing that thing again where you completely shut me out” Sophie said

“Am not shutting you out Sophie, I work faster alone” I stated

“Maybe but what if you end up needing my help? What if she kind of hides the totem with a spell, you’ll need a witch to help you break it and I am a witch” Sophie said

“My family is in danger Sophie, I do not have the time to argue with….”

“Exactly, so let’s go and waste no more time” Sophie said as she walked out

“You do not even know which way to go!” I said

“Am sure you’ll come me back if am going the wrong way” she said and I sighed

“Fine” I muttered as I caught up with her and led the way……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 54🍃
Eric’s POV
I walked out of the fighting hall and everything seems so different
It is still Arcane County but everything looked so gloomy now, the normal Arcane County I know is always bright and bubbling with happy people
What the hell happened in this place?

I walked to the Hammington Mansion but the house looked burnt and abandoned
It was obvious no one has been here for years
What exactly did you do Gia?
What exactly happened?

It was getting dark and I sat on a bench by the roadside thinking of how to meet Gia again and how to convince her to stop living her nightmare so she can wake up

I was suddenly distracted by the footsteps of people running around and trying to get to their homes and escape the street
What the bloody hell is going on here?

“Hey, aren’t you the one I met at the fighting hall?” A guy stopped in front of me and said
I did recognize me, he was the guy I spoke with at the fighting hall

“Yes” I nodded

“What the hell are you still doing here, it’s almost dark” he said

“What’s going on? Why is everyone running?” I asked

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“Wow, it’s obvious this is your first time in this city, well I can’t really explain here, it’s getting darker and it’s definitely very unsafe, come with me” the guy said and I followed him

We got to what seemed like his apartment and he quickly locked the door

“What was that about?” I asked

“Don’t you know man, there are demons out in the street at night! If you are out there at night, those demons will eat your heart out, every morning we find corpses of stray people that weren’t able to get home on time, the corpses were always missing a heart” the guy explained

“How did all this happen? Where did the demons come from?” I asked and the guy looked at me with disbelief

“Did you just fall from heaven? How can you know absolutely nothing about this city?” he sighed
“The demons were released by The Guardian of The Hell Gates, when she was unable to kill the Hammington siblings, she opened the hell gates unleashing the demons with in to the world”

“What about the head of the witches, Eva Jones, she must be doing something to save her city, I need to meet her” I said

“You don’t know this too? The head of the witches is long dead, The Viper killed her” the man stated

What?!! Gia killed Eva?!
How could she? I wasn’t even so annoyed when I heard she killed me too

I sighed
Keep your cool Eric, this isn’t real, this is Gia’s nightmare, none of this is real as long as you are able to remind her who she really is and wake her up

“How can I meet Gia again?” I asked


“I mean The Viper” I corrected

“I have no idea man, what would you want to meet her, you seem strange, who exactly are you?” The guy asked but I ignored

When I met Gia at the backroom and Michael walked in, he said something to her
……..”You have an open challenge fight tomorrow night and those kind of things tends to get rowdy so I’ll by your side for tomorrow’s fight” Micheal said and Gia nodded…….

“What’s an open challenge fight?” I asked

“It’s just as it says, the fight is an open challenge, anyone can come and compete against the fighter, I heard the Viper will be having an open challenge fight tomorrow, no one usually volunteers for her open challenge, it’s a fight to the death and the Viper is very ruthless, usually those that compete with her on the open challenge fight are those that have already made up their mind to die”

“I will fight against her tomorrow” I said

“What?! Did you not hear me man, anyone that enters the same fighting ring with the Viper always ends up dead and she’s more ruthless on the open challenge fight as her manager is with her” the guy said

“Her manager?” I asked

“Yeah, I think they call him Michael, he’s the only one that’s close to the Viper and he’s always there on the open challenge fights and it’s as if he leads the Viper on cause she’s always more aggressive when he’s around” he said and I sighted

Michael, even in Gia’s nightmare you are still taking her mind away from her family and posing a problem for me

“Mind if I sleep here tonight?” I asked the guy

“Of course not, you are free to stay here for the rest of the night, with the demons out there, us humans have to always look out for each other” the guy said and I muttered a thanks

My guts tell me I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, getting into the fighting ring is the only way I can have a conversation with Gia for as long as I want so I better start preparing my speech because if I fail to get through to get tomorrow, she will kill me in the fighting ring and I’ll really be lost forever in the real world

Ivan’s POV
“Look at that” Sophie said pointing to the ground ahead
“It’s the clay swamp”

We walked for some more minutes and we got to a huge mountain

“According to Eva, there’s supposed to be a cave on this mountain” I said

“Here, found the entrance of the cave” Sophie said and I went to where she is

“You should stay out here, it might be dangerous in there” I said

“Am sure you know I won’t be listening to you so can you spare me the it’s safer outside speech and let’s go in?” Sophie uttered

“Fine! But at least stay behind me, if Aria’s life totem is really here then it’s going to be dangerous” I said and Sophie nodded

“I’ll stay behind you” she said

We walked into the cave and it was pretty dark, my eyes soon got accustomed to the darkness and I was able to find my way around
But it was strange

“There’s nothing here” I said

“You don’t know that yet, we should keep looking” Sophie said

“I know Aria, if she was really hiding something that important here then she would’ve protected this place with series of spell but I can hardly feel any wave of magic from this place, the totem is not here” I said

“It has to be here, like you said there are only two places in the Bayou with a swamp of clay and her shoes were covered in clay when she came to my grandma’s cabin so it has to be here since the other place is filled with bushes, if she had followed the other place then the grasses would’ve cleaned the clay off her shoe, you said it yourself, so it has to be here, let’s just keep searching” Sophie said

“No” I said
“I was wrong, Aria didn’t come here, she went through the other swamp of clay to the abandoned house”

“Then what about her shoes that was stained with clay, that place is full of bushes so if she passed through there, the grasses would’ve cleaned off the clay and there’ll be no dry clay shoe prints in my grandma’s cabin” Sophie said

“Not unless she didn’t go through the bushes, we are forgetting that Aria is a very powerful witch, why go through the stress of walking through thorns of bushes when you can just flick your hand and disappear to wherever you want to go” I said

“Ooh, so she did go to the abandoned house and then kind of teleported herself to my grandma’s cabin to avoid the bushes and that’s how her shoes were still stained with clay” Sophie stated

“Bingo” I smiled
“Now let’s go get the bloody totem, we have no more time to waste”…….