The hammingtons episode 55 – 56

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 55🍃
Dianna’s POV
I sat on the couch staring daggers at Aria and Eva sighed

“Am going to step out to breath, the atmosphere here is too heated up for my liking” Eva said as she stood up and walked out

“I haven’t seen the wildest of you all, where is Ivan Hammington?” Aria asked and I ignored her

“My guess is he went to look for my totem so you guys can kill me when he destroys it right?” she asked and I ignored yet again

“Well he’s just wasting his time and effort because he’s never gonna find it and even if he does find where I hid it, he won’t be able to get it” Aria stated

“Will you shut that trap of yours?! Am trying to get some silence here” I said and she chuckled

“Fine, I’ll be silent, this chain is gonna finish melting away soon anyway” she said

Ivan’s POV
Sophie and I went through the Bayou, we passed through the bushes to the mud swamp

“That’s the abandoned house” Sophie announced as we got closer to the house

“You really think the totem is here?” Sophie asked as we approached the door

“Only one way to find out” I said as I attempted to open the door but to no avail, the door won’t even budge nor open

“What’s going on?” Sophie asked

“The door won’t open, it’s spelled which means we are at the right place” I said

“Maybe I can try opening it with my powers” Sophie said

“You said your powers comes and goes” I reminded

“Well there’s no harm in trying” Sophie said and I nodded

I moved back and Sophie came forward chanting some spell
She suddenly screamed and fell to the ground

“Sophie!” I quickly held her
She was panting and her nose was bleeding

“Aria’s spell is too strong and my powers won’t come” she said

“I guess we need Eva then” I said as I brought out my phone to call the Mansion

“This is the second time you are calling Ivan please tell me you’ve found and destroyed the totem so I can put a knife to this bitch’s heart” Dianna said as she picked up the call

“Eva, where is Eva?” I asked ignoring her previous statement

“She stepped out for a bit, why, you need her again?” she asked

“Yes I do, I found where Aria is hiding her totem but I can’t get to it cause it’s protected by some kind of strong and powerful spell so get Eva, and tell her to meet by the abandoned house at the Bayou, I need her help in breaking Aria’s spell” I said

“Good, I’ll get her right away and she’ll be here in no time” Dianna said and ended the call

“She coming?” Sophie asked And I nodded

Eric’s POV
It’s morning and I barely had any sleep
I mean how can you sleep in nightmare you are supposed to be dead in? Today isn’t exactly going to be an easy day either

“Hey man, you awake?” the guy that housed me asked
I never really asked for his name

“Yeah, thanks for helping me out, may I know your name if you don’t mind?” I asked

“Of course, it’s Ryan, Ryan Woods” he smiled

“Thank you, I’ll take my leave now” I said as I walked out

“You haven’t told me your name too” he asked

“All I can say is, according to this world you are living currently, I am supposed to be dead” I said and walked out

I roamed round the city for a few hours and luckily, I was finally able to locate the fighting hall

I entered and I bumped into someone that was on his way out

“Watch you are going man, else I’ll smack your face” someone said and I looked up to see Michael

“Micheal?” I called still in disbelief
I did see him before with Gia but that doesn’t mean am still not shock seeing him alive, I mean I killed this like two centuries ago

“How do you know my name?” he asked staring at me

Of course, he doesn’t recognize me, no one knows am Eric Hammington in this world

“You are the Viper’s manager, everyone knows you” I quickly lied

“I guess I am popular, thank your stars I ain’t in a bad mood today else you’ll have really paid darely for bumping into me, anyways I have to go, the wrestling match will begin soon and I need to get my fighter” Michael said and left

He seems different
I knew him to be kind and cool but this Michael in Gia’s nightmare, he’s fierce and dominating
Is this your worst fear Gia? Causing the death of your twin brother, separating from your siblings and being dominated by the one that’s supposed to be the man you love, is this it Gia, your worst fear?

An hour later, the crowds have already trooped in and I was standing in the midst of the audience
Their was a starting match at first and as expected it was bloody, they fight to the death

I still don’t understand why anyone will sign up for this match when you know you can actually end up dying, but then again I heard the winner gets a huge sum of money so….

Gia was soon introduced into the stage with Micheal by her side
The crowd soon began to shout “Viper” and it took a while for them to calm down

The referee announced that this is am open challenge and anyone could volunteer to compete with the Viper and get a huge sum of money of they succeed

The crowd of was quiet, no one was willing to come forward

Go Eric! This your chance!
I took a deep breath
“I’ll like to compete with Viper!” I yelled and everyone looked in my direction
They must be seeing me as crazy person now, a crazy person who’s eager to die

“We have a contender? Please come forward” tbe referee said and everyone made way for me as I advanced towards the ring

“You?!” Michael said obviously surprised while Gia stared at me with a blank expression

“Your name please?” the referee asked and I hesitated
What name am I supposed to use?

“Ryan Woods” I said remembering the name of the guy that helped me out yesterday

The referee brought out some consent form which was practically saying that no one would be held responsible if I end up dying while fighting

I had no choice so I signed it
Michael stared daggers at me and whispered something to Gia, then he climb down the ring and the referee rang the bell for the match to begin

“Umm, I know we are supposed to start fighting now but lend me a minute of your time will you? You remember me right? I came into your backroom yesterday” I reminded but she was obviously not listening to me as she advanced towards me and made to punch my face but I was quick enough to dodge her threatening punch which only seem to aggravate her and I finally realized
She is out of control, just like how I was with the raging hex, she seems to be so out of control now

“Come on Gia, get a hold of yourself and listen to me, this is not you, this is not the Gia Hammington I know” I said

“Do not call me that, Gia Hammington died a long time ago!” she said as she threw a left punch and I dodged again

“Gia Hammington is not dead, she’s standing right in front of me and am sure your siblings will be very much disappointed in you if they saw what you’ve turned yourself into”

“Do not mention my siblings!!” she yelled as she threw me a right hook punch and this time around, I wasn’t quick enough to escape her punch so it sent me flying to the floor with a loud thud

“Go girl!” Micheal exclaimed and the audience screamed in excitement

If you won’t listen to me then I might as well beat some senses into you, you did kill me in this nightmare after all
“Bring it on sister” I said as I stood back up…..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 56🍃
Dianna’s POV
“Where is Eva hurrying up to?” Aria asked as Eva dashed out of the Mansion

After Ivan’s call, I called in Eva and told her where her help is needed

“I don’t think that’s any of your business” I replied Aria as I sat on the couch

“Why do I feel your hatred for me has escalated to a whole new level Dianna, is it because of the incidence with the father of your child?” Aria asked

“Do not speak of Owen!!” I yelled and she chuckled

“You must understand Dianna, I had no fight with your baby’s father, I only came here that day to try and kill you with a new spell combination I found but your baby’s father got in the way and unfortunately he lost his life, I heard he was actually the last descendant of the innate ones, it’s such a pity he had to die like that” Aria said and I stood up angrily

“Speak of Owen again and I plunged another dagger to your chest and see how long it takes to melt!!” I stated

“Oooohh, am so scared” Aria laughed
“You should enjoy my company now that you have the chance Dianna cause the moment I escape from this darn cage, I will do whatever I can to get the immortal killing spell right and I will annihilate you all”

“I assure you Aria, you will never ever be able to correctly cast the immortal killing spell” I said

“And why do you think so? It was clearly written on the parchment, I’ll need a dagger made of gold, the ashes of your enemies and the blood of a born immortal” Aria looked up at me
“A dagger made of gold is very easy to get, the ashes of your enemies? Well this one is a bit tricky, you Hammingtons have always maintained the habit of killing and burying off your enemies but the innate ones have always been your enemies for centuries and Owen is an innate one so I just need his ashes right? I don’t suppose you have Owen’s ashes laying around a corner in this Mansion do you?” Aria asked and I remained silent
“His ashes is here isn’t it? That’s right, you pretty heavy with your pregnancy now so you can’t have gone to spread out his ashes yet, his ashes is still with you, in this Mansion” Aria said

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“You will not touch Owen’s ashes!” I stated

“We’ll see about that when this chains finish melting” she said
“Now unto the third ingredient for the spell, I’ll need to blood of a born immortal” Aria paused a bit
“Did you really think I will never figure it out? You are an immortal Dianna, so is the rest of your siblings and so is that baby girl growing in your tummy…..” Aria said and I swiftly grabbed a dagger by the table and plunged it on her leg and she let off a shrieking scream of pain

“Don’t you ever speak about Owen or my my baby with that disgusting trash hole of yours! Next time you do, a stabbing on the leg is the least thing you’ll get from me” I warned

Eric’s POV
“Yeah!!” the audience squealed as I got another punch from Gia throwing me to floor

“Good, kill him baby, end him!” Micheal said from outside the ring
Where are my powers when I need them?!

“Stop Gia” I said as I managed to stand up in my feet

“Do not call me that!!” Gia yelled as she advanced towards me and I moved back

“Then what should I call you?!” I yelled
“The Viper like this people have named you? But they all strangers to you Gia, none of them knows the real you, only your family does”

“I have no family here this is the real me!” Gia said as she caught me by the throat and slammed me on the hard floor…

Ivan’s POV
“What’s going on?” Eva asked as she approached us

“We can’t get in, the entrance is protected by a strong spell” Sophie said

“Can you help us break the spell?” I asked

“Aria is a very powerful witch, if her life totem is really in there, then it’s going to be protected by alot of very strong spells and…..”

“I only asked you a simple yes or no question, I didn’t ask for a story, will you or will you not be able to break the spell and let us in?” I asked again

“I’ll try my best” Eva said as she began to chant her spells

“She’s getting a nosebleed!” Sophie exclaimed as Eva began to bleed from her ears too

“The spell….. it’s too strong…..I am not powerful enough” Eva stuttered

“Then channel me” Sophie said

“What?!” I exclaimed and Eva glanced Sophie

“If I am really who you and Aria says I am, then I must have a lot of powers stored inside me that I cannot control yet, Eva can channel that power and combined with her own, hopefully it will be enough to break her spell” Sophie said and I sighed

“Fine, go ahead Eva, channel her” I said and Eva nodded

“Your hand” Eva said holding out her hand and Sophie held it

They began to chant the spell together and after what seemed like an eternity, the door flung wide open…

Eric’s POV
My vision was blurry and I could barely feel my arm
She’s going to kill me, she’s going to really kill me right here if I am unable to get to her

“Eric Hammington would have been so disappointed in you right now” I said and she stopped

“Do not mention my brother!!” she yelled

“Your brother?! He is your brother and yet you killed him and separated the whole Hammington family!!” I yelled and she grabbed my throat

“Stop, you know nothing about me!” she said as she made to punch me

“Gia Hammington, favorite snack is cookies, favorite dish is lasagna, life dream is to live with the one who loves and cherish you, I know alot about you than you think Gia” I said and she dropped her hands

“Who exactly are you?” she asked

“What are you doing babe, kill that asshole!” Michael yelled

“I am someone that knows you have taken the wrong turn in your life and you need to come back to your senses, is that the man you claim to love?” I pointed at Micheal
“Yet he puts you in a ring to fight and kill people like an animal? That is not love Gia, you and I know that, he’s just using you!” I yelled

“I don’t care if he uses me or not, am by his side because he’s the only one by my side” Gia said

“And when the day come that he decides to leave, what happens then? And you are not alone Gia, you have Ivan and Dianna, you have your family” I said

“They will never accept me back after what I did, I…. I killed my own brother out of anger, I killed Eric” Gia’s voice cracked up

“Indeed you made a big mistake against your family, but when you make a mistake Gia you don’t run and hide from it you solve it! We Hammingtons never run and hide, it’s not part of our legacy, find Ivan and Dianna, seek for their forgiveness and be reunited with the one that truly understands you and stop allowing this douchebag to control you like a fool for you are no fool Gia, you are a bloody Hammington! And you better start acting like one” I concluded and I began to pray
Let the ramblings I just made touch her heart God please

Gia was silent for a moment as she stared at me
“Who are you?” she asked and I smiled

“You can call me your Guardian Angel” I replied

“What the hell are you doing Gia, kill the damn man!!” Michael yelled and the audience booed

“Am done obeying you all” Gia yelled “I am done entertaining you all, I will do this no more, I will find my siblings and go back to where I belong!” Gia announced and Michael quickly climbed into the ring

“What nonsense did you just spew out babe? What are you doing? Don’t listen to this manipulative guy, kill him!” Micheal said pointing at me

“I am Gia Hammington and I shall be controlled no more!” she yelled and Michael flinched

Gia made to climb down the ring but Micheal blocked her path

“Come on, you can’t do this Gia, I need you” Michael pleaded

“Get out of my way!!” Gia yelled as she flung Micheal to hit the edge of the ring pole

She made to climb down but she turned back and walked towards me
“Thank you for reminding me of who I am” she said as she extended her hand for a handshake

“Like I said, I am your Guardian Angel” I smiled as I shook her hand and everything around us starting disappearing

Is this it? Did I break the death slumber spell?
Everyone around us continued to disappear including Micheal and soon everywhere was pitch black…..