The hammingtons episode 61 – 62

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 61🍃
Ivan’s POV
I drove out of the city and packed the car in front of a thick forest
I got down and walked into the forest, breathing in the air and tracing the foot prints on the ground

I finally got to a cottage by a hillside and I sighted Layla picking up herbs

“Coming to find me twice in the same year, that has never happened before Ivan Hammington” Layla said as I approached her

“A spell surfaced, a spell that….”

“That can kill an immortal, yeah, I had a vision about that, don’t tell me the great Ivan Hammington is scared of dying now” Layla said as she entered her cottage and I followed her in

“I am not here to joke Layla” I said

“Obviously not, so what brought you here?” Layla asked

“You know why I came here, am sure you must have read my mind the moment I stood in front of you” I said

“Oh your mind is a confusing maze right now, you are thinking and plotting alot of things with that one mind of yours and old me can decipher a thing from it, so you tell me” she said

“Fine, first, I need you to find out where Aria is for me, the tracking map you conjured works no more” I said

“Oh if it’s about that, I don’t think I need to stress myself on that as the head of the witches is already doing that and by the time you get back home, Aria’s location shall be revealed” Layla said

“Are you sure about that?” I asked

“Are doubting me now because am old? You seem like you have other things to say so go ahead” Layla said

“I don’t usually do this and I don’t usually care about the future but…..”

“But you have someone you care about now that isn’t immortal like the rest of your siblings and you want me to look into the future and see what destiny has in store for you guys” Layla said

“I thought you said my mind was too muddled up for you to read it?”

“Yes but that was before you thought her, immediately you started thinking about her, all other thoughts went away and she was the only thing on your mind and it was easier for me to get what you were thinking” she said

“Fine, so do it, look into the future and tell me what you see”

“I need not to look anywhere to tell you what’s in store for you, it’s as clear as the morning sky and I told you before didn’t I? Your curse will eat up the one you love, she is destined to die Ivan Hammington”

“That is not what I want to hear!!!” I yelled

“Am afraid I cannot tell you what you want to here, your lady is powerful and gifted, it’s a pity she won’t live long enough to learn how to use her gift” Layla said and I grabbed her throat

“Say something about Sophie dying again and you will be the one to die right now!” I said angrily

“Killing me……it won’t….. change anything” she stuttered and I let her go

She coughing vigorously and then looked at me
“Yours is a very sad future Ivan Hammington, you saved my life when I was a kid but it’s very unfortunate that I will not be able to help you keep the life of the one you love” she said

“I am not accepting your prediction Layla, Sophie will not die because I will be there to protect her” I said and made to walk out

“On the day when darkness snuff out the sunlight and the blood moon appears, you will loose the one dear to you and the legendary Hammington siblings will be separated” Layla said but I walked on, not turning back to look at her

It was already nightfall and I knew Sophie must be done with her shift and will probably at home so I went straight to her apartment

“Ivan” she said on opening the door and I walked in

The house was dark and Ethan was asleep on the couch

“Pack your things and wake Ethan up, you are leaving this place” I said

“What do you mean Ivan?”

“You and Ethan, you guys are moving into the Mansion with me tonight” I said

“What?! Am not leaving my home”

“I made the decision and it is not open for debate!!” I yelled

“Well I am not going anywhere Ivan and if you are going to continue raging and not tell me what’s going on then leave, Ethan had a hectic day at school today and I can’t let you wake him up with your shouting” Sophie said and I sighed, trying to calm myself down

“Don’t make this harder than it already is Sophie, please” I said and she held my hand

“What’s wrong? You can tell me what’s going on” she said and I stared at her for a moment

“On the day when darkness snuff out the sunlight and the blood moon appears, you will loose the one dear to you and the legendary Hammington siblings will be separated” I sighed and looked at her
“I received a prophecy of your death”

“My death?!!” she exclaimed

“That is why i need you and Ethan to move into the Mansion, where I can watch and protect you all the time” I said

“Wait a minute” Sophie said as she slumped on the couch
“So am… really gonna die” she said

“I told you this morning Sophie, no one is going to die, not whilst am here so please just do as I say and come with me okay, in the Mansion, even if I am not around my siblings will protect you and Ethan” I assured and she nodded

“I’ll wake Ethan up” she said as she tapped Ethan waking her up

“Sophie?” he said opening his eyes

“Am sorry is for interrupting your sleep sweetheart but we’ve got to go” Sophie said

“Go where?” Ethan asked sitting up and Sophie glanced at me

“To uncle Ivan’s house” Sophie said

“Tonight? Why?” Ethan asked

“We….ummm….. it’s a vacation, we are going to spend a few days there with his siblings” Sophie said

“But they all seem like dangerous people, alot of my friends at school all fear them” Ethan said

“But they can protect us Ethan” Sophie said

“Why do we need to be protected, are we in trouble?” Ethan asked and Sophie was obviously getting frustrated

“Ethan” I said stepping in and he looked at me
“Your sister is in danger, there are some bad people that want to kill her and I have to protect her so don’t make this difficult for her and do as she says” I said

“Kill her?!” Ethan exclaimed “We must find who they are and kill them instead uncle Ivan, no one must hurt my sister, remember the last time you hurt my sister and I brought a dagger to kill you, I’ll do the same to anyone else who tries to hurt her” Ethan said and I smiled

“No one is killing anyone Ethan so stand and pack your bag, get whatever you need cause we are leaving now” Sophie said

Ethan and Sophie packed their bags, they got into the car and I drove us to the Mansion

“This house is so big” Ethan wowed as we entered

Gia, Eric and Dianna, they were all eating dinner in silence as we walked in

“I was wondering where you went off to like that but you are back and you brought visitors” Dianna said

“They’ll be staying here with us for now” I said

“Why? Did something happen?” Eric asked

“I brought them here so nothing will happen Eric” I said

“Whatever the reason might be, I for one am happy about this, at least the house won’t be so gloomy and silent from now on” Gia said as she walked towards Sophie and hugged her

“It’s been long since I last saw you Sophie” she said and Sophie nodded

“How have you been?” Sophie asked

“Well you know, we Hammingtons are never really okay but we are surviving” Gia said

“And Ethan, how are you?” Gia asked

“Am fine” Ethan nodded

The door suddenly sprang open and Eva walked in
I sighed, this never gets old

“I found out where she is” Eva said panting

“What did you find out this time Eva? Aria sacrificed more children?” Dianna asked

“I found her location, The Guardian’s Cemetery, that’s where she is”……

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 62🍃
Dianna’s POV
“I found her location, The Guardian’s Cemetery, that’s where she is” Eva said and my spoon fell off my hand as I stood up

“Finally, I am so going to burn her alive tonight” I said

“No you cannot Dianna” Eva said

“Why not? Her life protection totem has been destroyed, she’s just like any mortal witch now, she’s vulnerable!” I said

“Right Dianna but we cannot afford to make any mistakes this time, Aria is at the Guardian’s Cemetery, a place all the Guardians of The Hell Gates have been buried right from time immemorial even before you guys were cursed, that place is a sacred and powerful place and she has been staying there, she has also been doing human sacrifices to increase her powers, she is preparing for something and I do not know what and there’s no way am going to ruin the one chance we have to end her by moving in blind” Eva said

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“Well you guys can stand here and wonder what Eva is planning but I will be no part of this, Aria will be dead tonight” Ivan said but Sophie held him back

“Eva is right Ivan, it’s dangerous to go and meet her now, at a place where she’s most powerful without knowing her plans” Sophie said

“What do you suggest we do then Eva?” Gia asked

“I can try and find out what she’s up to by casting a spell that will let me see and hear what she’s doing but am already exhausted from the spell I used to find her location, so I’ll need to channel one of you guys to carry out the spell, I cannot channel you Dianna cause you are pregnant and I cannot channel Ivan cause I’ll need to hold your hands and let just say your hands cannot be held without the gloves so it has to be either Eric or Gia” Eva said

“You can channel Eric, am sure he’ll want you to do that right Eric?” Gia asked

“As long it helps in getting rid off Aria, I will do anything” Eric said

“Good, since I already got who to channel and I brought everything I’ll need for the spell, let’s waste no more time” Eva said as she brought out a white powder and made a big perfect circle with it

“I’ll need the utmost silence for this spell so can I have this place for only Eric and I?” Eva asked

“Just make sure this is worth it” I said and walked off to my room

Eric’s POV
Everyone left the living room and I was left alone with Eva

The atmosphere was silent and I stared at her as she drew some figures round the circle with her white powder
“How did you find Aria?” I asked

“I thought I said it before, I carried out a spell to find her location” she said not looking at me

“Same spell you’ve been trying for days and it wasn’t working out?” I asked

“Well am the head of the witches, there’s nothing I cannot do, it just takes time” she said and I grabbed her hand dragging her up

“What the hell are you doing Eric Hammington?!”

“Do not lie to me Eva, this mark on your hand” I touched the mark she had obviously cut herself with a knife on her palm
“I’ve read alot about magic spells to know this is for a sacrificial magic, same one Aria is carrying out on children” I said and she pushed my hand away from hers

“You really think I’ll sacrifice children just to get enough power to figure out Aria’s location?” she asked

“You tell me” I shrugged and she shook her head

“And here I was thinking we had some kind of connection, how could you think I’ll do such a thing to children Eric? I did a sacrificial magic, same spell as the one Aria as using to sacrifice children yes , but I killed no child! I used a witch prisoner on death row, he was a bad and powerful witch and he was going to be killed anyway so I used him for the sacrifice and because I didn’t follow the spell’s instructions and used an adult instead of a child, the spell took it’s toll on me and consumed alot of my powers but that didn’t matter since I got what I wanted, I got Aria’s location” Eva said and I felt bad

“Don’t look at me with such pitiful eyes, you just accused me of killing children!!” she yelled

“I thought….”

“You thought I so much wanted to get Aria and since I am this big bad witch, I will do anything including sacrificing children to get what I want” she said

“Am sorry” I said

“We have more important things to do than you being sorry” she said as she held my hand and made a cut on it
“This doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you” she said and I nodded

“I’ll ask for forgiveness later” I said and she began to chant her spells

I could feel her drawing my powers, like she was using my power to fuel the spell
She began to pant, then she suddenly stopped, letting my hand go

“What happened?” I asked

“I got close to the cemetery, but I couldn’t quite see her, the spell isn’t complete, I need something else, what could it be?” she wondered

“Maybe you should study a spell book for it or something” I said

“A spell book isn’t what I need right now Eric, I need something tangible, something with a direct link to Aria” she said

“And where can we find something like that?” I asked and Ivan suddenly walked down the stairs

“I assume you guys are done with the spell?” he asked

“She can’t get to Aria brother, apparently she needs something with a direct link to Aria for it to work” I explained

“Something with a direct link to Aria? Nothing like that exist cause she killed all her family members and
she cares about nothing” Ivan said

“Not all her family members are dead” Sophie said as she climbed down the stairs
“Am sorry for interrupting but I overheard you guys talking”

“What do you mean not all her family members are dead?” Eva asked

“I know one of her family members that’s still alive” Sophie said

“What are you doing Sophie?” Ivan asked

“I decided not to run and hide from who I am anymore Ivan especially not when I can be of help here” Sophie said

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked

“I found out not too long ago when Aria attempted to kill me” Sophie said
“Apparently my mother and her mother are sisters and they had problems when my Mom decided to marry a human and not a powerful witch like they always do in her family so my Mom went off on her own” Sophie narrated

“It all makes sense now, the kind of courage you have, the powers that you have but don’t know how to use or control, you are a Dixon” Eva said

“I am not a Dixon, I still remain Sophie Griffith, I just happen to share the same blood with that family” Sophie said

“Well I need that blood now because that is what will save us” Eva said and Sophie brought out her hand

Eva pricked her hand with a pin and her blood dropped on the circle Eva made

“I think this should do” Eva said and she held my hand again

“Ready?” she asked and I nodded

She began to chant the spell again and I could feel she was succeeding this time because the closer she got to what she wanted to find, the more powers it consumed from me till we both fell to ground, panting

“Please tell me you saw what you wanted and we don’t have to do that again” I said

“I saw a lot of things, I saw the urn containing Owen’s ashes meaning she’s still planning on using the immortal killing spell on you guys but that’s not the only thing she’s planning, lighted candles, sacrifices, seclusion in the Guardian’s Cemetery, she’s preparing herself but not for you guys, she’s planning on opening The Hell Gates”…….