The hammingtons episode 63 – 64

The Hammingtons
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 63🍃
Ivan’s POV
“What did I just hear you say?” Dianna asked as she walked down with Gia

“Why will she want to open the hell gates?” Gia asked

“Last time the hell gates was opened was a thousand years ago, on the night we got cursed” Eric said

“Why would she want to open the Hell Gates? It makes no sense” I said

“Do you know what is behind the hell gates?” Eva asked

“Definitely not something good cause on the night the Hell Gates was first opened and we were cursed, some smoky figures tried escaping from the gate and The Guardian had to sacrifice herself to get the gate closed” Gia said

“Not many believe this story but it has been passed down for a thousand years so I will tell you, a long time ago, long before you guys even came to being, it was said that demons ruled the Earth and and when the people could have no more of their tyranny and killings, a family of very powerful witches decided to save the world from the demons by sacrificing their eldest, they were able to capture all the demons and they imprisoned them in the deepest part of the hell they had conjured, but they knew that it wasn’t enough, the demons were so powerful that they could escape the hell they had created, so the eldest of them created this impervious and powerful gate and sacrificed her life to keep the gates closed forever, when she died, the immediate younger sister became the The Guardian of The Hell Gates, protecting the Gate and making sure know one ever tries to open it because of it is opened, the current Guardian will have to sacrifice her life to close it back, for that is the only way” Eva said

“If the only way to close the gate is by sacrificing The Guardian’s life, then why will Aria want to open the Gates in the first place?” Eric asked

“It’s obviously a back up plan” Dianna said
“In case trying out the immortal killing spell doesn’t end up killing us, then the demons released from the Hell Gates can do the job” Dianna stated

“We’ll just have to kill her before she opens the damn gates then” I said

“Everyone should get a good night sleep tonight, we are going for Aria tomorrow and there must be no mistake” Dianna said and we all looked at her surprised

“We?” I asked

“Yeah that’s what I said”

“You are almost due Dianna, you can’t come with us” Gia said

“And who’s gonna stop me? You?” Dianna asked

“Gia is right Dianna, you can’t fight in this state” Eric said

“Why don’t you come fight me then and see if I don’t burn you alive!” she said

“Come on Dianna, you cannot go with us, it’s too risky for you and your baby” I said

“So you want me to sit this one out too like the last time? How long will I continue to sit on the sidelines and let you guys do the risky work alone just because am pregnant? And what will I tell my baby girl when she’s born? I didn’t fight for her freedom along with her uncles and aunts because I was too scared? I am scared of nothing and I am not the type of person to sit a fight out so do not turn me into one! We’ll leave together tomorrow” Dianna said and walked away

“Since she’s obviously made up her mind, you guys should let her, she might be pregnant but she’s still the eldest Hammington with the power of the Phoenix flame and there’s absolutely nothing more dangerous than a mother determined to protect her baby” Eva said

“I’ll be going with you guys too” Sophie said and I looked at her

“You heard me right Ivan, I am going along with you guys to fight Aria tomorrow” Sophie said

“I don’t know what you are thinking and I absolutely do not care, you are staying in here throughout tomorrow and there’s no debating that” I said

“Stay here and do what? Crumble in fear while you guys are out risking your life? This is related to me too and I won’t sit and let someone else fight for my freedom!” Sophie said

“You are not going anywhere Sophie and that’s final!!” I yelled

“And who are you to decide how I run my life?!!” she yelled too

“Sophie….. You remember the prophecy don’t you? I might not always be able to protect you when we are up against Aria so please, it’s not order, I am pleading with you Sophie, stay here where it’s safe, I cannot risk loosing you” I said and she held my hand

“I will protect myself Ivan and you will not loose me, I promise” she smiled and I shook my head

“Don’t Sophie, please” I said and she placed her hand on my face and gave a reassuring smile

“Goodnight” she said to everyone and walked upstairs

“Never thought I’ll see the day my big bad broth would be so in love” Gia said and I glanced at her

“You are the least of my concern right now” I said as I made to climb up the stairs but Eric held me back

“She has made her decision, forcing her to go against her decision is the worst thing you’ll ever do and she’ll hate you for it” Eric said

“I’d rather she hates me and live than for her to not hate me and die” I said

“And how are you so sure she’s gonna die tomorrow? If things goes south, we are all there to protect her” Gia said

“And Sophie isn’t a weakling Ivan Hammington” Eva said “She’s a Dixon and she has an enormous power within her”

I looked at all of them and shook my head
“I am not taking that risk” I said and walked upstairs to guest room where Sophie and Ethan were

“I knew you’ll still follow me up here” Sophie said as I entered her room


“Ethan is asleep, let’s go somewhere else and not wake him up again” she said and we both left the room and went to my room

“So? You still against my decision?” she asked

“Yes because it’s too risky, you could die if you go Sophie!” I said

“I refuse to be scared Ivan, so top trying to make me scared, if anything you should be supporting me” she said

“I would never support you on this Sophie and I don’t care what you’ll think of me but there’s absolutely no way am letting you go into that fight tomorrow” I said

“And what are you going to do to stop me? Lock me up here? I’ll just escape and sneak after you guys, I have been preparing for this moment Ivan, I have been working on controlling my powers and I believe I am starting to get it, I am no longer that powerless witch Ivan, I assure you I can protect myself against Aria” Sophie said

“You could still die by her hands Sophie and I can’t stand that” I said and she smiled

“You really love me a lot don’t you?” she asked

“That’s not what matters now, you…..”

“It matters to me, you do love me right?” she asked and I sighed

“I wouldn’t care so much if I don’t” I said and she moved closer to me

“Then forget about everything and let’s enjoy this moment together okay?” she said as she stood on her toes and placed a soft kiss on my lips

“Sophie, don’t” I said

“What? Am not doing anything am I?” she asked

“You are tempting me” I said

“Then get tempted, why are you holding back?” she asked

“Because….. my powers, I could hurt you Sophie” I said

“Not if you keep your gloves and socks on” she said

“And what if I loose control and somehow remove them? Or if my powers suddenly extend all over my body?” he asked

“Nothing of that sort will happen” Sophie assured

“How are you so sure?” I asked

“Because I know Ivan Hammington will never hurt me, you are the only one I feel safe with so stop holding back cause you won’t hurt me” she placed another kiss on my lips
“I love you” she whispered and I pulled her closer, kissing her ravenously like a hungry beast
Her lips tasted like cherry blossom and they were so addictive but I knew I had to control myself, no matter how bad I wanted her, I must not loose myself
So I gently lifted her up and placed her on the bed and slowly, I unbuttoned her shirt…..

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🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 64🍃
Eric’s POV
Gia went to her room too and I stayed downstairs with Eva

“Will you be sleeping over here?” I asked

“Do you have any problem with that?” she asked

“I wanted to say the guest room is already taken so you could sleep in my room” I said and she looked at me surprised

“You sneaky Hammington, I ain’t sleeping with you if that’s what you are planning by inviting me to your room” she said

“What are you talking about? I was offering you my room so I’ll sleep here on the couch” I said and she looked flushed and embarrassed

“Ooh” she mouthed

“So goodnight? You know my room right? Second room on the right” I said and she nodded

I went to sit on the couch and she walked upstairs
Minutes later, she came back down

“Is something wrong?” I asked

“Nothing just ummm….. The bed seems to large for one person to sleep on, mind joining me?” she asked

“You are inviting me to join you in bed?” I asked just to make sure I heard her right

“Only because I feel bad that you have to sleep here on the couch because of me and the bed is large enough for two people so why not?” she said and I smiled

“Sure then” I said as I stood up

“And don’t get any crazy idea Eric Hammington, we are just going to be sleeping on the same bed, nothing more” she said

“Of course, were we going to do something else before?” I asked

“No, we are just going to sleep” she said climbing up the stairs and I chuckled

How can be she be so stern and cute at the same time?

Dianna’s POV
I laid on my bed staring at the empty ceiling
Aria has to die tomorrow and I will make sure of that, by whatever means necessary

There was a knock on my door and Gia peeped in

“Thank God, I thought you might fallen asleep already” she said as she walked in

“What happened?” I asked

“I just wanted to talk, I feel like it’s been a bit long since we last did that” Gia said

“If this is you trying to give me long speech to convince me to no go for the fight with Aria tomorrow then I suggest you do not waste your time cause I will not heed whatever you say” I said

“Oh we are past that Dianna, you want to go and fight to protect your baby and I think I understand that” Gia said and I sat up

“Good, so what brought you here then?” I asked and she looked at me

“Am scared Dianna” she said and I looked at her surprised
I could swear that I’ve never heard Gia use the word scared for herself in a thousand years

“And what the bloody hell will my sister be scared of?” I asked

“Myself” she said

“What is going on with you Gia?” I asked

“Remember when I was in the death slumber and Eric came in to save me?” she asked and I nodded

“The death slumber is supposed to show us living our deepest fear right?” she asked and I muttered a yes

“Well in the death slumber I was with Micheal but he wasn’t like my kind Michael, the Micheal in my death slumber was ruthless and controlling and because I loved him so much, I couldn’t stop myself from being used by him, he was like a villain and I was nothing but his weapon” she said

“But that was just in your death slumber and it’s never really going to happen” I assured

“You don’t understand Dianna, that is my worst fear because I know if that happens I wouldn’t be able to help it and let myself be controlled by him” she said

“Is this about Adrian Hunter? The guy with the same face as Micheal?” I asked

“You guys might see him as Adrian Hunter head of the humans but whenever I see him, he is my Micheal and I am afraid, I am afraid he might be the Micheal in my worst fears and I would be used as a weapon by him just like in my nightmare” Gia said and I pulled her into an embrace

“That will never happen Gia and even if it does, I’ll be here to remind you of who you truly are, you are a Hammington Gia and we are never controlled by anyone so I won’t let you be controlled by anyone too, whoever that person turns out to be” I assured and she mustered up a smile

“Thank you Dianna” she said

“Good now stop all this softness, I am not used to seeing you this way” I said and she chuckled

“I am not used to seeing myself this way either” she said

“You should rest and clear your mind, I have a feeling we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow” I said and she nodded

“Sleeping alone in my room will only throw me deeper into my thoughts” she said

“Then sleep here, anything to clear your mind” I said and she smiled as she laid down and I laid down too

“This reminds me of the old times” I said

“The time before we were cursed?” Gia asked

“Yeah” I nodded

“Those were the good old days but unfortunately it seems like a mirage to me now, I can barely remember anything from then” Gia said and I smiled

“I can remember for both of us, let me know if there’s anything you want to know about our life back then, I can remember for you” I said

“No am not really curious about the past anymore, am more curious about the future” she said and looked at me
“Have you thought of a name for your baby girl?” she asked

“Not really but if we both survive tomorrow, I’ll definitely be giving her a strong name” I said

“Name her Gia” Gia said

“So she can be stubborn like you? No thank you, one stubborn girl is enough for the family, we don’t need two” I said and Gia laughed

“Well, I can’t wait to hear what you will name her, she’s a blessing to our Cursed Family, it’s because of her we’ve been here together for so long” Gia said and I smiled

“Well it all means nothing if Aria ends up destroying us all tomorrow so get some sleep cause we’ve got a big fight tomorrow” I said and she nodded

I placed my hand on my belly and I sighed
We’ll survive tomorrow baby girl, I promise…..