The Hammingtons

The hammingtons episode 65 – 66

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 65🍃
Ivan’s POV
I opened my eyes to see Sophie in my arms and my heart flared up, then I noticed my gloves and socks were still on and I calmed down

I stared at her face and each moment, I was awed by how she continues to glow so much even in the midst of so much problem
Moving the strands of hair that fell on her face back, I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and she woke up

She looked around and noticed the daylight was already setting in and she jumped up

“Why didn’t you wake me earlier, I have to get Ethan ready for school!” she said as she quickly wore her cloth

“You guys better not leave till am back from dropping Ethan off at school else I’ll find my way to the Guardian’s Cemetery myself” she said and walked out

My lips curved into a smile
How did I fall for such a feisty girl?
I won’t be loosing you today Sophie, I promise

Eva’s POV
The ray of sun shinning through the window woke me up and I found myself in Eric’s arms on the bed

He looks so peaceful and so innocent when he’s asleep, maybe that’s why I’ve come to like you, because you seem to be the most humane amongst all your siblings

“Control yourself Eva, your feelings doesn’t matter right now” I muttered and Eric opened his eyes

“Good morning” he smiled and I pushed him back

“Get yourself ready, we have a long day ahead of us” I said as I stood up

Dianna’s POV
I sat in dinning room and slowly everyone came down to join me

“Uhhh you ordered Mac and cheese again?!” Gia grunted as she joined me

“Am a pregnant woman and I have my cravings” I said

“I for one am getting tired of eating your cravings Dianna” Ivan said as he joined us

“You aren’t alone in that brother, sometimes I feel like am the pregnant one” Eric said as he climbed down the stairs with Eva

“If you don’t like the meal served then don’t eat it” Eva said

“Exactly Eva, no one is being forced to eat anything” I said

Everyone was seated and I noticed Sophie was absent
“Where’s Sophie?” I asked

“She went to drop Ethan off at school, she’ll be back soon” Ivan said

“Is she coming with us?” I asked and Ivan seem to hesitate a bit

“Yes, she wants to come along” Gia said

“Well I hope she’s prepared, this fight ain’t no child’s play” I said

“She’s prepared” Ivan said and I smiled

“Good, let’s eat our breakfast and get going, we have to murder the Guardian of The Hell Gates today” I said as I continued eating

We ate our meal in silence and soon Sophie came in and joined us
We finished our breakfast and everyone got ready

“Shall we?” Eva asked

“Let’s make no mistake today, whoever gets the first chance, make sure to rip Aria’s heart out” I said

The ride to The Guardian’s Cemetery was a silent one, each of us wondering what the outcome of this fight will be and if we’ll still be complete and together by the end of the day

We got down from the car and stood in front of the gate to the cemetery

“The Guardian’s Cemetery is a big place, like I said before, all the Guardians of The Hell Gates have been buried here starting from the first one so be careful, it’s every man for himself today” Eva said

Ivan’s POV
They all began to walk in but I held Sophie back

“Are you sure about this? It’s not too late to go back” I said

“You know am not going back Ivan, I feel like I have to be here, my mind tells me I have a part to play in this fight” she said
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I promised to get Ethan back from today after all and I’ve never broken any of my promises to him”

I pulled her closer and placed a kiss on her forehead
“Be careful then” I said and she nodded

We walked in together and joined the others
We walked in silence for minutes but Aria was not seen anywhere

“Should we look for her separately? This place is large after all” Gia suggested

“No, we are sticking together, separating will only make it easier for Aria to weed us out” Dianna said

“And the eldest Hammington remains the wisest” Aria said as she suddenly appeared in front of us
“Longest time Hammingtons, anyone miss me?” She smiled

“We aren’t here to talk” Eva said as she made to throw off Aria to the ground with her spell but it backfired and she fell to the ground instead

“Oh Eva, are you not aware? This is my territory, everyone of those witches under the tombs are my ancestors and they are supporting me, you can’t do nothing to me” Aria said

“Well they are my ancestors too” Sophie said as she casted a spell and Aria went flying to the ground

Dianna quickly brought our her dagger and made to stab Aria’s chest but she grabbed her hand struggling to prevent the dagger from touching her
The rest of us made to help Dianna but we couldn’t move, she had cast a boundary spell
She muttered a spell and Dianna’s dagger fell off her hand and she couldn’t move too

“Oh enough of this nonsense, all you Hammingtons know is how to fight, you guys never want to listen! Did you think you guys have the upper hand today?! Did you think you guys were just powerful or lucky enough to found my location?” she laughed
“I wanted to be found out, I stopped blocking my location so you could find me, I wanted you all to come here because I needed to do this” she said as she extended her hand and Gia, Eric, Dianna and I began to bleed through our nose

Our blood slowly filtered through the air and dropped on her hand
She muttered a spell and the blood disappeared from her hand

“And to see if this worked” she took a dagger and made a little cut on Dianna finger
The same cut appeared on all our fingers and she smiled

“What did you do?” Eric asked

“Well my spell worked, not that I expected otherwise though, I am very much powerful after all, you Hammingtons are linked now, whatever I do to one of you will appear on the other one and whatever pain one of you feels will be felt everyone one of you” she smiled

“And what’s the point of all this? You’ll still end up dead by today’s end” Gia said

“You can’t be too sure of that Gia Hammington, I still have the immortal killing spell remember?” Aria said

“You crazy witch!” Eva said and Aria laughed

“I assume you’ve already figured out my plan already Eva, you were always such a smart witch but anyway, today’s not about you, I have everything I need for the immortal killing spell except one last the ingredient, the blood of a born immortal” Aria said looking at Dianna’s stomach

“You wouldn’t dare! You would not touch my baby!!” Dianna yelled

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“You don’t have a choice in this Dianna and I know you said everyone should stick together but I need a private session with you so I’ll have to transport your army to different parts of the Cemetery till I am able to conjure up the weapon that is capable of killing them as for you two” she pointed to Eva and Sophie “You two will take a little nap for now” she snapped her fingers and they fell to the floor

“Transporting me to anywhere in this Cemetery wouldn’t stop me from finding you and killing you Aria” I said

“Oh Ivan, how would you find me when you all will be feeling the pain of me ripping Dianna’s child from her stomach?”

“You wouldn’t…..” she suddenly snapped her finger and I found myself alone in another part of the cemetery…….

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 66🍃
Dianna’s POV
“No!!” I screamed as Gia, Eric and Ivan all disappeared

“What the bloody hell did you do?!!” I yelled

“Don’t worry, they still live, not for long though” Aria smiled as she grabbed me by my hair dragging me to a big tomb with a stone table in front
I tried to move as she dragged me along but I still couldn’t, she spelled me so I couldn’t move my body at will unless she permits it

“I am going to rip out your bloody heart Aria!” I yelled

“Yeah, I feel like I’ve heard that a thousand times now but my heart is still beating right in my chest isn’t it?” she said as she made me lay on the stone table but I still was unable to move any part of my body at will

“Stop struggling so much Dianna, you aren’t standing up from that place till I permit it” Aria said as she brought a sharp and shiny dagger

“What….what are you going to do?” I stuttered as she moved closer to me with the dagger

“I need your baby’s blood, and she needs to be out of your stomach for me to get it” Ari said

“No Aria, she’s going to die if you try to bring her out now, you are going to kill her!” I said

“I don’t care if she lives or die, I just want her blood to complete the immortal killing spell” Aria said as she brought the dagger close to my stomach

“No! Take that thing away from me! Do not touch my baby with that dagger please Aria please” I pleaded but she heeded not and the dagger was just inches away from my bulging stomach

“Don’t Aria, please, no!!!” I yelled as my whole body started exuding flames and Aria’s dagger melted on touching my stomach

“You fool! You burnt my hand!” Aria exclaimed as she stepped back

But I was so angry and I wanted to do anything to protect my baby so I couldn’t stop myself and the flames continued raging more out of my whole body

“Stop Dianna you are melting the stone table!” Aria shouted but I couldn’t even stop myself even if I wanted to and I found myself sinking slowly into the liquid of the hot melted stone table

“Since you do not want to stop, I guess I will have to stop you” Aria said as she made a circle round the stone table with some with a black power and began to chant some spells

Soon, the flames coming from my body began to reduce and then it stopped

“What did you do?” I asked

“As long as you are within this circle, you won’t be able to use any of your power and I will be able to get what I want easily” She said and she came closer to me again with another dagger

“Aria don’t, please, my pregnancy is not yet due, she might die!” I said

“I hope you can endure alot of pain” she said as she brought the dagger to my stomach

Ivan’s POV
I walked around aimlessly through the cemetery
Where are they? Where could they be?

“Dianna!!!” I yelled as I walked

I wasn’t running but I was panting, more than normal
Aria had linked the four of us together
She’s probably about to do something bad to Dianna

“Dianna!!” I yelled as I began to run round the cemetery
Then I bumped into someone and we both fell


“Ivan, Ivan we have to find Dianna, do you feel your heart racing too? We have to find Dianna before Aria does something to her or her baby!” Gia panicked

“We’ll find her, let’s keep looking” I said and we continued running around, hoping to find Dianna in time before anything bad happens to her

Eric’s POV
I was in an unfamiliar part of the cemetery and my heart was racing
She’s scared, I could feel it
But Dianna never gets scared, she’s the most courageous of us all, unless…… unless her baby is in danger!
I took to my heels and I ran through the cemetery passing by dozens of tombs

“Dianna!!!” I called
I ran as fast as I could, looking everywhere, where could she be?
I felt my body burning up and my heart was beating faster than normal

And then I saw the first place we stood before Aria magically transported us to different parts of the Cemetery
Sophie and Eva were still on the ground, unconscious

“Eva! Sophie!” I yelled as I ran to them trying to wake them up


I shook them vigorously hoping they’ll wake up but it was not working so I placed my hands on Eva’s and Sophie’s arm and trying my best to be in control, I summoned the tiniest bit of electricity that I could throughout my body to theirs and they jolted up immediately

“What was that?” Sophie asked as Eva stood up

“Where’s everyone?” Eva asked

“Dianna!!” We suddenly heard Ivan and Gia’s voice as they moved closer to where we are

“Ivan! Gia!” We moved in the direction of their voice and finally found them

“Eric, where’s Dianna?” Ivan asked

“I have no idea and I feel her body getting hot and her heart beating so fast, she’s scared Ivan” I said

“Can you do some kind of spell to tell us Dianna’s location?” Gia asked Eva

“I don’t know Gia, she has become too powerful” Eva said

“Not more powerful than us together, am a Dixon too right? So if we combine our powers we should be able to find her” Sophie said

“We could try that” Eva nodded

Then I suddenly felt the sharp pain ripping through my stomach and I screamed
Ivan and Gia felt it too and we were all fell on the ground as our stomach bled, slowly ripping open

“Ivan!!” Sophie yelled as she ran to Ivan

“She’s…..she’s trying to rip the baby out” Ivan grunted
“Continue with the spell, you have to” he said

Sophie went back to join Eva and they began to chant the spell while we sprawled on the floor as our stomach ripped open and the pain cursed through our veins

Eva and Sophie suddenly stopped and looked at each other
“Did you see that?” Eva asked

“She’s cutting through Dianna’s stomach to get to her baby!” Sophie said

“She cloaked her location but we were able to break through her cloaking spell” Eva said

“If you found her then go!!” Gia yelled

“Go, we are right behind you” Ivan said as he struggled to stand up

“Will you be okay?” Sophie asked

“I am no stranger to pain Sophie, go” Ivan uttered

“Let’s go Sophie, there’s no time” Eva said and then she glanced at me

“Save Dianna and her baby girl, we’ll be right behind you” I said and she nodded
She grabbed Sophie’s hand and they began to run
We managed to stand up and we slowly followed them, our ripped stomach forming a trail of blood as we struggled to keep up with Eva and Sophie……


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