The hammingtons episode 67

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 67🍃
Dianna’s POV
The pain was heart wrenching
I had never felt anything like it before, the pain of Aria ripping my stomach apart just to get to my baby
I had screamed my lungs out, so much I could hear myself screaming no longer

“I think I got her” Aria said and I shook my head

“No, no please” I pleaded but it only came out as a whisper
I felt Aria ripping my baby out and cutting off her umbilical cord

“Is she alive?” I managed to ask but my heart was already sinking because I couldn’t hear her crying
It’s just the eighth month of pregnancy and she was ripped out of my stomach, how could I expect her to survive that?

Aria took my baby out of the circle and away from me, she didn’t care if she was breathing or not, she just wanted her blood and I watched helplessly as she brought the dagger close to her hand to cut her skin and make her bleed

“Aria stop!!” Eva yelled as she ran in with Sophie

“Too late” Aria said as she tried to cut my baby but immediately the dagger touched her skin, her cry echoed throughout out the cemetery pushing Aria away and breaking the circle that stopped me from using my powers

“No!!” I screamed as my baby was about to hit the floor but she stopped midway in the air, Sophie had magically stopped her midway in the air preventing her from hitting the ground and Eva went to carry her

Aria stood back up and I stood up too, flaming up with full rage, I advanced towards Aria
But she quickly conjured an impervious circle round herself and began to chant some spells
I tried breaking into her boundary but I couldn’t

“Break the damn boundary Eva!!!” I yelled

“I cannot, she’s too strong!!” Eva said still holding my baby

Ivan, Eric and Gia suddenly walked in, then a strong wind began to blow

“What is she doing?” Sophie asked

“The Hell Gates, she’s trying to open the Hell Gates!!” Eva yelled

I tried to break the boundary with my flaming hands but it wasn’t working
The wind blew stronger and a pathway slowly began to appear in front of Aria
The sky suddenly went dark, and a full red moon appeared

Ivan’s POV
“On the day when darkness snuff out the sunlight and the blood moon appears, you will loose the one dear to you and the legendary Hammington siblings will be separated” Layla’s words echoed in my ear as everywhere suddenly went dark and I saw the red moon

Sophie was standing right beside me
“Stay here” I said as I removed my socks and gloves and summoning my full powers for the first time in a long time
Half of my body was in flames and the other half exuded lightening

Dianna moved back as I moved towards Aria’s boundary and the ground burnt from each step I took

The pathway was already opening and Gia came forward, her eyes emitting an icy blue light, she tried to close up the pathway Aria was opening with an ice wall

I placed my hands on the boundary, forcing my way through to Aria, and I could feel the boundary get weaker with each push I made

“The Gates is almost fully open, I won’t be able block the pathway for much longer!!” Gia yelled

Eric and Dianna joined me and together we broke down Aria’s boundary

I immediately grabbed Aria’s throat with my lightening hand and with my flaming, I burnt through her chest to her heart
But she didn’t look sad, rather she looked happy

“The…. The Hell Gates, its open…. just like the prophecy said…..the demons….. they will bring about….. your ends” Aria stuttered and she began to giggle, then I ripped her heart out and she fell lifeless to the floor

“No!!!” Eva screamed as Gia’s ice wall shattered into pieces and black smoky figures began to fly out of the Hell Gates

“How do we close the damn gates?!” Eric yelled

“We can’t, only by sacrificing the Guardian of The Hell Gates can we close it and Ivan just ripped her heart out!” Eva said

“Then try some spell, any kind of spell!!” I said

“I cannot Ivan, there’s only one way to close the Gates and I just told you!” Eva said

I noticed Dianna looking at Sophie and I shook my head
“Dianna” I called

“She’s a Dixon Ivan and with the death of Aria, she’s The next Guardian” Dianna said as she grabbed Sophie by her arm

“What are you doing?!” Gia yelled

“You heard Eva right? The only way to close the Gates is to sacrifice The Guardian of The Hell Gates and she’s the new Guardian now!” Dianna said as she dragged Sophie towards the Gates

“No! Please Dianna, don’t! Please” I pleaded as fell to the floor on my knees

“I do not want to too Ivan, I have nothing against Sophie but the more time we waste to talk about this, the more demons escape from the Hell Gates and this is the only way to close it” Dianna said

“What if it doesn’t work? What if she’s not the Guardian and you just end up killing her?!” Gia asked

“She is the next Guardian Gia, she’s the next Dixon alive after Aria!” Dianna said and I could see the tears fall from Sophie’s eyes

“I guess the prediction was right, I love you Ivan, I always have and always will” Sophie said

“If you do this Dianna I will never forgive you, she’s the only lady I’ve come to love and find happiness in after a thousand years of solitude, if you take her away from me I will hunt you down Dianna and I will kill you myself!”

“Am sorry Ivan, but am afraid this is the only way” Dianna said as she pushed Sophie into the Hell Gates

“No!!!” I screamed as the smoky figures engulfed Sophie, pulling her in, the demons stopped escaping and the Hell Gates closed and disappeared

The darkness disappeared too, and the sunlight came brightening up everywhere except my heart, I was the only one still trapped in darkness

I stood back up and walked towards Dianna, my blood boiled and all I wanted to do was kill

“Ivan stop” Eric said as he stood in front of me but I grabbed him by his throat and threw him back

Eva quickly came in front of me and chanted a spell and along with Eric, she disappeared with Dianna and I was left alone with Gia……


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