The Hammingtons

The hammingtons episode 7

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 7🍃
Dianna’s POV
“You sure about this place?” Ivan asked as we stood in front of a Mansion

“While I was following the witch that led me to The Guardian, she frequently visited this place alot so my guess is one of her kind must definitely reside here” I explained

“What are we waiting for then” Ivan said as he walked in and I followed

“State your business” A lady said, preventing us from entering inside the Mansion

“We want to see the head of this place, whoever he or she is” I said

“Who are you?” the lady asked and Ivan chuckled

“You do not want to know” Ivan said

“State who you are or leave, before I make you” the lady said with all seriousness and I bursted into laughter

“Are you always so funny?” I asked amidst laughter

“I do not believe I’ve said anything that calls for laughter and with the look of things, you clearly do not have any business here so leave and do not make me repeat myself” the lady said

“She’s getting on my nerve sister” Ivan said

“She’s getting on my nerve too brother” I said

Ivan made to go get the lady but I grabbed her throat first

“I was not going to hurt anyone today but my dear, you’ve been so rude and you cannot go unpunished” I said as I raised her up and she struggled to breath

“Drop her down Dianna Hammington” A voice from behind me said
I dropped the lady on the floor and turned to see a lavishly dressed lady accompanied with a few other ladies

“Dianna Hammington and Ivan Hammington, I was going to say it’s a pleasure to finally meet such two legendary beings but I can’t say that now can I? We all know wherever the Hammingtons appear, bloodshed is sure to follow” the lady said

“Who are you?” I asked

“My name is Eva Jones, the head of the witches of Arcane County, forgive my surbordinate for her rudeness, am sure she had no idea who you are and she was just doing her job, let’s go in and have a sit” She said as she walked in with her witches and we followed

We sat on a couch in the large living room
“How did you know we are the Hammingtons?” Ivan asked

“Everyone knows the legendary Hammingtons but only a few people are able to attribute your face to your history and I am one of those few people” Eva said

“You said you are the head of the witches, I didn’t know the witches had a head” I said

“It’s been a long time you all came to Arcane County Dianna, things have changed, there are rules now, an order and a way we do things” she said

“And what way is that?” Ivan asked “Having your petty witches come after us in a measly attempt to take my sister’s life?”

“The witch that wanted to kill Dianna was acting alone, if I had any idea she had such plans I’ll have definitely stopped her from going on such a sucide mission. But do you have any right to complain? It’s obvious she has already met her end by your hands” Eva said

“Like you said, coming after me was a sucide mission in the first place” I smiled

“How long do you and your family plan on staying in Arcane County?” she asked

“Are you already driving us away? We only arrived 3 days ago” I said

“You only arrived 3 days ago but a witch ended up dead and a theater house exploded, forgive me if I am not looking forward to your stay in this city” she said and Ivan chuckled
“You see dear Hammingtons, Arcane City is filled with witches and humans so rules are definitely necessary for things to proceed smoothly. The Humans have no idea of the witches existence in this city and we’ll like to keep it that way, we live like the humans and blend in with them but your last adventure that lead to the explosion is already threatening to reveal our kind to the world, alot of people saw you and your siblings using their powers and that doesn’t bid well for us does it?” she said

“Why are you so afraid of the witches being revealed to the world? Only the weak cower in so much fear” Ivan said

“We are not cowering in fear Ivan, we are only threading cautiously, for peace to reign” Eva said “If we come out in the open and start oppressing the humans with our powers, they will retaliate with their soldiers and weapons, the witches might win in the end but a lot of lives will be lost and I am not ready to loose anymore of my people. You see as the witches have a head which is me, the humans also have a head, he’s the only human that knows how things are in this city, he knows about our existence and we’ve come to an agreement and formulated some rules for us to leave peacefully together, one of those rules include that none of the witches shall bring harm to any human nor their properties and you already broke that rule with the explosion of the theater house”

“Okay Eva, we are not here to know how you run your city neither are we concerned about your rules” I said

“If you are going to stay here you’ll have to live by the rules” she said and Ivan scoffed

“And who will make us live by the rules? You?” Ivan said and I held his hand

“Don’t” I muttered and turned to Eva
“We don’t plan on staying in your city for long Eva, we already have a long sad history in this city and we wouldn’t want to add to that list of memories” I said and Eva nodded

“Yes, I heard you were cursed centuries ago, in this city”

“Yes and we’ve only come back looking for someone, immediately we’ve found the one we are looking for, we shall take our leave” I said

“And who exactly are you looking for?” she asked

“The Guardian of the Hell Gates” Ivan replied

“You mean Aria Dixon?”

“Is that her name?” I asked

“Yes, the Dixon family has been the Guardian of the Hell Gates for centuries, and she’s the last living descendant of them”

“So where is she?” Ivan asked

“Am afraid I won’t be able to help you if you are looking for Aria, she’s a rogue witch and she thinks we are belittling the witches by forming an alliance with the humans, she’s against my rule, given the chance am sure she’ll even want to get rid of me” Eva said

“If she’s against your rule why didn’t you get rid of her first?” I asked

“As the current Guardian of the Hell Gates, Aria is a very powerful witch and she’s definitely not an easy target and even if she was, I will never kill one of my own” she said

“So you have no idea where we can find her?” I asked

“Even if I do, I’ll find it very hard to tell you as you all have shown you have a knack for causing trouble and killing witches” she said

“We just need to ask her a few questions, now it’s either you tell us what you know or we get on killing every witch that comes our way till we find what we want” I said and she sighed

“She has been sighted alot recently in a cottage at the far end of the bayou” she said

“Thanks for your help Eva, it was nice meeting you” I said and walked out with Ivan

Gia’s POV
We ran till the humans in the shop was no longer following us and I jerked my hand off Eric’s

“Why the hell are we even running?!!” I yelled

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“What else can we do? Kill them all?” Eric asked

“Well yes, that’s certainly a better option than running” I said and he scoffed

“I only made us run to protect you!” he said

“Protect me? From who? Those measly humans that will all die from a snap of my finger? Infact you have no right to even think of protecting me when you are that that have hurt me the most”


“Do not say my name, everything about you makes me wanna murder someone” I said and walked away

Ivan’s POV
We walked down the Bayou and we finally found a small cottage and we walked in

Everywhere was dark and scattered, the house looked abandoned

“You think Eva lead us to the wrong place?” Dianna asked

“I’ll go back and kill her if she did” I said and she shook her head

“What’s with you guys and killing people”

“If I correctly remember, I wasn’t the one that held the witch by the throat at Eva’s Mansion” I said

“She was being rude, I hate it when people are rude” she shrugged

“Did you hear that?” I asked as there was a squeak behind the wardrobe

“There’s someone behind the wardrobe” Dianna said as we slowly moved to check the wardrobe

“Stay away from me!!!” An aged woman yelled immediately we opened the wardrobe door

“Am a very powerful witch, I’ll kill you if you come near me” she said waving her hands endlessly and I laughed

“We are not here to hurt you, we are only looking for Aria Dixon” Dianna said

“My name is Harriet Dixon” the woman said “I am her mother”

“Her mother? Is she not the last living descendant of the Dixons?” I asked

“That’s what she makes everyone believes, she keeps me captive here and tells everyone one that am dead” Harriet Dixon said

“Wow, she’s more vicious than I thought”

“Let’s go have a sit Harriet” Dianna said and led her to sit on the available chair

“What happened between you and your daughter? Why is she keeping you captive here and making people believe you are dead?” Dianna asked

“Right when she was born, Aria has always being vile and stubborn, she had a craving for power unlike any of her siblings, you know the Hammingtons right? Am sure you do, there’s no witch that doesn’t know about those vicious beings” She said and I scoffed

Harriet continued
“The Hammingtons have been on the hunt for the Dixons for centuries because we are the descendant of The Guardian who cursed them, so we’ve lived our lives hiding in the shadows and keeping our powers secret, but Aria wasn’t happy with that, she wanted power and popularity, she wanted to be known. In my family, the first child of every generation inherits the power and position of the Guardian of the Hell Gates but Aria wasn’t the first child, infact she was my last child so she killed all of her siblings and being the only child of mine left, she became the Guardian of the Hell Gates with immense powers. But such great powers in the hand of someone with so much hatred can cause a great harm so I tried to stop her but she was too powerful, even more than me, she spelled this house traping me inside and making me unable to ever leave, I guess I should be grateful that she didn’t kill me too like she did with the rest of her siblings” Harriet said

“Do you know where she is now?” Dianna asked

“I have no idea” Harriet said “But the last time she visited, she told me she’s on a mission, a mission to end the Hammingtons”

“A mission to end the Hammingtons? How does she plan on doing that?” I asked

“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me, but for the first time in a long time, I gave her my blessing for her mission, the Hammingtons are a curse on this earth that needs to be eradicated, if she succeeds in ending them then I will forgive her for all she did to me and her siblings and I will accept her back with open arms”

“Do you hate the Hammingtons so much, so much to forgive your daughter for killing her siblings if she ends them?” I asked

“Yes I do hate them, do you know the Hammingtons? Have you heard their history, they are a walking sacrilege on Earth, they are wild beasts that have no control, they’ve lived so long that life means nothing to them anymore, they are an abomination that needs to be eliminated and do you know the most abominable of them all? They call him Ivan, Ivan Hammington, I’ve heard tales of his wildness, I heard that his hands and leg brings out fire and lightening constantly, now tell me what kind of beast is that?” Harriet asked and I stood up

“The kind that’s standing right in front of you” I said and Dianna held my hand

“Ivan don’t” she shook her head

“She has to die Dianna” I said as grabbed a knife from the table

“Who….who are you” she stuttered

“Ivan Hammington” I said as I slashed her throat open with her blood splashing all over me and she fell lifeless to the floor…..



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