The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 18

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(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 18⚡

Kathryn’s POV

What the hell? Did I just get insulted by two dumbass in a day? Oh Kathryn! How I’ve gotten softer within these past years.

I’m the number one model on the list coupled with the fact that my family is the richest in America and I just let those piece of trash walk over me like that?

Are you living in Ghana, need to buy stuff online? is the best option.

I’m going to teach them a lesson, especially Mitchell. Chris action is justified because I said hurtful words to him the first time we met but Mitchell? What excuse could she possibly have?

I huffed angrily and got into my car driving straight to the agency. I’m sure that’s where Mitchell was headed because she’s now registered as a full time trainee.

Now that she’s a full time trainee, I don’t think she will be spending six months for training anymore. I wonder what the manager saw in her that made him choose her to be a model.

He is extremely partial when it comes to Mitchell and he might even reduce her training months to two. Who knows if that witch exchanged her body for this special treatment? I’m sure that’s exactly what happened!

I arrived at the agency in no time probably because of how enraged I was. I shut the door angrily after taking my bag and went straight to where Mitchell was having her training with Crystal.

“Wow! What a sight to behold!” I said mockingly as I walked around them

“Kathryn, please quietly leave this place because you know it’s not right. The last thing I want is trouble this morning so please, just excuse us” Crystal said

“How about you make me leave? I will like to see you try” I said daringly

She sighed gently and continued teaching Mitchell, ignoring me completely.

But why isn’t Mitchell saying anything? She ran her mouth quite well few minutes ago but now she’s keeping quiet and acting like an angel? Is she trying to look good in ₱vblic?

“Our newly wedded bride, aren’t you supposed to be with your husband on an honeymoon?” I asked mockingly

“You just want my attention right? I haven’t even become a model yet and some people badly want my attention, this is superb!

Well my husband is very understanding! He knows I’ve always dreamed of becoming a model so he doesn’t want anything to affect my training. We can always go on lots of honeymoons after I successfully become a model” she said and focused her attention back on Crystal

She’s really crossing her line and I won’t take it lightly with her. She hasn’t even become a model yet she’s acting like this already.

My first mission is to steal Chris away from her. I just need to pretend to be a changed person and it won’t be long before Chris falls for me.

After making him mine, Mitchell will be shattered and left with nothing. I can’t wait to see the look on her face then.

“Won’t you leave already? You’re making me loose concentration here and I don’t think you will like it if I report you to the manager. Just leave while I’m being nice” Mitchell said again

“Are you talking to me in that manner? You seem to be forgetting something here! You are still a trainee that has barely spent a month here and with just a snap of my f-ngers, I can have you thrown out of this company for good” I threatened

“Oh really? I will love to see you try! The moment you try throwing me out of this company, you will get thrown out first and your reputation will be totally ruined. Should we give it a try?” she asked staring directly at my eyeballs

“How dare you?” I scre-med pushing her away

“What is going on here?” the manager asked coming fully into the room

“I think your question should be directed at this dimwit who feels she’s on top of the world just because she’s now a trainee at one of the biggest modelling agency in America” I said rudely

The manager stared from me to Mitchell and heaved a sigh of frustration.

“Come with me you two” he said and left

I glared h-rd at Mitchell and huffed angrily before turning around to leave.

“Don’t you dare sit!” the manager said to me sternly after we got to his office

“Why were you guys fighting just now? Is that how you were trainee Kathryn? Let’s face the fact that Mitchell is a new trainee here, but what about you?

You definitely know the rules here and we are against fighting in this company. You are a high class model but you let your scre-ms dominate the environment.

How do you want your fans who look up to you act if they see you like this? Do you think you will still be the top one model?

I’ve told you several times to always think before you do or say anything. You are a model and as a model, you have no privacy except when you are alone in your house.

And you Mitchell, I never expected this from you. Kathryn is your s£nior in so many ways yet you exchanged words with her like that. Is that how you really are?” the manager asked

“I’m so sorry sir! I’ve been in a bad mood since this morning so I acted without thinking. I promise it won’t happen again” Mitchell said soberly while I just rolled my eyes

“I’m sorry!” I said simply

“I don’t want to hear of this ever again! You can leave now” he said

I glared angrily at Mitchell before storming out of the office in fury. Mitchell has bitten more than she can chew and it’s time to show her who the boss is!

Kevin’s POV

My men have searched tirelessly for whoever posted that article online but so far, they haven’t gotten anything. The person must be an expert with lot of connections

My mind is telling me it’s Kathryn but I don’t think so. After what she went through in my hands, she definitely wouldn’t try such with me.

And Mitchell, I don’t think she can do that. She was so busy with her wedding preparations so I doubt if she will be able to pull something like that.

Thankfully, some things happened recently and they covered the article about my mom. I can now walk freely again and f**k as much p***ies as I want.

I watched the video of Mitchell’s wedding for the umpteenth time and I angrily threw my phone away.

Firstly, Chris has now taken the spotlight from me ever since his wedding with Mitchell. People say he’s more handsome than I am and most modelling agency are planning to sign him in.

He took Mitchell away from me and now, he’s taking the spotlight from me. Who the hell is he and how could he have achieved so much in such a short period of time?

He must have been planning this for a while now and just decided to execute it recently. I need to find out some of his secret and blackmail him with it first before getting rid of him completely.

“Ray!” I called

“Yes boss” he answered coming in

“Is there anything suspicious about Chris? Like his background or something?” I asked

“I’ve also been trying to find out more about him but I couldn’t get anything online. It looks like someone is trying to hide some facts about him and we can only find that out through a thorough investigation” he explained

“Someone is trying to hide some facts about him?”

Looks like this is becoming more interesting! The only reason why he came into the spotlight is because he got married to Mitchell.

If his parents were really rich like he said, how come no one has ever seen him? He has been dating Mitchell for a while now but he was never in the spotlight.

Something is definitely fishy about him and if I can find it out, it’ll be useful for me. I can tell Mitchell’s grandparents about it so they’ll separate Mitchell and Chris.

After that, I will be able to come into the picture and get married to Mitchell legally. Isn’t that so sweet?

“Can I leave now sir?” Ray asked

“Sure!” I answered with a wave of dismissal

My phone rang just when I was about continuing with my thoughts and when I checked the caller, it turned out to be my secretary.

“Speak!” I ordered

“Sir, you have a meeting in the next thirty minutes. I told you about it yesterday” she quickly added

“That’s right, I will be there soon” I said and ended the call

I almost forgot about the important meeting I was having today. The contract worths millions and it’s not something I was supposed to forget.

As soon as I got into my car, my phone rang again and I sighed tiredly. Who the hell is calling me again?

It’s my right hand man in the cartel. I’ve told him to only call me when there’s something important to deal with so why is he calling now?

“Why are you calling me now?” I asked angrily after answering the call

“It’s an emergency boss” he said and I calmed down a little

“An emergency? What’s it about?” I asked

“Someone gave us information that Ronald had been monitoring your movement for a while now. We also heard that he has been training his men secretly and that they might be planning to give us a surprise attack.

You need to be very careful and watchful boss because we don’t know what he’s planning. The fact that he’s monitoring you makes it more suspicious” he explained

“Ohh! I see! I think I’ve noticed that I’m been followed once or twice but I never paid attention to it since only few people know I’m a Mafia boss. I will be more careful from now on” I said

“Alright boss! We will be waiting for your arrival tonight so you can tell us what next to do” he concluded

“I will see about that, I have to go now” I said and ended the call

So Ronald Edward has finally decided to cross his limit? He couldn’t think of anyone else to mess up with except me? Wow! He has become so bold.

But now that I think about it, something is definitely fishy somewhere. The Ronald I know is not so dumb that he will want to attack me ₱vblicly so why the hell is he monitoring my movement?

Is it that he wants something from me or what? But what could that be? I can’t even think of anything right now. I guess I’ll be able to figure out something after meeting with the gang tonight.

Ronald’s POV

I’ve been laying low all this while, not because I don’t know what to do but because Mitchell is not an easy catch. Bodyguards are always around her so there’s no way I can kidnap her and go freely.

Over the weeks, I’ve thought about different plans on how to get her in my b£d and I’ve finally settled with one.

I will just have to create a scene where something will happen to her and I will be the knight in shining armor to save her.

The only problem I’m having is that her husband is extremely handsome, even more handsome than Kevin and he’s beginning to trend online.

If it wasn’t for that, I’m sure Mitchell will fall for me immediately I save her but it still doesn’t change anything though. I can’t determine the outcome of something without trying.

If I can win Mitchell’s heart after saving her, it will only be a matter of time before she scre-ms my name in b£d.

Girls like her will be so sweet if they were V-rgins. As soon as my d**k goes inside her, she will scre-m the walls down and it will sound like music in my ears.

But even if she was a V-rgin, she just got married recently so she definitely won’t be a V-rgin anymore. I just love her s-xy body, it turns me on like crazy.

I wish someone could also display her nude pictures like Kathryn so I can have an insight of what I’ll be seeing very soon.

I stared at her recent post on Instagram and licked my l-ips in excitement. Very soon, that body will be all unclad in my b£d.


©️ Tricia

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