The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 19

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(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 19⚡

Mitchell’s POV

I sighed tiredly after returning to Crystal for my training. I really don’t know why Kathryn is acting this way, I can’t believe she was once my role model.

“What happened?” Crystal asked sitting beside me

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“We were scolded by the manager so we apologized and left his office” I said briefly

“I’m sorry about that! Kathryn has always been like that, I don’t know if she will ever change” Crystal said staring into space

“Let’s just continue with training” I said changing the subject

“Let’s do that!” she said with a smile and resumed teaching


I returned home a little tired as a result of the heels I wore and the poses I had to do. Being a model is not an easy job at all! In short, no job is easy in this world.

“Good evening!” I mumbled a greeting and walked past my grandparents as I headed upstairs

“Some people just keep getting more rude by the day. I was thinking it will change after marriage but it looks like I was wrong” Grandma said scornfully

I knew she was referring to me but I didn’t pay attention to her, I just went upstairs after sighing.

“Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you but you weren’t answering your call and later on, your number wasn’t reachable” Chris said as soon as I got in

“I’m sorry, I was a little busy today so I’m tired” I said and fell heavily on the b£d

“Here! Have some water to drink” he said stretching a cup to me

“Thanks” I muttered and drank the water

He collected the cup from me after I was done and m-ssaged my body gently. I couldn’t help but admire his cuteness and manly body.

I find myself getting drawn to him each time we’re together and I don’t know what to call this feeling, it feels so strange.

“How do you feel now?” he asked looking up at me

I quickly looked away and gulped down nothing. Why did I let him catch me staring?

“I’m feeling better now, I just need to take a shower” I said still looking away from him

“Do you hate me?” he asked softly making me snap my head to him

“What?! Why will you even say that?” I asked confused

“Well….Most of the time, you always avoid my face when speaking to me. You definitely won’t do that to someone you like right?” he asked sadly

“I….I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that way. I don’t hate you, believe me!” I said

“It’s fine then! Thanks for standing up for me this morning, I felt extremely loved for the first time” he said with a smile and I became confused

“Standing up for you? When?” I asked looking lost

“When Kathryn came here this morning! I was about descending the stairs when you said those things about me but I guess you were too angry to notice me standing” he said with a giggle and I became embarrassed

“I didn’t know you were there” I said lowering my head gently

“It’s fine, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. We’re married based on a contract but we’re still husband and wife to the world especially, so standing up for me isn’t something you should be embarrassed of.

Take a shower and let’s have dinner. I want to tell you what I discovered today” he said happily

“Wow! You’re so happy and it’s making me extremely curious. An you give me a hint?” I said making a cute face

“That won’t work on me, just bath and let’s eat dinner first” he said winking at me

My heart did a fl-ip flop and I had to stand up immediately. Why does he has so much effect on me?

“I will be at the bathroom” I said and hurriedly went in

He must have found that weird but I don’t care. My heart is beating fast now and I don’t know how to calm it down.

After staying in the bathroom for about twenty minutes, I finally went to my inner closet as usual and wore my night dress after which I returned to the room.

“Shall we?” Chris asked bowing like a gentleman and I giggled lightly

“Stop it! Let’s just go” I said and left the room behind him

We had dinner with everyone and quietly returned to our room.

“What did you wanted telling me?” I asked Chris as we both lay on the b£d

“Well, I found something today. This necklace I’m wearing is the same as the one the Rodriguez passed from generation to generation and it’s making things more complicated.

I’ve told Dad about it and he said he will look into it so very soon, we will find something. I just want to know who my family is and why my memory got wiped” he said going into a deep thought

The feeling of guilt washed over me immediately and I felt bad. I already discovered this about the necklace but I kept it from him because I thought it wasn’t necessary.

“Chris” I called in a low voice

“Yes? What’s wrong?” he asked sitting up

“Just lay back down, I only want to say something” I mumbled

He did as I said while I fiddled with my f-ngers feeling so nervous to talk.

“I… I found out that the Rodriguez wore passed the necklace from generation to generation but I kept it from you. I’m sorry” I muttered

“It’s fine” he said with a sigh and I could tell from his voice that he was deeply hurt

“I’m really sorry Chris, I know I was wrong” I said apologetically

“It’s really fine! I sometimes forget that our marriage is just based on a contract so you definitely won’t care about things like my feelings. I dreamed too big and it won’t happen again. Mr Williams has done a lot for me already so I should be happy with that” he said and pulled the duvet over him

“You’re getting it all wrong Chris. I made a mistake and I’m sincerely sorry, I promise you it won’t happen again. I don’t know what came over me that day” I said sitting up but he just kept quiet and ignored me

I deserve that attitude anyway. I don’t know why I did that, I guess I was only trying to stick to the fact that our marriage is a contracted one. I’ll apologize to him tomorrow after he must have calmed down.

With that in mind, I pulled the duvet over my body too and wandered off to Dreamland.

Chris POV

I slowly pulled down the duvet after few minutes and I discovered Mitchell was asleep already. She looks so cute when sleeping but I don’t know why she doesn’t like me one bit.

I know our marriage is based on a contract but that’s not enough reason to hate me right? She even discovered something so important, yet she hid it from me because of her hatred towards me.

I stared at her one last time before also letting sleep take over me.

*Next morning*

The sweet aroma of bacon and eggs hit my nostrils and I couldn’t stop myself from sniffing it in. Who the hell is such a good cook that wouldn’t even let me breath in peace?

The scent became closer and closer until I finally heard Mitchell’s voice.

“I know you’re awake so sit up and have breakfast” she said in her sweet voice

I fluttered my eyelids open and sat up slowly. She was still in her nightwear and I must admit she looks h-ot.

“Why are you serving breakfast in b£d for me?” I asked suspiciously

“Can’t I serve breakfast in b£d for my husband?” she shrugged

“Your husband?” I asked scoffing

“Fine then, you can” I said and took the tray

It was a breakfast of bacon, eggs, cheese and sandwich. It smelled so delicious that I had to sniffed it in until Mitchell coughed slightly.

I hurriedly changed my countenance back to normal and just ate the food without saying a word while she watched me keenly.

“How does it taste?” she asked anxiously

“It tastes….. normal” I said simply

She lowered her head dejectedly and turned around walking out of the room.

“Did I go too far?” I stopped to think for a moment

Whatever! She also went too far so we’re even now. Mr Williams employed me into one of his companies do I need to get prepare for work.

As soon as I was done eating, Mitchell went into the bathroom to take her bath so I had no choice but to wait for her return.

By the time she returned, she was fully dressed and I figured out she must have wore her clothes in her private closet.

She ignored me completely, picked her bag and walked out of the room without sparing me a glance. I sighed softly and also went into the bathroom for a quick bath.

By the time I was done, she already left the house so I just got into my car and drove off to Mr Williams company.

Along the way, I started feeling uneasy like something was about to go wrong. My mind just drifted to Mitchell and the uneasy feeling became stronger.

My mind won’t be at rest if I don’t do something about this. I turned my car around and decided to take the route to Mitchell’s modelling agency.

I dialed Mr Williams number and he picked the call on the second ring.

“Good morning sir! I just want to let you know that I will be a bit late to work today. I just feel uneasy about Mitchell going to the modelling agency alone so I’ll just trail behind her until she gets there safely” I explained

“You feel uneasy? Is something wrong?” he asked anxiously

“I don’t think so sir! Be rest assured that I won’t let anything happen to her, I’ll update you on whatever happens” I concluded

“I will s£nd some of my men over, please keep me updated as soon as you see her” he said and I mumbled an “okay” before ending the call

After driving for about five minutes, I saw Mitchell’s car parked by the road with some men exchanging fists while some made use of knives.

Wtf! Where is Mitchell by the way? Why can’t I find her here? I quickly put a call through to Mr Williams and after connecting my bluetooth, I got down from my car and started searching for Mitchell.

“How is it? Have you found her?” Mr Williams asked worriedly

“I…. I… Not yet sir, but I believe I will find her soon” I said trying to calm him down even though I was also scared

“Tell me the truth Chris, what has happened to my daughter?” he asked shakily

“To be honest, I haven’t seen her. A fight is going on between some men and Mitchell’s car is parked right there. I also don’t understand this scene” I explained

I got to Mitchell’s car and surprisingly, she was seated in the car with her wh0le body trembling. Is she this scared?

“I’ve found her sir, I will talk to you later” I said and disconnected the call

I hurriedly opened the door and took Mitchell out of the car. Her wh0le body shook badly and I began to get scared. Did they do something to her? Why is she like this?

I took off my suit and covered her with it after which I led her towards my car. We were just few inches away from my car when some men approached us from the front.

Some of them were holding bats while the rest held hockey sticks. I glanced at Mitchell beside me and looked back at the guys. I will have to make this quick!

I helped Mitchell sit somewhere by the road and stood before her waiting for the first person that’ll attack me.

A guy with a hockey stick approached me first. He raised the hockey stick up aiming to hit it at me but I held the stick in the air, twisted his hand and fl-ipped him over.

Another one came and I dealt with everyone of them in almost the same way I dealt with the first one. They were still struggling to stand up when I carried Mitchell bridal style and took her to my car quickly.

“Don’t leave me!” she mumbled weakly before loosing consciousness

She looks so pitiful looking like this and I instantly felt guilty about how I treated her this morning. She didn’t deserve that from me.

I left the men at the scene and took Mitchell to the hospital.


©️ Tricia

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