The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 3

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(From a nobody to a Billionare)

⚡Chapter 3⚡

Kathryn’s POV

*Next day*

I woke up with a loud bang in my head and held it with my two hands as I tried to sit properly.

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I drank a lot last night so this must be the effect. Goodness! I will be having a shoot this afternoon but this annoying migraine won’t even let me think straight. I wonder what the time is now.

I managed to get water from the kitchen and took a drug to reduce the migraine. After that, I picked up my phone and checked the time.

I have just an hour left to prepare for the shoot, it looks like I will have to stop drinking. I can’t always go late to a shoot.

“Drive as fast as you can, I can’t be late today” I said to my driver as soon as I got into the car

“Yes ma’am” he answered politely and the journey to the company soon began

“Do you have to arrive late all the time?” my manager asked immediately I got there

“Really? Why didn’t you come over? Isn’t that the job of my manager?” I asked with a scoff

“Let’s just go” he said and started walking in while I rolled my eyes and walked behind him

I changed my dress and got ready for the shoot. The pictures were taken in no time and I heaved a sigh of relief when we were done.

I changed back to the clothes I wore before and proceeded to leave the company. I had almost gotten to the parking lot when I saw a lady walking towards me.

She looks kind of familiar but I can’t seem to remember her clearly. Ohh! Now I know, she was that lady I saw in a magazine.

She’s really beautiful just like they said and her skin is so flawless. She catwalked inside the company ignoring me completely while I stared at her until she was out of sight.

What is she doing here? Don’t tell me she’s here to apply for modelling (gasps)! No, that can’t be!

If she decides to become a model, then she will become the number one. I can’t let that happen!

No matter what, I have to stop her from becoming a model at all costs if I still want to remain at the top.

I turned around immediately and went back inside the company. I need to know why she’s here!

“Where is the girl that came in just now?” I asked a staff I came across

“You mean Miss Campbell? She’s with the manager in his office” the staff answered with a smile

With the manager? Is it really what I’m thinking? First, it was Crystal and now her? Just why won’t they stop getting on my nerves?

Well, it doesn’t matter! I just have to show them who the boss is. No matter what happens, Mitchell Campbell will never rise to the top and Crystal won’t go any higher than she already is.

I’m going to be the worst nightmare of both of them. In their next life, they will learn to know their limits and not cross the line.

Mitchell’s POV

Saying I’m nervous right now is an understatement. I decided to apply for modelling in one of the biggest companies here but I’m beginning to doubt myself now.

Am I really doing the right thing? My grandparents have pushed me to the wall and I don’t think I will take things lightly with them anymore.

My dream has always been to become a model but because my life is controlled by two annoying people, I had to do something else.

I’m going to pursue my dreams from now on and no one can stop me this time around.

After the interview with the manager of the company, I was told to wait outside for a few minutes until the result of my interview is out.

“Miss Campbell, the manager seeks your pres£nce” a lady said to me bowing slightly and I hurriedly stood up

“Have a seat” the manager said as soon as I got in and I sat down gently

“We’ve gone through your interview and I’m glad to announce to you that you’ve been hired by our company” the manager said

I placed my palm over my l-ips to avoid me from scre-ming down the building. I can finally become a model?

My goodness! This is so great! I can’t believe this, it feels like a dream but I know it’s not! I’m going to be a model!

“You will undergo a training for six months and then you can start your job as a model. These are the contracts you need to sign, go through them carefully and sign them. You can submit them within three days, we’ll be waiting” the manager said with a smile

“Thank you so much sir, I will get back to you soon” I said with a wide smile, shook hands with him and left the office

I’m going to become a model at last, I just can’t wait to complete my training within six months.

I got into my car and drove back to the company still in my happy mood. I didn’t bring my driver along because it seems like he always reports everything to my grandparents at the end of the day.

I don’t blame him though. He has to do that if he wants to get paid.

I parked my car in the driveway and went into my office but I was surprised to meet Hazel seated on my chair.

Hazel is also a granddaughter in the family just like I am but she’s extremely spoilt. She’s a top actress who gets everything at just the snap of her f-ngers.

I don’t know why she despises me so much but I don’t think I care. I also don’t like her one bit so we are even.

“Where is my sister coming from? Were you given a day off?” she asked mockingly

“I’ve been here for close to an hour now and you are just returning to the company. I asked your workers and they said you didn’t go for any meeting that concerns the company so where were you?” she asked staring directly at me

“Where was I? Who do you think you are to ask me that question? Wherever I went to is none of your business. I will advise you to stay away from me if you don’t want me to do something awful. Get lost!” I said sternly

“I should get lost? You aren’t even scared about what I will tell Grandma?” she asked tauntingly

“To hell with whatever you want to tell her, I don’t care. Leave my office now!” I scre-med at her

“Really? Fine then! I’m going to tell them you went out with a guy, just wait and see” she threatened

“Is it a crime to go out with a guy? I’m no longer a baby, I’m more than old enough to get married so get your silly self out of this office else I will call the security to throw you out. I’m sure you won’t like that” I said with a smirk

“Hmmph!! I’m leaving” she said and left

Oh goodness! I’m fed up already! For how long do I have to endure this? I might just end my life soon!

Chris POV

I sat quietly in the parking lot and just stared at nothing in particular. We are currently on a short break because we worked overtime yesterday.

Ever since that lady insulted me yesterday, I haven’t been myself. She called me a pauper and said I smell awful.

Am I really that bad? It’s not my fault that my parents left me at a young age or is it? I don’t even remember what they look like and I’m still striving to survive.

Should I just commit suicide and end everything? I’m tired already. As a guy, there are many things I’m supposed to do but I can’t even afford three square meals daily so how am I to accomplish my dreams?

If only I was from an average home and my parents didn’t die, I won’t end up becoming a mockery like this.

“Time up! Time up! Return to the restaurant and resume your duties, we don’t have much time” the manager announced and I felt like strangling him

We shouldn’t have been given a break from the start. This doesn’t seem like a break to me,.I doubt if we were even given ten minutes to rest.

We worked non stop until it was time to go home and I heaved a sigh of relief. I collected my pay for the day and also took dinner with me before leaving the restaurant.

I hadn’t gone far when some guys suddenly double crossed me. They were looking dangerous with tattoos and piercings all over and I gulped h-rd.

I don’t know who they are so why are they standing in front of me? Have I don’t something wrong?

“Where is the money you received today?” one of them asked and puffed out smoke

They all had cigarettes in their mouth and they puffed out smoke at my face.

“I don’t like repeating myself so I’ll suggest you answer me before I loose it” the guy said again

“I…. please, let me go! The pay I received isn’t even much and I’ve been working non stop since morning. I have to pay my house rent else my landlord will throw me out” I pleaded

“Who asked for your explanation? Just give us the money before we do something you won’t like” they threatened

“Please…. I..” I was still stuttering when a punch landed on my face

They searched my body and finally found the pay I just received. No, this is not happening!

“For stressing us this much, we are going to teach you an unforgettable lesson” they said and was about beating me up when a car suddenly flashed it’s lights

They took to their heels and left me lying helplessly on the floor.

“Young man, are you okay?” the man who drove the car asked me after he got down from his car

“I’m fine sir, thank you” I said and stood up

“Are you sure you are fine?” he asked with concern and all I did was nod my head

“Let’s go to a restaurant nearby” he offered and drove me to a restaurant different from ours

“So will you mind telling me what happened?” he asked after ordering for food and drinks

I explained everything that happened to him and when I was done, I saw him staring at me pitifully.

“I’m so sorry about that, how much is the money?” he asked gently

“It was $50 but don’t worry, I will go to work tomorrow and earn another one” I said avoiding his gaze

My eyes are teary as it is and the tears might just drop anytime soon, I don’t want to look weak before anyone.

“Let’s eat before the food gets cold” he gestured and I nodded my head and picked my spoon

As soon as the food went into my mouth, I closed my eyes in ecstasy and savoured the taste for a few seconds.

This feels ……. heavenly! We only eat leftovers so I’ve not had this kind of meal before. I opened my eyes and started eating hurriedly without giving myself a breathing space.

“Slow down! The food is not going anywhere and you might choke at this rate” the man said worriedly while I bowed my head in embarrassment

I gulped down the wh0le glass of wine and refilled the glass. Never have I ever tasted such sweet wine!

So this is what it feels like to be rich? I get to eat delicious food and drink sweet wine? It’s like paradise on earth.

“I’m Williams Campbell and this is my business card, you can always call me whenever you need anything. I have to leave now!

Take this as a gift from me to you. I’ve paid for the food already so just go home and rest okay? See you soon” the man said and left

So there are still good people like Mr Williams on this earth? I pray he continues to prosper, God bless him for me.

I took the money he put on the table and was surprised to see $5000. Wtf! Did he think I said $5000?

I will have to keep this money until when next we meet, he must have made a mistake.

I kept the money properly and p-oured the rest of the wine into a bottle before leaving.

Home! Sweet home! Here I come!


©️ Tricia

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