The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 30

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(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 30⚡

Chris POV

I stared at Mitchell’s retreating figure until she left the room and shut the door. It looks like my relationship with Mitchell will be ending soon because I’ve made a h-uge mistake.

I want to keep it from her but then, my conscience wouldn’t let me be. I really don’t understand why I would do something like that.

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On a norm, I’m not close to ladies. I always distance myself from them, Mitchell has been the only lady to move my heart.

Why then will I even go on a date with Anna? It doesn’t make any s£nse at all! And now, I made a mistake with her.

*Flashback to an hour ago*

I woke up in a strange b£d but I couldn’t think straight because my head was pounding h-rd. It was when I finally saw Anna sleeping soundly beside me that all the pains disappeared and I immediately sat up.

What is going on here? Why am I in a strange b£d and why does it have to be Anna? Why are we together?

Different questions flooded my head until my eyes met with the blood on the b£d. For a moment, my heart stopped beating and that was when I noticed I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Did something happen between Anna and I? Nothing happened right? I asked myself lots of questions until Anna finally opened her eyes.

“Where am I?” she mumbled

“Why are we here and why am I not with my clothes?” I asked her back

She snapped her eyes open fully and sat up quickly like she just remembered something. She looked down and that was when I realized she was also without clothes.

“W….what did you do to me?” she stuttered

“What are you talking about? I’m asking your how we got here and you’re talking about something else?” I asked

“Didn’t I just wake up to see you now? You should be the one answering all my questions” she raised her voice a little

“I just woke up now too and met us like this” I stuttered

“Is that blood?” she asked pointing at the stained part of the sheet

“I think so, but how did it get here?” I asked confusedly

“M….my! Did you touch me last night?” she asked shakily

“What?!! I don’t even remember what happened, why will I touch you?” I asked angrily

“If you didn’t touch me, why do I feel so sore underneath and why is there bloodstain on the b£d?” she asked

“Are you a virg-n?” I asked back instead

“Yes of course and you just stole my innocence!” she scre-med and bursted into tears

“I w… would never do something like that, why can’t I remember a single thing?” I asked ruffling my hair

“I don’t even know how my first night was and worse, I had it with someone who I’m just friends with. Why is life so cruel to me?” she asked crying h-rder

“Anna, I….”

“It’s fine, I’m leaving!” she cut me off and stood up to wear her clothes

After she was done, she got down from the b£d and started walking out but I stopped her.

“We need to talk about this okay? You can’t just leave like that” I said holding her hand

“I need to leave. After all, you are married and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m just glad it was taken by someone I love, that’s what matters. Goodbye!” she concluded and left while I fell back heavily in the b£d

*End of flashback*

I want to tell Mitchell everything but after hearing what she just said, I’m so scared. I’ve made a terrible mistake and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to correct it.

Kathryn’s POV

As soon as Melissa arrived at my mansion, I pulled her into a t¡ght hug and trailed k-sses all over her.

“Are you planning to kill me?” she managed to say

“I’m so sorry girlfriend, come inside” I said and helped with her luggage

“You’ve done a wonderful job and I’m so glad you were able to accomplish the mission in a few days” I beamed

“Yeah, yeah! But I don’t understand something. Chris is married and definitely loves Mitchell so how did he get fooled by me so easily?” Melissa asked confusedly

“There’s a little secret about that, I’ll be right back” I said and hurried to my room

“What’s this?” she asked after I gave her something

“That was what I used on Chris to make our mission accomplished faster. I noticed he was reluctant to do anything to hurt Mitchell’s feelings so I paid someone to touch him with this. It must have worn off by now anyway” I shrugged

“Oh my goodness! Are you serious?” she exclaimed

“Of course! My friend introduced this to me and I didn’t think twice before taking it. If I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have been successful with our mission” I explained

“So, it wasn’t my accomplishment after all?” she pouted sadly

“I’m sorry about that, but you still did a lot. If you weren’t in the picture, it wouldn’t have worked at all. The main reason why I did that is because of Dad’s pressure.

He said Chris might be the last heir of the Rodriguez and you know we can’t keep him alive unless we want to be put behind bars for the rest of our lives.

Dad didn’t ask me to get rid of him now but I have to get close to him and find a way to take him to Dad. There’s a safe he needs to open” I concluded

“Wow! This is complicated! But you have feelings for Chris right?” she asked

“I don’t even know but I don’t think that’s really important now, right? If I go to jail, I won’t survive it” I said getting scared already

“You know there’s something you are not telling me right?” she asked staring at me keenly

“What’s that?” I asked looking like a lost puppy

“The Rodriguez daughter that died seventeen years ago. She was in your mansion but I noticed she suddenly disappeared and after a while, you told me she was dead” I said

“I….I don’t know what you’re talking about” I stuttered and stood up

“You really don’t know what I’m talking about? I suspected her death was somehow fishy but I was young then and I couldn’t confront anyone. The question has been on my mind for years now and if you say you don’t know anything about it, I will become more suspicious and investigate it on my own” she said

“I don’t understand why you just suddenly brought this up out of the blues. We just accomplished a great mission and we’re supposed to be celebrating. Why are you doing this today?” I asked with a sigh

“Are you ready to talk or not?” she asked instead

“Fine, I will explain it to you but not today. I need time to think and do other things” I said and left without waiting for her response

*Two days later*

Two days after the little argument I had with Melissa, I came across Chris in a restaurant. He decided to stop going to the restaurant Melissa worked after the incident but unfortunately, the deed has been done already.

“Chris Rodriguez, it’s a pleasure to see you here” I said in a mocking tone

“What do you want this time? I’m not in a good mood right now so please don’t complicate things for me” he said

“Really? Well, I just wanted to show you something. I’m a nuisance to you so I’ll just show you and leave” I said and took out my phone

I showed him a picture of he and Melissa when they were k-ssing in the parking lot and I saw his eyes widen in shock.

“Good day!” I stood up and left his table

“Kathryn! Kathryn!! Kathryn!!!” he scre-med my name and followed behind me until I got to the parking lot

“W…what was that?” he stuttered

“What was what? I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone right now so you can leave” I said with a smirk and opened my car door

“Kathryn, we can talk about this” he said holding my hands

“What’s there to talk about? Didn’t you just tell me off some minutes ago?” I asked rolling my eyes

“I’m sorry” he mumbled

“Okay, let’s talk business!” I winked at him and went back into the restaurant

“How did you get these pictures?” he asked with a sigh after checking them out

“I took them obviously. I had just arrived at the restaurant that day when I saw you with this strange lady and I took pictures of you guys hoping it will be of importance later in the future” I explained

“Fine, what do you want?” he asked

“What do I want? I want you of course! Divorce Mitchell and come to me, else I’ll s£nd the pictures to her” I threatened with a smile

“How can…..”

“You don’t need to give me a response now. Take your time and decide on what to do. And remember that even if you don’t divorce Mitchell, once she sees this, she’ll definitely divorce you. Make a wise decision” I concluded with a smirk and got into my car

He doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with. I wanted Melissa to message him about her pregnancy after a month but I don’t have that patience anymore.

I’ll ask her to s£nd the message after a month and few days. I want to see how Chris will be able to get himself out of this mess.

My phone rang and I checked the caller to see it was Robert. My heart skipped beats as I held the phone in my hand.

I’ve been feeling uncomfortable around Robert lately. Anytime we are together, my heartbeat increases rapidly and I suddenly become nervous. I don’t know why I always feel that way but I sure don’t like it.

“Hello” I stuttered after answering the call

“How are you doing?” he asked casually

“I’m fine” I mumbled

“Where are you right now?” he asked

“I’m on my way home, why are you asking?” I asked suspiciously

“It’s nothing much. I want to show you something, can you please come to the restaurant directly opposite your agency? I was thinking you would be there” he said

“The restaurant? Can we make it tomorrow please? I’m kind of tired” I lied

“No, we can’t make it tomorrow. Please Kathryn, I won’t take much of your time” he pleaded

“Fine, I will be there soon” I sighed

“Thank you so much!” he exclaimed happily and ended the call

Why is he so happy because I said I will be there soon? I shouldn’t be surprised because I knew he was different in a strange way since the first time I met him.

I sped up my car and within few minutes, I was before the restaurant he asked us to meet.

I got down from my car and was still locking the door when Robert appeared out of nowhere.

“Have you been waiting for my arrival?” I asked

“Of course! We will be going inside now but first, I need to cover your eyes because it’s a surprise” he said

“What?!! Cover my eyes? No, you can’t cover my eyes. I don’t trust you that much” I said without thinking

“You don’t trust me?” he asked hurtfully

“N…no, I mean…. Fine, just cover my eyes” I sighed

“There’s no need for that anymore. Sorry I asked you to come here, I will take my leave now” he said and turned around

“I’m really sorry Robert, I didn’t mean it like that. Can you please forgive me? I swear I didn’t mean it” I pleaded

“You really didn’t mean it?” he asked staring keenly at me

“I didn’t mean it at all” I quickly said

“Okay then”

He took out a piece of clothing and tied it around my eyes after which he walked me to God knows where.

After walking for a while, we finally stopped and Robert slowly untied my eyes.

“What could the surprise be?” I thought anxiously as the last piece of clothing came off.

“Happy birthday Kathryn Eduardo. Will you make me the happiest man on earth by being my girlfriend on this special day?” he asked and made me face another part of the garden where it was written boldly “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?”

I placed my palm over my mouth as tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. I didn’t even remember that today is my own birthday but Robert has succeeded in making it a memorable one. I don’t think I deserve someone like him.


©️ Tricia

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