The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 36


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 36⚡

Mitchell’s POV

I opened my eyes to the bright sun that shone directly on my face and I had no choice but to cover my face with my palm.

“Sorry about the lights, I didn’t know the sun is up already” I heard a strange voice followed by the beautiful scent of omelette

“Where am I?” I asked opening my eyes slowly

I know I’m not at home because the bed isn’t as comfortable as mine and the aura feels different.

I opened my eyes and was staring right back at Kevin Russell. What the hell is going on?

“W…why am I here?” I stuttered and hurriedly sat up, looking around me

“Chill okay? You came to the hotel last night after getting yourself drunk. You said you didn’t want to go home but I felt it was dangerous for you to stay here alone so I booked the room next to yours.

I collected a spare key to check up on you and be sure you wouldn’t try to harm yourself. You can rest assured that I didn’t do anything last night. I was only worried about my friend’s safety” he explained

“Thank you. I really don’t know how to appreciate you. You even stayed back until I wake up just to make sure I’m alright even though you have a company to run. I will forever be grateful to you” I said

“It’s fine, there’s no need to thank me. We are friends and friends are supposed to be there for each other” he said with a smile

“Can you please excuse me for a few minutes? I need to take my bath so I can return home? But….I don’t have any clothes to change into, I can’t possibly wear this after bathing” I mumbled to myself

“It’s okay, I’ll just order something for you” he said and took his phone out

“No, you don’t need to do that” I quickly said

“I will wash my face and legs only. When I return, I will return home so my family won’t be worried” I added

“What about the food I brought for you? You have to eat something first before leaving” he said pointing at the omelette

“I totally forgot about it. I will eat it after I’m done washing and then I will go home” I said and went into the bathroom

After taking my bath, I ate and left the hotel with Kevin in his car. I’m now sure that Kevin has changed completely.

I was even drunk last night but he didn’t take advantage of me. He slept in a different room and handled things responsibly.

He dropped me off at the gate of my mansion and I waved at him until he was out of sight. I heaved a deep sigh as I thought about whatever could possibly be waiting for me in,side.

I went in,side and headed straight to my room because fortunately, there was no one in the sitting room.

“Mitchell!” Chris exclaimed as soon as I went in

“Mitchell, where have you been? I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep last night” he said

I ignored him and went into the bathroom to take my bath instead. For now, I’m just going to ignore him as much as I can until I decide on what to do.

“Mitchell, I know I’ve wronged you. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but I want you to know that I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me and I also know that I will never do something like that in my right senses.

I will leave the mansion for now and give you space to think clearly and decide on what you want to do” he said after I came out from my closet.

I was tempted to say something after he made that known to me, but I held myself back. I have to completely ignore him for a while.

Besides, he even said he’s leaving for some time and I believe it will benefit both of us. I picked up my bag and left the room without saying a word.

On my way to the agency, my phone rang and I checked the caller ID only to discover it was the person I put in charge of managing the building of my company.

I almost forgot about the task grandmother gave us and it’s all because of Chris. I wonder how much stress he will make me go through.

“Good morning ma’am” he greeted from the other end

“Morning! How is the company going?” I asked

“It’s going well ma’am but we need money to get some materials that are needed urgently” he said

“About how much are we talking about?” I asked with a sigh

“It should be around two million ma’am” he said

I almost let out a gasp but remembering he’s still on the phone, I decided to control myself.

“I will transfer the money tomorrow, my schedule is kind of tight today” I said

“Alright ma’am, I will be expecting it” he said and I ended the call

I knew the building of the company would cost a lot but I really wasn’t expecting this. If only the building costs this much, where am I supposed to get the money to run a business after the building is finally complete?

This is totally driving me nuts. If only I had someone that could help me with a little money until I start making profits from the business.

My phone started ringing again and I checked the caller only to discover it was Kevin.

“Hi” I said after answering the call

“How are you doing? Did you sort things out?” he asked slowly

“I….I don’t really know. We’ve decided to give each other space for now. I need some time to think and then decide on what to do” I explained

“That’s a good idea! If you guys are together, it will just get more complicated. You can’t stay away from each other for too long though so the feelings won’t fade away” he said

“Kevin, can you be a shoulder for me to lean unto until I get back with Chris? I know I’m asking for the most absurd thing right now but I don’t have a choice. I feel like I will run back to Chris soon and I don’t want to do that until my head is clear. Will you please help me out?” I asked in a low voice

“Alright, I will help you out. Don’t forget I have feelings for you. I won’t be able to turn you down if you ask for my help, I will gladly do anything to make you happy” he said

“Thank you so much” I said with a teary smile

“Alright, I have to go now. Take care of yourself and make sure you eat lunch. Bye!” he said and ended the call

Kevin agreed to help me without thinking twice, he’s such a sweet guy. If only he was this sweet from the start, then I will probably be with him now and we might be the happiest couple in the world.

Chris POV

I packed my clothes in,side two luggages and took other important things I will be needing. It won’t be easy to stay away from Mitchell but it’s the least I can do for her right now.

When I called Anna last night, she refused to answer my call. I need to know if she’s really pregnant for me and I also need to know why she sent that message to Mitchell at that time. I feel like it was a carefully made out plan.

That reminds me! I should have asked Mitchell why she took my phone because it’s something she has never done before. If she can tell me the truth, it will be easier to trace everything from there.

I doubt if she will tell me though when she didn’t even talk to me at all. I should try calling her first.

I sat on the bed and dialed her contact after picking up my phone. I hope she picks the call.

The call ended for the first time but she didn’t answer it. I then decided to call her one last time and fortunately for me, she answered just when it was about to end.

“I know you’re mad at me Mitchell and I know there’s no way to make up for my mistake but I just want you to please answer this question truthfully.

Why were you with my phone when the message from Anna came in? I’m not saying you can’t touch my phone or something but it was the first time and the message also came in at that same time.

I know you’re very smart so you’re supposed to know there’s something fishy about that. Did someone ask you to take my phone?” I asked

“Why does that matter anymore? What matters is that you betrayed me, so you don’t need to start thinking about what’s fishy and what’s not” she said

“I know that it doesn’t matter to you. I mean, I’m the one in love with you anyway so it definitely matters to me. You don’t know how bad I feel after everything that happened so if there’s any way at all to prove that what happened from the very beginning was all a lie, I will do it without thinking twice. Can you now tell me who asked you to check my phone?” I asked again

“Why do you think someone asked me to check your phone? I just randomly took it because I felt like checking something” she shrugged

“If someone asked you to check it, then it means there’s more to this. Please Mitchell, I’m begging you” I pleaded

“Fine! Kathryn asked me to check it, are you satisfied now?” she asked

“Kathryn? Can you please tell me what exactly she said? I know I’m asking to much but please, do it for old times sake” I said

“She told me to check your call log and see how you’ve been cheating on me with someone else. It was later on that she showed me the picture. How does this change anything though?” she asked confusedly

“It changes a lot of things. She told you to check my call log but does that make any sense to you? Even if you check my call log and eventually see how frequently I called Anna, it won’t prove that I’m having an affair with her.

She could have just told you straight away but she asked you to check my call log and that was when the message came in. There’s no way it’s coincidental” I said

“You’re right! Checking your call log definitely won’t prove anything. She just wanted me to be with your phone so I will read the message before you. Why didn’t I think about this earlier?” she asked

“It’s because you were hurt and I won’t blame you. If this is true, then it’s either Kathryn and Anna are working together or Anna’s phone is with Kathryn” I said

“That’s true! But still, it doesn’t change the fact that you cheated on me” she said

“I was drunk that night so I don’t remember a single thing. When I woke up, there were blood stains on the bed and Anna claimed I deflowered her” I explained

“There were blood stains so that confirms everything. She couldn’t have probably taken a bedspread covered in blood just to frame you right?” she asked

“She could have done it if she’s working with Kathryn. You know how powerful Kathryn is! She can get anything she wants with just a snap of her finger” I said

“Yeah, whatever. You should keep investigating then. Hopefully, everything will turn out to be a lie. I trusted you completely so I hope you don’t let me down” she said

“I won’t! As long as you’re with me, I will be able to do anything, even if the whole world is against me. I will still leave like I said so they would think they’ve succeeded in their plans, but we will speak to each other often right?”

“Not too often. I’m still going to be extremely mad at you until you prove your innocence” she said

“Thank you Mitchell! I will prove it to you within the shortest time possible” I assured

“Alright, I’m at the agency already so I’m hanging up now” she said

“Bye” I said and ended the call

Yes! All I have to do now is to start investigating, I can’t afford to miss even the slightest detail.


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