The heir and his heiress episode 38


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 38⚡

Chris POV

I sat on the bed in the hotel room I booked. I want to think about everything that happened between Anna and I that day.

I turned her request down at first but then, I changed my mind later on. Now that I’m thinking carefully, I saved a draft that I wanted to send to Mitchell that day, I can show her that.

That aside! Anna was the one that suggested we should take wine. As a waiter and poor girl, she wouldn’t have suggested wine but she did and that alone is suspicious.

Also, when she brought the wine, it was opened already but I had shrug the thought of then. Why would she open the wine before bringing it?

Now that I think about it, there were so many suspicious things that I didn’t pay attention to. What if everything was planned all along? I need to see the detective.

I picked my phone and car key and drove straight to meet the agency.

“Good day sir. What brings you here without a notice?” he asked after seeing me

“I came to ask for a favour. There was this girl who worked at a restaurant I frequently visited and I want you to find out everything about her” I explained

“Alright! You will need to give us every little detail about her” he said

I told them every single thing I remembered about Anna and even showed them the picture of where we kissed in the parking lot since that was the only picture of her that I had.

“We will do our best to fund everything out in the shortest time possible” he assured me before I left

Now, the detective is investigating Anna and I’m sure he will find something soon. I need to focus on my memories and find out what my identity really is.

First, I’m sure Kathryn was involved in my past. She said my parents are dead so I can’t look for them. The only thing I have right now is this necklace.

It was said to have been passed down to the heirs of the Rodriguez but the one I had with me was a fake. The one with the old man was the real one but he got killed as soon as I got to him.

Someone has been following me around, I’m hundred percent sure of that. There’s no way they would have found out about my move if they weren’t following me.

I looked at the mirror in my car and noticed that a car was parked not too far from me. Could this be the person that has been following me?

I drove my car just to see if he would move and he really followed me but he was making sure not to be too close to me.

So I was right about being followed? Who could be following me and why do they even have to follow me? I know the person is definitely involved in the murder of that old man and I must catch him today.

I took out my phone and requested back up from Mr Williams but not without telling them to be discreet.

The car kept following me and I made sure not to loose track of him as I drove to a narrow and quiet road. This will be the perfect place to catch him without getting questioned by anyone.

The backup I requested for soon arrived and we caught him in no time. He tried killing himself but I was quick to stop him.

“You want to kill yourself? Well, I will definitely let you have your way but not so soon.” I said to him

“Take him to the warehouse” I said to the guards and got into my car

Within a few minutes, we arrived at the warehouse and he was tied to a chair.

“I’m going to ask you nicely and just once. Why were you following me?” I asked the man

“You won’t be able to get anything out of me so just kill me. You don’t need to waste your time” he said

“You also don’t need to tell me what to do. Like I said, you will definitely die if that’s what you want, but it will be very slowly. You will beg for death but it won’t come to you. Start the torture” I said and went to take my seat.

If it means finding out who I am, I will do anything as long as it’s not illegal. I can’t just continue living without knowing who I am or where I came from.

The man’s scream rented the warehouse and I almost asked the guards to stop but remembering why he’s here in the first place, I kept quiet.

“Are you going to say something now or should they continue?” I asked with a smirk

“I will tell you everything. Please, ask them to stop” he said quickly

“That was easier than expected. What if you lie to me? How would I know?” I asked

“I swear on my life that I will say nothing but the truth” he said

“Alright then. Let’s hear you. First, who sent you?” I asked now sitting down

“It was Mr Eduardo” he answered

“Mr Eduardo as in Kathryn’s father?” I asked confusedly

“Yes! He asked me to keep a close watch on you” he added

“Mr Eduardo? Why would he do something like that? He’s definitely lying to you” one of the guards said

“Since when did you start following me?” I asked the man instead

“A few days after you got married to Mitchell Campbell. It was all over the country then so I guess that was how Mr. Eduardo heard it” he said

“Did he ask you to do any other thing?” I asked

“No, that’s all! I just needed to keep a close watch on you and report to him daily” he said

“Kathryn was involved in my past and now, her father is also interested in me? Something seems to be wrong somewhere” I mumbled to myself

“You can release him now since I got what I wanted. It will be better to go somewhere far away because I don’t think Mr. Eduardo will spare you once he finds out that you’ve blown his cover” I said and left the warehouse

This means Mr. Eduardo must know my parents, but why did he have to keep a close watch on me?

The person I should be investigating now is Kathryn and her father. I should probably ask Mr. Eduardo about my parents but seeing as he asked someone to follow me, he definitely won’t tell me anything.

Now that I have a hint about someone that knows my family, I think I will find something important very soon.

Mitchell’s POV

I’ve been having this weird feeling since this afternoon and I don’t know why. I know I was in support of Chris leaving the mansion since I’m extremely mad at him but I don’t understand how I feel right now.

Something is telling me that Chris is in danger but how is that possible? Chris has never offended anyone and he doesn’t even have friends not to talk of enemies.

I tried sleeping but the feeling became even stronger. It looks like I won’t be able to sleep tonight unless I know that Chris is alright. I should call him first.

I called him for the first time but he’s number wasn’t reachable, I called him again but it was still the same. I tried it the third time and fortunately, it went through this time.

It rang to the end but Chris never answered the call. I called him twice more but he still didn’t answer. Is he playing hard to get just because I called him first? Well, I won’t call him anymore.

I angrily threw my phone on the bed and pulled the duvet over my head but I still was unable to sleep.

What if he really is in danger like I think? No, that’s not possible. He’s not even answering my calls so what am I supposed to do? I can’t possibly go to the hotel to meet him right?

No, that’s absurd! What would he think if me if I go there by this time of the night?

He’ll be like “she can’t sleep because she missed me. I guess she really likes me a lot”. I’m sure he will say different things like that.

I’m just going to wait until tomorrow morning and stop there on my way to the agency. But what if he really is in trouble? What will I do then if something happens to him because of my pride?

I jumped down from the bed at this thought and hurriedly change into a simple short gown.

I won’t even be able to sleep anyway if I don’t get to see him tonight so I should kill two birds with one stone. I need to see him in order to calm myself and also so I can get a good night’s sleep.

“Where are you headed to at this hour ma’am?” one of the bodyguards asked

“I’m going to the hotel Chris is staying. I will be going alone so just stay back” I said and tried to get into my car but they stopped me

“We can’t do that ma’am. We’ve been instructed never to let you drive at night” another one said

“So? Do you think you can stop me?” I scoffed

“We know we can’t stop you ma’am but please think about us. We will loose our job if the boss finds out” they said

“Don’t worry, I will drive carefully” I said with a smile

“Please think about our jobs” they said again

“Fine then! You can follow me in another car but make sure you don’t follow too closely behind me. Also, I need some privacy with Chris at the hotel so you can’t follow me in” I said

“Alright ma’am, we will do that” they said and got into another car

Being the daughter of a prestigious family can be so annoying sometimes.

“If I was the daughter of an average family, what would my life look like instead?” I asked myself as I drove to the hotel

Kathryn’s POV

“Tonight is the night” I said to Melissa as I held a glass of champagne in my hand

“The night?” she asked confusedly

“The night that Chris will draw his last breath” I smirked

“Really? Are you really going to get rid of that sexy guy? It’s really not fair” she pouted

“Should I get rid of you instead?” I asked her

“Stop saying that, it makes you look creepy. I think you should forget about Chris from now on and focus on Robert. The poor guy loves you a lot” she said

“After I deal with Chris, it will all be over. My past will never be able to catch up with me and I will leave happily with Robert” I said and sipped the wine

“By your past not catching up with you, you mean…..?” she asked

“It’s not for you to know” I said

“Oh really? If I want to know, I could just investigate it you know? Anyway, you can tell me when you’re ready to” she said and went to her room

I won’t be telling her anything no matter what. Just the thought of it makes me so angry already, so I can’t tell her.

My phone soon started ringing and I answered the call after checking the caller ID.

“I’m there ma’am” he said into the phone

“Good! Make sure you do a clean job without making any mistake. Remember that you will only get the remaining path of the money after he’s buried” I said

“I haven’t forgotten that for a moment. I will do a good job so don’t worry” he assured

Let’s see if the luck that kept him alive for twenty two years will be able to save him today.


©️ Tricia

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