The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress Episode 47


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 47⚡

Chris POV

Mitchell was able to leave the mansion safely after I took the gunshot. We were still surrounded by the men and I was loosing a lot of blood from the wound.

“Mitchell escaped already so you won’t gain anything from keeping us here. Just let’s leave so we can treat our boss” one of my guards said

“Mitchell left so what? You guys are still here and you will pay for that. Until our boss comes downstairs…. wait! Why hasn’t he come down since? What did you do to him?” the guy I will refer to as their leader asked me with blazing eyes

“Check upstairs and see if he’s alright” he ordered one of the men

“I swear if there’s even a little scratch on his body, you will pay for it in ten fold” he threatened while I scoffed

A scratch? I will be stupid to let him have just a scratch. He almost raped my wife and I will just let him go with a scratch?

Even though I beat him to a pulp, I’m still not satisfied. I feel like chopping off his balls so he will never be able to use them on any lady again.

“Come and assist me” the guy that went upstairs s¢ræmed and two men followed him

Together, they returned downstairs with Kevin in their arms. He had lost consciousness already and his face was covered in blood. That’s not enough punishment for what he made my Mitchell go through.

“Y…you did this to him right?” the leader stuttered

Instead of answering, I just stared at him angrily and in pain. The gunshot wound was still bleeding so much and there was no way to stop it.

“Lock them up in the storage room and make sure they are properly tied” he thundered and left with Kevin

The men took us to the storage room like he ordered and we were tied there. One of the guards tore his shirt and tied it around my wound to stop the bleeding.

If I’m not taken to the hospital soon, I don’t think I will survive this. I still have so many things to tell Mitchell so I can’t die just yet. I have to remain strong.

Kathryn’s POV

I shut my eyes and pinched myself for the umpteenth time today. I just want to be sure that I’m not dreaming.

Dad called me just now to sever all ties with me. He said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with a murderer and besides, I wasn’t his daughter. It’s not like he didn’t kill so many people already. Mine wasn’t even intentional.

I thought he was my dad for about fifteen to seventeen years. That’s when I knew my right from wrong and since then, I’ve known him to be my dad? How can he say he’s not my dad now?

When Chris told me that he wasn’t my Dad, I didn’t believe him and I didn’t think much about it. I thought he was just bluffing and I never expected it to be true.

But now, I’ve heard it from dad himself and I think it’s the truth. If I’m not his daughter, why do I look so much like him then? And where am I supposed to start finding my family now?

I’ve always lived with them and considered them my family. Where will I find my real family now? I have to start searching for them. Even if I have to hire the best detectives in the world, I need to find them and make them give me an explanation for abandoning me.

“Kathryn, you’ve been absent minded ever since you received that call. Who was it?” Robert asked

We were on a date and I stepped out to receive dad’s call so he doesn’t know who I spoke to.

“It’s no one. I’m just having a slight headache, I think I need to rest” I said with a small smile

“I really don’t understand you. Ever since we started dating, you’ve never really had time for me. Now that we’re even out on a date, you want to leave again. I’m not stopping you from leaving. I just want to pour my heart out to you. I’ll take my leave now” he said and left

He turned deaf ears to my calls and I sighed when I became tired. He’s right that I’ve never given time to our relationsh¡p so I can’t blame him for that. I just need him to exercise more patience with me until I find out who my true family is.

Who knows if we might be related? I don’t think that’s possible though. I can’t possibly be related to someone I want to get married to.

I left the restaurant and returned to my mansion. I already called a detective on my way home and I told him to find my parents.

“Why are you home so early? I thought you were on a date with Robert?” Melissa asked when I walked in,side

“I was on a date with him but dad ruined it all. Should I even still refer to him as my dad? You remember what Chris said the day he came here right?” I asked with a sigh and sat down

“He said a lot of things that day. Which one are you talking about precisely?” she asked back

“He mentioned something about me not being Mr. Edwardo’s daughter” I said

“Yes, but I don’t believe him. Your dad might prefer your sister to you but it doesn’t mean you’re not his daughter. Parents often tend to prefer a child over the other” she said

“I know and that’s why I didn’t pay attention to what Chris said the other day. But dad called me this afternoon and told me himself that he isn’t my dad. He severed all ties with me and ended the call before I could even say a word” I explained

“Are you being serious right now?” Melissa asked with shock written all over her face

“I couldn’t concentrate on my date with Robert so he left angrily. I can’t think straight right now and I think I will have to take a break in modelling for a while.

Right now, my head is messed up and I won’t be able to concentrate on anything unless I confirm this. I already called a detective and he’s helping me find my real family already.

I will carry out a DNA test on myself and dad to confirm that I’m really not his child. I’m stressed out already, I want to rest” I concluded and went upstairs

I know Robert must be angry right now but I can’t even call him. I just want to be alone for a while, until this issue is cleared up.

Kevin’s POV

I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital. Everything that happened came rushing in and I sighed softly.

I don’t know what came over me that made me try to force myself on Mitchell. I guess I could no longer control myself after seeing her body at Ronald’s mansion.

Now that I’ve done this, what will Mitchell think of me? I think I truly have feelings for her and I was hoping that one day, she would also love me back but that hope has been shattered now.

Even if she manages to forgive me, she would never want to have anything to do with me anymore. I just hope she’s alright.

One of my men saw that I was awake and he hurriedly went to get the doctor. After checking my body, he affirmed I was okay but I still needed to stay in the hospital until the next day.

After the doctor left, I signalled one of my men to come closer. I was anxious to know how Mitchell was faring.

“Where is Mitchell right now?” I asked

“I’m sorry that I was unable to stop her boss. She escaped with one of her guards but don’t worry. Chris is currently in our custody and he has a gunshot wound. Mitchell will return to the mansion on her own two feet” he said

“What?!! How did Chris end up having a gunshot wound?” I asked weakly

“When Mitchell was about escaping with the guard, I tried shooting them but Chris got in the way”

“What?!!” I s¢ræmed and gr0-ned in pain

“You tried to shoot Mitchell?” I asked gently this time

“Y…yes boss” he stuttered

“Just wait until I get out of here, you will be sorry for yourself” I threatened

“How is she doing now?” I asked after a few seconds of silence

“I don’t really know. There’s no news about her and I didn’t try to find out anything” he said

“Just leave! Get out of my sight!” I s¢ræmed at him

My phone soon started ringing after some minutes, jolting me out of my thoughts. I wanted to ignore it at first, but then I decided to answer it at the last minute. Surprisingly, it was the detective’s call.

“Good evening sir!” he greeted

“Good evening! Do you have any news about my sister?” I asked straightaway

I just wanted to end the call and rest so I decided not to beat about the bush.

“Yes sir! We’ve been able to find out who your sister is. All our investigation results point to her but you can carry out a DNA test on your own to be sure” he said

I don’t know why but I somehow felt anxious. I felt like the truth would break me and my anxiety finally got the best out of me.

“Your sister is….” the detective was about saying when I cut him off

“Don’t tell me now! I will come to your office when I get better so we can talk more” I said

“Alright sir” he agreed and I ended the call

I don’t think I have the heart to hear the truth now. What if my sister turns out to be Mitchell? That will be so cruel and I won’t be able to bear it.

What am I even saying? There’s no way Mitchell could be my sister. I didn’t see any birthmark or feel anything towards her except love.

Different thoughts clouded my mind and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I picked up my phone and dialed the detective’s contact again.

I can’t wait until tomorrow evening before finding out. I might just die of anxiety before then. After the second ring, he finally answered the call.

“Sorry to bother you but please, can you tell me who my sister is now?” I asked nervously

“Ohh! Are you prepared to hear it?” he asked scaring me more

“I’m prepared” I said firmly after taking few deep breaths

“Alright then! Your sister is Kathryn Edwardo” he said

“My sister is….? I don’t seem to understand you” I said confusedly

“Are you saying you don’t know Kathryn Edwardo?” he asked

“Of course I know Kathryn. Is there another Kathryn Edwardo from the popular model?” I asked

“No, I don’t know of any. She’s your sister, that’s what I’m trying to say” he said again

“Kathryn Edwardo is my sister? Do you even know what you’re saying?” I scoffed

“I know you might not believe me and that’s why I asked you to carry out a DNA test. You will be able to believe that at least” he said

I suddenly went numb for a few minutes and couldn’t hear or feel anything. Kathryn Edwardo is my sister? No! It’s not possible!

The same Kathryn that I forced myself on a few weeks ago and even uploaded her nude pictures online? No, the detective is mistaken.

Something is wrong somewhere and no matter what happens, I won’t ever believe that she’s my sister. Not in this world, not in the next.

“Mr Russel?” the detective called when I refused to say a word

“Thank you” I mumbled and ended the call

There’s no way Kathryn is my sister. If it really is Kathryn, then it has to be another Kathryn, not Kathryn Edwardo. I would never accept it but just to be sure, I’m going to carry out a DNA test like the detective suggested. Once that is done, everything will become clear and I’ll prove to the detective that he’s wrong.


©️ Tricia

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