The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress Episode 48


(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 48⚡

Mitchell’s POV

The beeping sounds I was hearing made me flutter my eyelids open and I discovered I was in a hospital. The sun that shone brightly told me it was morning but why am I in a hospital?

I tried to remember what happened but it wasn’t so clear. I got kidnapped and then, what happened next?

Why can’t I remember what happened? Why am I alone at the hospital? Chris is supposed to be with me at a time like this.

“Mitchell, you’re awake!” I heard dad’s voice and I turned to stare at him

“Dad, how did I get here?” I asked

“Don’t you remember anything?” he asked confusedly

“I remember I was kidnapped but the memories after that are not clear. Can you tell me what happened? By the way, where is Chris?” I asked looking around

“You also don’t remember what happened to Chris?” he mumbled

“What happened to him? Dad, please tell me that he’s fine” I panicked

“Don’t worry! I’ve sent my men so he should be here very soon. All you need to do is exercise patience” he assured with a smile

“Are you saying Kevin is keeping him hostage?” I asked finally remembering how Chris came to save me and how I lost consciousness afterwards

“Do you remember now?” Dad asked

“Yes! I got kidnapped by Ronald and then Kevin took me later on. Chris saved me from him but I lost consciousness and that’s the last thing I remember” I explained

“Chris is being held hostage like you said but I heard Kevin is currently at this same hospital. Apparently, Chris beat him to a pulp and he’s been treated” Dad said

“Is Chris save? I hope nothing happened to him” I asked

“Well…. The guard that brought you here said Chris was fine until he was leaving” he said

“Until he was leaving? What happened when he was leaving?”

“Just rest Mitchell. The doctor said you shouldn’t stress yourself and shouldn’t even talk much. By the time you wake up again, Chris will be here already” he said and left the ward

I don’t want to believe what my heart is telling me right now. I feel like Chris is in danger and it’s all because of me.

Dad is hiding it from me which means it’s something big but what could that be? I thought hard about what the problem could possibly be but nothing seemed to be coming forth so I decided to take a nap like Dad said. When I wake up again, Chris will definitely be here.

*Two pm*

My eyes flew open and I panted heavily because of the dream I just had. I should call it a nightmare instead of a dream.

In the dream, someone wanted to shoot me but Chris got in the way and took the bullet. I don’t understand what happened but there was no one to attend to Chris and even i couldn’t do anything. He was loosing so much blood and that’s the last thing that happened before I woke up.

Dad said Chris will be here by the time I woke up right? Well, I’m awake already and I want to see him. If I don’t see Chris, I won’t get treated, I won’t eat and I won’t stay in this hospital.

“Where is my dad?” I asked a guard at the door

“He’s discussing something with the doctor” he answered

“Take me to him” I ordered

“I’m sorry but we can’t do that. He gave us strict instructions not to let you out” he said politely

“Then bring him here right now or this hospital will not be peaceful” I threatened

The guard quickly left and returned few minutes later with dad who had a worried look on his face.

“I want to see Chris right now. Don’t come up with any excuses because I won’t be buying it. It’s either I see Chris now or i scream the walls of this building down” I said

“Mitchell, please. Just go inside….”

“I’m dead serious! Take me to Chris now or I’ll do something we’ll both regret” I said

“Fine, come with me” he said giving up

I went with him until we arrived at the O.R and I stared at him confusedly.

“Why are we here?” I asked him

“You wanted to see Chris” he said

“I know I want to see Chris but what are we doing in the Operating room?”

“See for yourself” he said and walked to the transparent door

I slowly followed behind him with my heart beating faster than usual. Somehow, I felt I shouldn’t be here because I might not be able to handle what I would see.

I was finally standing in front of the glass door and the first person I saw was the patient on bed.

I rubbed my eyes with my palm and opened them again to be sure I was not imagining things. Chris was on the bed and the doctors were trying their best to save him.

A bullet was taken out of his chest and I screamed aloud with tears pouring out of my eyes like rainfall. It felt like the bullet was thrusted into my own heart after it was removed from Chris shoulder.

“Dad! What happened to him? Why is Chris like this?” I asked shakily

“He was shot by one of Kevin’s men. The man wanted to shoot you after the guard took you out of the mansion but Chris got in the way and took the bullet on your behalf. The bullet has been in his shoulder since last night without any treatment and my men just brought him in this afternoon” he explained

“But why? Why does Chris have to go through so much pain everytime? He doesn’t deserve all this! He’s going to wake up right? Nothing is going to happen to him, right?” I asked

“Chris will be fine but you need to return to your ward now. If Chris wakes up and sees you in this condition, how do you think he will feel?” Dad asked

“I don’t….”

I couldn’t complete my sentence because I suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness.

*Hours later*

When I finally woke up again, it was evening already. The image of Chris in the O.R replayed in my head and I sprang up.

I ran all the way to the O.R barefooted until I got there. When I arrived there, Chris was no longer there and I almost went crazy.

“Where is my dad?” I asked the guards behind me

“H..he stepped out for a bit but will be back before you know it” he answered

“Why is he always stepping out at the wrong time? Where is Chris then? You must know where he is” I said

They took me to Chris ward after I screamed at them nonstop and I went in. I sat beside him on the bed and held his hand.

His face looked pale and his hand was cold too. Tears dropped from my eyes as I stared at the once lively Chris who was now lying helplessly on this sick bed.

I cried nonstop while watching his face and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to leave the ward. He needs to rest and my cries won’t help him recover in anyway.

Just when I stepped out of the ward, I saw Kevin who was being pushed in a wheelchair. As soon as his eyes met mine, he lowered his gaze.

I took a long final stare at him and turned around, returning to my ward. If there’s anything I can do to make me stop seeing his face, I will gladly do it no matter what it may be.

Kevin’s POV

I couldn’t explain how I felt, seeing the way Mitchell stared at me with so much hatred in her eyes. I’ve never seen that kind of hurtful look in her eyes and it hurts me more to know I’m the reason behind that sad expression.

A part of me wanted to call out to her and apologize for my wrongdoing. I was unable to control myself at that moment and she can’t entirely blame me for it. No guy in his right senses would see that kind of beautiful body and not want to have a taste of it.

I understand that I went overboard and I should also have tried to control myself but it was too hard. Now that she’s extremely mad at me, I don’t think she can ever forgive me.

I returned to my ward on the wheelchair and took a short nap. The doctor said I could get discharged in the evening so I just have to exercise patience until then.

As soon as I woke up in the evening, I got discharged and went home. I sent some of my men from the mafia group to Kathryn’s room and they took the strands of hair in her brush.

“Are you sure these strands of hair belong to Kathryn?” I asked when they returned

“Yes boss! We found it in Kathryn’s room. Her friend dyed her hair so this definitely belongs to Kathryn” they explained

“Alright then! Get the car prepared!” I said and went upstairs to change my clothes

I’m so anxious that I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to go to the hospital. I have to go right away and get the result this night or I won’t be able to sleep.

I know that there’s no way Kathryn could be my sister but I still need to confirm it so my mind can be at ease.

I got into my car and was taken to the hospital. All through the drive, I picked on my fingers nervously.

There was one part of my heart that was telling me that Kathryn might indeed be my sister but the other part of my heart wasn’t going to accept it. No matter what happens, Kathryn can never be my sister.

It will be better for me to become a pauper than for Kathryn to be my sister. Mother Mary, please save me from this dilemma.

If Kathryn turns out to be my sister, there’s no way I will survive it. It would mean that I forced myself on my sister that means more than the whole world to me. It’s a taboo and I won’t even accept it.

We arrived at the hospital within some minutes and I didn’t wait for the car to be parked properly before I got down from it.

The strands of hair was with me already so I just hurried in to meet the doctor I booked an appointment with.

“Good evening Mr Kevin” he greeted politely

“Can we set aside the formalities? This is the strand of hair. I need you to carry out a DNA test on it and see if it matches mine” I said

“Ohh! That’s going to take a while. I think you should come back for the result tomorrow” he suggested

“No! There’s no way I’m taking a step out of this hospital. I’m going to stay right here until the result is out” I said

“Alright then, I will be back” he said and left

While waiting for the result, I hoped and prayed earnestly that the result turn out to be negative. If it turns out to be positive, I can’t imagine what is going to happen.

The doctor returned about five hours later and handed over the result to me.

“I’m so sorry it took so long, there were so many things to do” he apologized

He should have even stayed longer than this becausy heart is beating ten times it’s usual rate.

I thanked the doctor and went to the parking lot to meet my men. After driving for a few minutes, we finally got home.

“I don’t want anyone to disturb me for any reason whatsoever” I ordered and went to my room

I made sure I locked the door properly before sitting on my bed. I took in deep breaths and slowly opened the paper. My entire body was trembling as I opened the paper and I felt I was going to loose consciousness.

I looked at the paper from the top slowly until I got to the point where “negative” and “positive” was written.

The was no tick in the box beside the word “negative” but when my eyes met with “positive”, I saw the blue tick and felt my world crumble.


©️ Tricia

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