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The imperfect daughter episode 12


The Imperfect Daughter
⚫Episode 12⚫
: Kaby Elisa
School was interesting today. My news was all over campus. It’s all about me today.
I slept with the rich billionaire Alessandro Anthony and I fvcked him so well that I will be glad to do it over and over and again.
I’m so excited .
Life feels good when you make someone goes through hell.
Finally mission accomplished. I’m still the school president and the girl I hate most is gone.
Your time is over Tia, this is my time.
It was time for break. Everyone was staring at me.
I wished I could shout it out.
Yes I did it, I fvcked Mr Anthony.
I sat down having my meal.
Julia and Rose quickly sat close to me.
I knew they want to hear the juicy news.
“You really fvcked him?”,Julia asked excitedly.
“Yes I fvck him ”
“Was he good in bed?”,Rose asked.
I bit my bottom lip seductively staring at them, “He was so good in bed”
“Did you use condom?”,Rose asked and Julia looked at me eagerly.
“No”,I blurt out and they gasp.
“What if you get pregnant?”,Julia almost yelled.
“Relax girls. Pregnancy isn’t my thing. I’m on pill… so I’m safe”
“Perpertual!!!!!!!”,I heard a male voice and my heart pounded.
He was so angry as he walked towards.
“What’s his problem anyway?”,Rose asked and i shrugged.
“How could you?!!”,he shouts again.
“How could I what? What did i do this time?”
“Do you have take photos of us? Is that necessary”
“Yes it is and I’m really dissapointed in you, you know. I thought after i had broken up with you, you at least date someone more important than I am but you just went in for that ulgly thing”
“She isn’t an ugly thing. She is more beautiful inside than you are. You just a monster with two stupid dogs behind you”, he glared at us for a while before leaving.
“Did he just called us dogs?”,Rose asked.
“Don’t mind him, girls. He is just upset”
“Are you defending him because he was your was ex”
“No.its not that… jusy leave to me dear. I will handle him”
“Better.. “, Julia said finally said and i rolled my eyes at her.
I’m going to say anything to him. Yes he was my boyfriend but honestly I still love Micheal.
I do love him .
I woke up with a strong hungover. My head really hurts.
I can’t even remember what happened last night.
Why am i n@ked?
Why is my clothes on he floor?
Did I fvck someone?
Oh God, I did it again.
Some sort of regret crept inside me.
Elvis buldge in staring at me, “Boss you have to see this”
He took the remote switching on the television.
My eyes widened with what I saw. Pictures of I and her on the same bed.
How come I fvck her anyway?
How will Tia feel about it.
Me fvcking her worst enemy. She will think because I saw the pics of her with Micheal, that’s why I fvck her.
I messed up big time.
My news is all around the place.
But sincerely speaking, this is rape. She raped me and use it for what she wanted.
Only God knows what she was trying to prove.
I was so angry right now, I need to see Tia. It’s not gonna be easy but at least i should explain to her what really happened.
“Elvis, I need you to arrest that girl… Explain to Officer Ben,what she really did to me”
“Yes sir… just leave all to me”
“Thank you. Now there is some where i need to be”
I wore my shirt and quickly brushed my teeth.
I took my jeep driving to Tia’s cottage.
I need to see her.
I quickly walked towards her door.
I knocked and knocked but heard nothing.
“Are you looking for Miss Tia?”,it was the man in his fifties.
“She no longer leaves here”
“What do you mean she no longer lives here? Do you know where i can find her.”
“No sir”
“Are you lying to me”
“No sir… I’m glad she left anyway. The poor girl had been arrested…and She expelled from her school just because she was accuse of stealing the money for donations”
“What!! I didn’t know all this happened to her. Thank you anyway”
“You are welcome”
Tia was arrested? When and how?
I didn’t know. Today is the worst day of my life.
I promised her I will always be there for her but i failed.
I’m sorry Tia.
I’m so sorry.
I stood by my jeep running my fingers through my hair in frustration.
Then my phone vibrates, “Elvis what’s going on?”
“I arrested her but she was released”
“What do you mean she was released?”
“Her dad is actually famous too and he just bailed her out. He is your business associate and an investor in your company. Mr Clarke Benson”
“fvck!! She is Mr Benson’s daughter. I really hate this. If he finds out I arrested our business ties will break”
“Sir… just let it go.leave her. Please sir do it to avoid more problems”
“Okay Elvis.. . I’m coming home”
“Okay boss”
I entered my car drove speedily home.
Seriously I don’t know what I’m going to do now.
I told myself that I will be the good guy but now she is gone.
She was right. There can be no us.
And i should move on.
Well I will move on.. it’s time to be the old me.
The billionaire playboy.
The heart breaker.
That’s who I’m going to be.
Leaving New York was a difficult task for me but i had no choice.
I need to fix myself.
My mom tried to apologised to me today but honestly she just made remember all the hurtful memories.
In my heart, I know I can’t forgive them.
They are cause if breaking me but they are still my parents.
I’m alone now… I’m me.
I will just pretend I don’t have parents . I’m rich and I can take care of myself. I don’t need anyone to bring me down anymore.
Before leaving I made sure Mr Romeo and his son Joey took charge of the rice farm.
I hope I had a better life out there in Mexico but its gonna be fun.
I ride on horses for the first time… dress like a cowgirl.
Gosh it’s gonna be fun.
One year later.
“Come baby girl… ran fast if you can”,Tobias shouted making me pants.
“Please.. .. Tobias…. wait up. I beg you”,I pants more while he stood there jogging.
“Come on, you can do it”,he shouted.
It was around 5am. Tobias was my friend and also my adviser.
How did i met him?
Well.. He was taking care of the ranch before i came.
Since then I liked him.
I never knew my aunt’s owned his huge ranch here in Mexico…
There were a lot of cows and horses and more over there were a river on the ranch which made it a beautiful site.
The workers were humble and kind and during the evening, all the workers and maids gather around while we sit by the fire and they sing Mexico songs while I clapped along.
Months passed and I was the youngest richest girl in Mexico… I was famous but never stopped exercising.
Tobias has been of help through out the year.
He made sure i eat good foods and not fatty foods.
He made sure i know how to dance and also taught me some manners when I’m in a meeting of rich business associates.
He thought me how to wear heels …
How to ride horses too..
For the past six months, I called home.
Mr Romeo and Joey and I asked them how everything was going over there.
It was great, he said.
I asked a huge favour from his son, Joey and I promised him that if the plan of mine went in successfully, I have a reward for him.
What’s the plan?
My next door neighbour, Mr Clarke Benson owns a lot of companies. Both constructional companies and banks plus two chocolate factories and I heard he is an investor in Anthony’s Technologies…
My secret Investigator, Jude had been of great help.
Through the reports about him, I realised he drinks a lot and also he is cheat.
Only if his wife and his stupid daughter Perpertual knew.
I’m going to inherit his properties and be the boss…. and i will be glad to see Perpertual crawl to me.
I just want to show her how stupid her dad was.
He never thought about the family, just himself.
This is gonna be great … I can’t miss the whole drama.
I will be an investor in Anthony’s Technologies.
I don’t know but i really miss Sandro even though he slept with my worse enemy.
I still feel the pain in my heart ..but I’m just going to give him his own medicine too.
“Tobias… “,I reached beside him and I laughed and he joined me.
“You did great Tia….”
“Yes.. . Thanks to you”,I punch him on his arm playfully.
“When are you returning back to New York? “,he asked.
“Tomorrow….”, I answered and he scratch his hair.
“I will miss you”,he said softly.
“Me too, Tobias… Now I’m going to win …”,I said as I ran faster.
“Hey that’s not fair, you are cheating Tia”
“Come on, I’m not… “,I ran more faster and he chased after me.
I reached home and ran to my room. I removed my snickers and I removed my clothes and passed by the mirror
Then I returned back and stared at my reflection in the mirror.
The new Tia.
My stomach was flat and my waist was just perfect.
My hips and ass were a bit huge and my bre@sts weren’t saggy anymore… they were perky.
I was more curvy and I have changed. No one will even recognised me.
This is me now…
I stared at my hot body and smiled. I look so beautiful… even I tried frowning in the mirror but I’m still beautiful.
Tomorrow, I’m going to New York to meet my past.
My phone vibrates and it was Joey.
“Hello Jeoy”
“Tia… how are you doing?”
“I’m good. Joey.. . I want to thank you for the favour. I really appreciate”
“It’s nothing Miss Johnson. Here is boring without you”
I smiled, “Don’t worry. I will be back tomorrow”
“I hope you like the bed house I bought in Seattle for you”
“Yes Joey… I liked it. It’s really beautiful and perfect. Thanks so much…”
“Stop thanking me”
“Okay… see you tomorrow, Joey”
“See you soon, Tia..”
Then he handed up. I smiled at myself before entering the bathroom.
I washed my body as I tried to relax my body.
I’m eighteen years old. A woman.
I have to intelligent from now on, no more foolishness.
I have to brave.
I got out and got dressed ..
Tobias escorted me to one of the richest shopping mall while I select the best clothes…
Seductive clothes, casual clothes , jeans, panties/thongs and bras, heels, snickers, bags, purses and accessories.
I packed all my clothes in my luggage during the evening.
I had change of plans. I need to leave in the evening.
I hugged all the workers and bid them goodbye.
New York, seattle
The next morning, I yawn the moment the light strikes my face.
I stretched once more. I stared at the ceiling and checked the time. It was 9:30am.
Last night I returned meeting Joey in the house… He introduced me to the maids and my guards then he went home. He also told me he hired a new secretary for me.
That’s all i remember.
I stood up and just some 20 press ups before bathing.
I opened my make up box and polished my face.
I moved to my dressing room. I need a seductive dress to make sure Alessandro jaw dropped.
I checked my clothes and I saw one seductive dress…
I personally call it, dress to kill.
I wore the dress and stared at myself in the mirror.
It was a red dress which exposed my back. I decided not to wear any bra.
I wore my four inch stiletto black heels …
I released my hair making it fall on my back.
I stared at the mirror once…
This is the woman I need to see… the woman I want to be.
I took my purse and moved downstairs seeing my secretary.
“Wow, Ma,am you look breath taking”,she smiled.
“Thank you…”
“I’m vera, your new secretary”
“Nice to meet you Vera…”,I smiled at her.
“I’m glad to meet you ma’am”
I smiled. I took my car keys and went in for my favourite car, Ferrari… it’s the less expensive car I have ever bought.
I sat in and started the engine while my guards were in a black SUV following me.
I sat in the office, working. What’s keeping Mr Benson so long.
We have a meeting in thirty minutes and it’s almost an hour.
Who does he think is?
“Sir?”,Beth opened the door and I looked at her.
“What is it, Beth?”
“Someone is here to see you”
“Okay.. .”
“Should I allow her to come in?”
“Yes… sure”
Then she opened the wider, and there i was a goddess.
God, she is perfectly made. My lips parted as she walked towards me.
fvck I can’t think anymore.
I want her..
“Hello Mr Anthony”,she stretched her hand and I took her hand feeling the softness of it.
“May I have seat?”
She sat down and crossed her legs as the dress slide showing her thighs. I bite my lips as dirty images of her and me flowed in my brain.
God, she is beautiful… She took a tissue from her wipe her face and all i could do was stare at her.

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