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The imperfect daughter episode 8


The Imperfect Daughter
⚫Episode 08⚫
: Kaby Elisa
“I missed you Tia..Don’t leave me again”, he said softly. I was just standing there ..I didn’t know whether to hug him tight or stand there.
“What are you doing here? I told you not to look for me”
He chuckled, “Its doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are fine”
“Mr Romeo, I will be back in a jiffy”
“Okay boss”,he said making me chuckle.
“Boss, huh?”, he said making me blush.
“You owned this place?”,he asked again.
“Yes… I do”
“Is that why you left me in bed without a good morning kiss”, he said making me giggle.
“No, that’s was not the reason. Actually I came here to rest but its turn out I have a responsibility. Actually I want to talk to you”
We moved to the river side.
“About what?”
“I heard and watched everything happening on the media especially my news is popular on the media these days but the worse thing you did to hurt me was arresting my parents”
“But Tia, they maltreated you along with your next door neighbour”
“I know that’s why I’m asking you to release them”
“But why?”
“They are my parents. They maltreated me, they made me feel useless and broken but after all they took care of my education, they gave me food.. Please just let them go. I don’t want a situation where by I had to make them pay. Every sin has a punishment. God, the one we serve can make them pay. Now let them leave the life they want .. please just release them and my next door neighbour”
He breathe, “You have a beautiful heart, Tia. I will release them because you asked me to”
“Thank you very much”,I said and stared at him.
He stared at me for a while. I stood there and forgot everything going on.
He moved close. Way too close.
Our noses touched and my breathing changes. His fingers pushed my hair behind my hair.
“Sandro…”,I whispered.
“Tia…”,he whispered back.
“I can’t do this”, I try to pull away.
“I like you”,he said softly.
“Sandro.. if you seriously want a relationship, i can’t give you that. I’m not the relationship kind of girl.. ”
“But we can..”
“No Sandro, don’t get your hopes up.I just can’t”
“I’m not giving up”
I chuckled, “I can see that”
“I’m serious, Miss Johnson. I’m not giving up on you”
I smiled and his thumb brushed my lips.
“I will taste this very soon”,he said making my breathe hitch.
“Okay… I have to go”
“When will i see you again?”
“I don’t know”
He kissed my temples, “I will see you when you see me. See you soon”
“See you soon, Sandro”
Two days later,
I was back in school. Everyone was staring at me. What’s going on.
From no where, Anna hugged me tight.
“Gosh, I missed you”
“Really… I miss you too.”
“I was dying to see Alessandro but this my evil asthma stopped me.”
I smiled, “You will see him soon”
“Yay… I heard you guys were dating”
“Yes… and tell me something, what did you guys do at the bathroom
“Oh that”,I blushed remembering him zipping me up.
“Don’t tell me … I know everything”,she bite her lips seductively and i shook my head rolling my eyes.
I can’t believe she is thinking of s£x right now.
I heard the siren and decided to entwined my hands with Anna as we rushed to the chemistry lab.
I wore the white attire and tied my hair in a bun.
“Hey…”,I heard a voice. It was Micheal.
“I’m sorry for everything my ex girlfriend did to you”
“Wait… what do you mean everything”
“We heard what Perpertual had been doing. I mean the bullies and insult and the worse part was the video of you beaten up”
My eyes watered, “Who recorded the video. How come it was linked? Alessandro….”
“It wasn’t him. Here, it’s all over the net and most people reacted to it… check it out”
He showed me the video and I looked away.
This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.
“Everyone felt bad about it and I’m sure they wanted to apologise for everything…”
“It’s doesn’t matter”
He held my wrist, “I’m sorry for humiliating you in the past… for being an accomplice with her”
“It’s okay…”
He pushed his hand in his pocket, “Erm.. there is an excursion at Glen falls. All geography students are invited”
“I’m not a geography student”
“I know but i want you there”
“I will be there”,I said and moved to my table.
At break, my meal was served. I just stood there.
Everywhere was full. There were no seats.
I was late at the hall. I saw Anna and Micheal sitting together.
“Tia… sit here”,I heard one blonde called.
“Tia…here”,I heard another redhead.
“Tia”,A book worm called.
“Tia”,another voice.
Wow. I stared at them feeling confused.
Today, everyone wants me to sit by them.
Where is Perpertual by the way.
I turned staring around.
Oh there she is, sitting alone. No one is beside her.
Not even her friends.
“Tia… here”,Anna called and I sat close to them having my meal.
Micheal was stealing glances at me and I look away.
The day ends successfully. Everyone’s keeps saying hi.
What’s going on?
I walked silently and boared a cab. That’s when I saw Micheal running after the car but i didn’t tell the driver to stop.
What does he want?
I reached the home and decided to rest for while.
I don’t know why I accepted this excursion thing.
Sandro.. if you seriously want a relationship, i can’t give you that. I’m not the relationship kind of girl.
Her words hurt me.
That means she can never love me.
I have change.. I’m not a playboy anymore.
I have tried to stop womanizing but the only thing I do now is I jerk off thinking about Tia beneath me.
I’m not giving up on her.
I more than like her.
“Boss… she came to school today”,Elvis said. I told him to check up on her.
“That’s good. Heard anything?”,I asked.
“Well… it’s seems there will be an excursion for Geograpy students”
“Will she be there?”
“I don’t know but I’m sure she will be there”
“Then I will be there …. to see her”
“Okay sir. Can i go home?”
“Yes Elvis, goodnight”
The next morning, Elvis parked 1km from the school.
I rolled the dark glasses. I just don’t want anyone to see me here.
It’s 10am… What’s keeping them long.
Suddenly i saw the school bus passing by then I saw her.
Her hair was spread on her back and her head rested on the window while they were earpiece in her ears.
“Elvis follow the bus”
“Okay …”
Glen Waterfalls, Williamville, NY.
I saw the bus parked and the students were packed.
The moment I got out, “Oh Gosh, it’s Alessandro”
Everyone rushed to me expect Tia.
The girls were clingy holding my hands and all i did was to put on a fake smile.
The tourist guard led the way while everyone followed.
I just wanted to be close to Tia but i never got the chance.
“Miss Johnson, can you pen down the reports on Glen falls”, their madam said.
“Um… sure”, she said.
I got out of the clingy girls and stand behind her.
“Nice write ups”,I said making her jump.
“Don’t do that? I almost fainted”
“Miss Johnson, are you listening?”, their tutor asked.
“Yes madam”
“How many days are you spending here?”
“I don’t know, 4 to 5 days, I guess”
“Stay with me”
She giggled, “Are you insane?”
“Yes, for you baby”
She rolled her eyes and damn it was s£xy.
“It’s never happening”
“It is … starting from now”,i took the notepad and pen from her hands.
“What are you doing?”
“Miss Johnson, are you listening?”
“Yes madam”
“Give me the book…”,She glared at me.
“Give me the book”,she said through gritted teeth.
I chuckled, “Relax tiger, I’m not going to bite. Just stay with me or else you won’t like it if the madam gets mad at you”
She glared at me, “Okay fine”
“Good…good girl ”
“But there will rules Mr Anthony”
“okay… ”
“No kissing or s£x”
I frowned and followed it by a smile.
Oh Tia, you will be my beautiful girl always but no kissing or s£x. I can handle it.
I’m glad she didn’t say “no touching”
“We will sleep on the same bed”,I said.
“No… I’m not sleeping with you. You make me sweaty the last time, I slept with you”
“Oh really… “,I rubbed my jaw.
“Okay.. I can handle it”.
“Yes”,I shaked her hands.
I will make sure you fall for me within five days Tia.

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