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The Incarnate – episode 10


The Incarnate Chapter Ten (Reincarnation)


His stature was more of the Biblical Goliath, with a hood and a mask covering his face, He started shooting sporadically at Kelly who was seated in the front passenger seat, after some spree of bullets; he sped off in his car.


Sena screamed when she saw Kelly, bullets were buried in his chest and abdomen, even though they ducked, but the bullets still located him, Sena pulled him out of the car, He laid face up and gasping for breath


Sena: Oh no Kelly, you can’t leave me now, stay with me


Kelly: Tttaake good ccaarre of yourself


Sena: Kelly, wait, you are going nowhere, and I wanted to tell you am pregnant


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Kelly’s eyes lit when he heard her say that, but it was more of an echo to his ears, and slowly, he gave up the ghost with the whispers of a pregnant fiancé screaming in his deafened ears.


Sena quickly called an ambulance, she wailed and soiled herself with Kelly’s blood, the ambulance soon came, and the body of Kelly was conveyed to the hospital.


Sena didn’t know who to call, Biitka was the last of Kelly’s family she knew was alive, but when she tried calling him, his line was switched off, so she called Dorcas.


Kelly was dead, but his spirit couldn’t make it to the other side, He was with Sena at the hospital trying to catch her attention, but it was just impossible, He went to sit outside pretending to normal, but nobody was actually seeing him.


Then someone tapped him on the shoulder.


Spirit: You look lost, aren’t you?


Kelly: Can you see me?


Spirit: Of course I can, am a ghost like you


Kelly: Really? Since when?


Spirit: Just three hours ago


Kelly: What happened to you?


Spirit: I have a bad spiritual background, a family curse that has haunted my family for decades, am a Nigerian, I thought coming to Ghana will save me, but it didn’t


Kelly: Oh sorry, I was shot by my Uncle, I just got to know that when I died, like some kind supernatural powers


Spirit: It’s because you are a spirit now, you get to see what and who killed you and all that, I was passing by when I saw him shoot you, I know you are worried about your fiancé I guess, and I heard her mention pregnancy


Kelly: Yeah she did, I wish I can warn her about my Uncle


Spirit: You mean you want to go back?


Kelly: If I could, why not?


Spirit: Mhmmm, You can be reincarnated, but not resurrected, you know, I died in my room, and nobody has discovered by body yet, you can possess it if you wish


Kelly: You think that is possible?


Spirit: Yeah, so far as my body wasn’t ready to die, your spirit is still strong, and has nothing to do with the family curse, you can possess my body and be reincarnated


Kelly: Okay, let’s try it out


Dorcas soon arrived at the hospital, she couldn’t control her tears, Sena has exhausted the last of her tears, she sat dumbfounded, and she wished time travelled backwards. She felt she is the reason for all this happening, if she had told Kelly early on, nothing would have happened, Dorcas consoled herself and tried encouraging Sena.


Sena: It’s my fault, it’s my entire fault


Dorcas: Don’t say that, how is that your fault


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Sena: Am pregnant


Dorcas: Whhaat? Since when? Did you let him know?


Sena: I wanted him to get me ice cream before I tell him, we went to get it, and that was when the assailant attacked and shot him


Dorcas: Did you tell him?


Sena: Am not sure he heard that before passing on, but I remember telling him



Dorcas: But why did he shoot only Kelly, you were two in the car


Sena: Look, We look get that later, they deposited his body at the morgue already, let’s go home


Dorcas: Yeah


Kelly’s death was a blow to Sena, she was left alone, and pregnant too, she has a strong feeling about these whole incidents, her whole body is protesting against her mind.


“I don’t need to be a psychic to know those behind this shooting, it has something to do with Biitka, the company board members, they have always hated him”…She told Dorcas tearfully



Dorcas: Have you reported the incident to the police?


Sena: Yeah, they did an examination on the body and swore to find the culprits


Dorcas: I just pray they do so


Sena: Am leaving the house immediately Kelly is laid to rest, I can’t continue leaving there


Dorcas: No you can’t, look, you are pregnant for Kelly, that mean you have to continue the linage, you leaving might create some kind of troubles for your unborn child, stay there…We will talk about that later


Sena: Hmmmm, Okay


Sena knew in some way or the other, Dorcas was right, she has to stay in the house, so far as she is harboring the child of Kelly, but it will depend on Biitka, whether they stay or leave,


Kelly and his new spirit world friend were soon looking at this fair, hairy and handsome looking body sleeping lifelessly in the couch, He didn’t look dead in anyway..


Spirit: That’s me, Fletcher


Kelly: Your name? Fletcher?


Spirit: Yeah, that is my name


Kelly: And how do you expect me to possess this body?


Spirit: I did rituals as a course in school, I know a lot about this spiritual stuffs, just do as I tell you okay?


Kelly: how long would I leave in this body? And can’t we wait for some time?


Spirit: Mostly until the last of your task is completed, you can choose to stay or go to the other side; your spirit is still here because you have a business to deal with…The more you wait, the more the body goes through decomposition. So it must be done immediately, it wouldn’t take long, just few minutes


Kelly: But why are you still here,


Spirit: You see that door hanging over there? That is my door, I just wanted to stay for some time before I go behind that door, if I delay, I will be forced into it


Kelly: But why can’t I go, I see no door


Spirit: Yes, because you have to help somebody somewhere, maybe that’s why I was led to you.


Kelly: Hmmmm, so when do you wish to leave


Spirit: Immediately you wake up in that body


Kelly: When do we start?


Fletcher, as the spirit was called in real life knew a lot about the spiritual world because of his knowledge in Ritualism and Voodoo, He drew some marks on the floor and did some incantations, He asked Kelly to sit in the body as he purify him, He sort permission from the spirit worlds, and immediately He did that, the door opened, He smiled as He bid Kelly farewell and walked into it, the door shut by itself and varnished into wherever.


To be continued…

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