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The Incarnate – episode 15


The Incarnate Chapter Fifteen

Biitka looked disturbed, he feels haunted by something he could never think of or see, he pondered on his next plan, maybe getting his guys to kidnap Fletcher, he was not done with him, before then, he was preparing to visit his witch doctor, there seem to be plot against him.

Milly Brown had just returned to Chief’s Villa, she knew the place was going to be her property in few days, she was just there to announce her presence and make everyone know she’s still alive

Dorcas: And what did you say you wanted

Milly: Wanted? Lady, if you don’t know, this is my husband’s house, I mean this is my house and my property…I should be asking you what you want here

Dorcas: Do you have a husband at all? Did you ever have one, listen, Chief signed your divorce papers long before he died, I can show a copy to you if you wish, but the original copy has already been sent to the court

Milly: Divorce papers? I don’t remember signing any docvments

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Dorcas: No you don’t have to sign them, this is a technological world Milly, you get what you want when you need it, signatures can perfectly be forged

Milly: Whaat, my signature forged?

Dorcas: Take a look at the Docvments, that’s the official seal of Chief, and his signature, and yours…perfect….

Milly couldn’t believe what she was seeing, when she was busily being a errand girl and a whore, her rich husband has docvmented their divorce papers without her knowledge

Milly: This cannot be, He cannot divorce me, this is fake

Dorcas: Fake, the court will send the approval to your mail and doorstep very soon, maybe next month

Milly: Have you told anyone else about this?

Dorcas: No I haven’t, but I was planning on telling Biitka

Milly: No you can’t tell anyone about this

Dorcas: Let’s wait and see, and hey, what relationship do you have with Biitka

Milly: Nothing, why do you ask?

Dorcas: Nothing really and why haven’t you visited us here since Kelly died?

Milly: I was out of the country, I came in last week

Dorcas: You mean you have been out of the country for the past two to three months?

Milly: probably yes…

Dorcas: Ayoo

Milly: Errmm, where is Sena

Dorcas: You have her number, call her

Milly: No I don’t

Dorcas: Then look for her

Milly was confused to the brim, she thought coming to the Villa was going to be fun for her, but she just got the worst information, divorce means she’s going to reduce to square zero, there’s nothing she can boast off in life, and if Biitka gets to know that, she’s dead meat, not even a dime will be left for her.

Fletcher had driven Sena to work, the relationship between the two was more of fun to Fletcher, but looks like episodes of memories to Sena, everything Fletcher did was like a repletion of something she had witnessed or seen when Kelly was alive, she only watched him closely, a part of her liking him, another beginning to love him, and the another parts protesting against the rest of her body.

Sena: So who is this lucky lady in your heart?

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Fletcher: Lucky lady? I don’t really get what you mean by “Lucky lady”

Sena: Oh C’mon you know what I mean

Fletcher: Shhhhhhh

Sena: Don’t shhhs me

Fletcher: Duck now, someone is tailing us

Sena out of fear and panic quickly ducked between the seats of the car as Fletcher sped off with the unknown tailers following with lightning speed, Fletcher in his own intelligence made Sena alight at a curve when they were not in sight, when they appeared, he diverted their attention to him before he drove to a dense traffic, making the tailers abandon their kill mission.

Sena had boarded a taxi and gone to the police station to lodge a report, but her statement was so unclear that the police had little to do about it.

She was actually afraid to the bone core.

“I am not dying the way Kelly died” she said to herself as she fell into her bed.

Sena didn’t know Milly was in the house, she went to get herself some water to cool down herself because Dorcas wasn’t around to talk to, a rush through her stomach made her rush to the visitors washroom to throw out, she spent some minutes there before coming out….and there she was, face to face with Milly Brown

Milly: And since when have you been pregnant?

Sena: And who told you I was pregnant? Am not

Milly: Really, Dorcas told me you were pregnant, and you are here denying it?

Sena: Oh No!!

Milly: And is there anything wrong if I get to know you are pregnant? C’mon, stop being ignorant, everything we had between us are past and gone. Let’s keep cool

Sena: I have been pregnant for three months now

Milly: Wow, nice, I don’t really know how it feels to be pregnant, but take good care of yourself. Kelly will be proud of you

Sena: Thank You

Milly: Will you like some soup, I prepared some soup?

Sena: No thank you, am okay

Fletcher had come to check on Sena to make sure she was safe, he had called her, but she was not near her phone

Fletcher: Hey Sena

Sena: You alright?

Milly: Hey Hi, who are you? Am Milly

Fletcher: Am Joey, a colleague worker

Milly: Yeah, hope you good

Fletcher: Yeah I am, Sena can we talk, I want to show you something

Sena: Okay cool

Sena didn’t really know why Fletcher will lie about his name and job to Milly; she was looking at Fletcher demanding an explanation

Fletcher: Hope you safe, I misplaced them in the traffic

Sena: Thank God, hmmm, I don’t really what they want from me

Fletcher: No, how sure are you they were targeting you?

Sena: They killed Kelly this way, Am their target now

Fletcher: Don’t be too judgmental, I have enemies too

Sena: Hmm, and hey, what was that about back there, do you know Milly anywhere?

Fletcher: Not really, I just had to cover up

Sena: Why are you covering up?

Fletcher: I have spotted her a couple of times with Biitka, I don’t know but a part of me tells me the tailers were targeting me, Biitka thinks am his enemy.

Sena: Really

Fletcher: Yeah, So if I tell her my real name, she could mention me to Biitka

Sena: She got to know am pregnant

Fletcher: Who told her that?

Sena: She saw met throw out and she questioned me, I denied it, but she said Dorcas had told her early on

Fletcher: She tricked you, she just wanted you to confess it, she baited you with that, I don’t think Dorcas told her that

Sena: Hmm

Fletcher: I have to be on my way home, got to pick up someone

Sena: Okay, and please try to come over tomorrow, I need to visit the hospital

Fletcher: Alright Madam

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