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The Incarnate – episode 7


The Incarnate Chapter Seven

The Incarnate Chapter Seven

Now that Frank is gone, the fabricated autopsy was delivered to Kelly when He visited the hospital, He was finding it difficult to believe the outcome, but what else could He do?

On reaching home, He pounced into Dorcas who seem to be in haste…

Kelly: Are you going somewhere?

Dorcas: Yeah, am going to check on Barrister, I have not heard from him since Chief passed on, I was expecting him to come say Hi or something

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Kelly: But have you contacted him?

Dorcas: I have called his line countless times, but he is not answering, I don’t know why

Kelly: I just went for the autopsy, here check it out

Dorcas: Hmmm, I didn’t expect this to eat him up Soo early

Kelly: Yeah, but at least He can find peace now

Dorcas: Yeah, I should be on my way now

Kelly: Alright

Dorcas was again at sea, she now felt the drugs didn’t cause Chief’s death, But in some way or the other, She did…She sat quietly in her car as she headed to Barrister’s place.

Biitka has contracted his guys to kidnap Dorcas, so they have been tailing her for some time now, they followed her to Barrister’s house, where they captured her and sent her to an undisclosed location.

After this, Biitka pulled a chair to face Barrister, it was time for business

Barrister: Someone is sitting close to me, who is there?

Biitka: Barrister relax, it’s me Biitka

Barrister: Oh Lord, I knew you were behind this the whole time, what is it you want from me?

Biitka: I think you have something in your possession I desperately need

Barrister: I don’t think so

Biitka: Well, you have to start thinking so then

Barrister: Something like what?

Biitka: Something like a Will

Barrister: I don’t have any Will….what are you talking about

Biitka pulled out the treaty Barrister had with Chief concerning the Will, Barrister was now caught in the trap….

Biitka: Yeah, so I need it, and you are going to bring it to me

Barrister: Else what?

Biitka: Nothing, I wouldn’t have to do something to you

Barrister: Then let me go

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Biitka: That’s easy to do, but what if I tell you Dorcas, your love is in your situation somewhere…

Barrister: Whaat?…what do you mean by situation

Biitka: She’s our bait…you bring the Will for Dorcas. Or else, I will slice her face bit by bit; clean her wounds with cotton dipped in acid, and release her to you….

Barrister: Nooo, you can’t do such thing

Biitka: Yeah I will, trust me…

Barrister: But what do you need it for

Biitka: I just want to read something; I promise I wouldn’t take it away

Barrister: Take me to my house, the Will is sitting in the bank, I will have to take it from there.

Biitka: Well good…

Kelly was in the living room when this fleet of cars pulled up in the car park, He looked through the window and those He saw stepping out of the cars didn’t amaze him

Sena: Who are those people?

Kelly: I have a feeling they are The Widows, Chief’s secret family

Sena: And what are they doing here?

Kelly: I wished I knew

They both rushed outside to meet the powerful looking men who were not ready to take a seat.

1st Widow: I believe you are Kelly, Chief’s son

Kelly: Yeah I am

1st Widow: We came to pay our condolence, and to tell you we have retrieved the body from the morgue, It’s time we bid him farewell to the other side

2nd Widow: We will need you to lit your father’s corpse, in accordance to our teachings, so we will need you to join as now

Kelly: Like now, as in right now?

3rd Widow: If tomorrow witnesses your father’s dead, we will have to tie an anchor to his neck and cast him to sea…So you better hurry up

Kelly: Please, can she come with me.I mean the lady

1st Widow: We are pure in heart, we see no evil, we see no daughters of Eve at our ceremonies, let her stay home

Kelly: Okay

Kelly went back to the room with Sena following him

Sena: Are you sure you going to be fine

Kelly: I pray so, I want to do whatever they want and cut ties with them

Sena: And what do they mean by “They are pure in heart”?

Kelly: Ah, Am not a Widow

Sena: Whatever!!

Barrister had gone to bring the Will from the Bank, and with shaking hands, He handed it over to Biitka..

Immediately Biitka got hold of it, He tore it open….

“Seriously? A coded Will? How were you supposed to read this? Biitka asked Barrister angrily

Barrister: I can read coded messages

Biitka: Then read everything to my hearing

Barrister: Nope, I won’t

Biitka: You don’t have to

Biitka brought out a lighter and torched the Will, they all watched as it succvmbed to the flames…

Barrister: What was that for, you promised not to take it away?

Biitka: And I didn’t, I didn’t take it away

Barrister: Chief will never forgive you for this

Biitka: If you want to live and enjoy life with Dorcas…Shut up about this…Else…

Barrister: Can you release Dorcas now?

Biitka: Yeah, I will release her immediately, but if I were you, I’ll leave the city…This an advice from me

Kelly was soon at this place near the sea, The Widows were performing their final ritual in memory of Chief, He watched as hymns and incantations were recited, after this, Chief’s body was placed on a pile of firewood, and a torch handed to him

Chief Priest: Boy, go ahead. Give your father peace…

Kelly took the torch and came closer to his father’s body feeling afraid, but he then mastered courage, and within some minutes, Chief’s body had been reduced to ashes.

1st Widow: Your Dad will be very proud of you anywhere he is

Kelly: Hmmm, I hope so

1st Widow: Go, the driver will take you home, and hey, if you become a widow…We will come for you

Kelly: Come for me?

1st Widow: Be gone Boy….Not questions

Kelly didn’t understand what he meant by that, but he didn’t mind anyway…they will never hear from him…

Barrister was home trying to reach Dorcas, and then his door bust opened with Dorcas running towards him, they fell into a warm embrace and “sorrys”,love assurances were exchanged..’

The look on their faces could tell they have really missed each other, Dorcas reached out and landed the kiss, which was electrifying, Barrister thought of a weird place they could have s£x…the kitchen came to mind….Few minutes after they have been released from the hands of their captives. They were blowing each other’s brains off in the kitchen….

© Danny Biitka

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