The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Episode 11

Episode 11
Written by Bright Daniel
There was an emotional outburst on the land of Jezra seeing how Olivia reacted to the death of her mother. Normally, the crowd should depart to their various houses and activities but none of them moved an inch after she ran towards the road to the inner gate. Not only did Dave run after her, captain Joe’s men did too to bring her back. They caught her on the way trying to carry her back but she flung her legs variously.
“Get your hands off me!” She shouted.
At that moment, Kacee came out and joined the crowned. He made sure he stood beside his captain watching as the men were carrying Olivia back.
“What happened, captain?” he whispered.
“Where have you been?” Joe returned the question without looking at him. His eyes were fixed on Olivia.
“To monitor Olivia as you ordered”
“What’s your report so far?”
“I guess she has nothing against you, captain”
Joe disdained him with the corner of his eyes. That ended the conversation, so both directed their eyes back to Olivia who had arrived with the men. She was not crying anymore but tears could be seen in her eyes. Suddenly, thunder stroke in the sky and heavy rainful began to pour down.
Olivia pushed the men who held her hands away when captain Joe started talking. All were quiet allowing the rain pour on them like a shower without a control knob.
“This is not the first time we experience this, so I don’t see the reason why you all behave as if the worst has happened” Joe continued moving toward Olivia. “She will go scot-free for going against the new law because of her lost but no one, I repeat, no one should be seen along the inner gate” he glanced at Olivia with a deadly smile then left the arena before others started leaving one by one. Only Dave and Olivia remained on the rain glaring at Joe’s house even though they couldn’t see him again.
“Let him be. We must get to his cupboard and get the skeleton out one day. It’s obvious he has one there” Dave said. One could see droplet of water running down from his face to his chest.
There was no much intEr×¢tion or activities throughout the day. Olivia sat alone in her house reflecting on the wh0le think that happened especially why her mother died instead of Joe. She also reasoned the kind of eyes he looked at her earlier that day, so she began to boil in anger. She stood up instantly from the bed she laid on, hurried outside and began to walk towards the residence of Joe. For the first time, she could be seen wearing a fairy night gown whose rope she tied across her stomach. Her inner wears became visible but she didn’t mind. When she got to captain Joe’s door, she boldly pushed it hærd in a way it hit the wall after opening. Everybody in,side the house stared at her even captain Joe who sat in the middle of two half unclad girls. His men wanted to attack Olivia but he gave them sign not to.
Olivia slowly entered looking around the building. She was ready to kill anyone who would come her way if she could.
The room illuminated with candle light at every angle. She saw p*ssycat entering into one of the rooms found in the building. She also looked at her left handside to see Kacee staring at her but didn’t care, rather stood before captain Joe and said, ” Your days are numbered..”
“What is it that you are talking about, young lady?” Captain Joe stood up to her face while everybody in the building watched them.
“Why did you assure Benjamin that he wouldn’t be kill by Defity, yet, he died?”
Captain Joe smiled. “I guess your mother’s death has driven you nut”
“Yon are the one insane”
He became upset, it was shown on his face. Therefore he said to her, “Get out of my house?”
“You think I don’t know you have something you’re not telling the villagers. You should have been dead by now but my mother did instead. But I assure you, sooner or later, I’ll find out your secret, and when i do, I’ll be the first to kill you” she turned to leave but Joe held her back, glared into her eyes.
“You will never find out my secret, so let see who will win” he pushed her away to the extent she nearly fell down but was strong enough to withstand it. Kacee breathed hærdly when he saw that then watched Olivia left the building.
On the other hand, Rose met Dave in his apartment. She stood before him with tears in her eyes. He understood why she shaded tears then embraced her warmly.
“Is okay, everything gonna be find” he assured her.
“Is it when captain Joe will come for me tomorrow? I don’t want to marry him” she cried from his chest where her head rested. She raised her head up. “Please, let’s run away again” she requested.
“How long shall we keep running? I wish none of this happened, i wish we are free like every other human beings, i wish my parents are here, i wish…” tears also rolled down from his eyes. He dried it, held her two cheeks in a way both looked into each other eyes. “We gonna stand tomorrow by each other’s side. Never shall we agree that you marry out against your wish then if Joe gonna kill us, he should but I’ll die before he touches you, okay?”
Rose shook her head positively then embraced him tightly. He reciprocated and smelt her hair then k-ssed her forehead.
Meanwhile, Olivia had returned home crying in her mother’s room coz she missed her presence. She couldn’t believe she had gone or dead, Therefore, she stood up, went to her room, brought out a sward, looked at it steadily before putting it back to its sheld. She removed the gown and put on her trouser. Just before she wore a shirt, a voice came from her door saying, “Where are you going to?”
She looked at the direction to see Kacee standing with his hands folded. “It’s none of your business, and what are you doing here?” she continued dressing without giving him much attention.
“Shouldn’t I be here?”
“Listen, Kacee, forget about what happened between us. We were only carried away”
“That’s what you think” he stepped in,side the room. “What is it you have against captain Joe?” he asked.
“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what’s happening in the village” she tied the sward on her wa-ist, wore her boot and began to tie the lace.
“All I know is nothing” he paused for a while watching as she tied the remaining shoelace. “Listen, I just came to express my condolences for your lost. Your mother realy left a pretty strong woman behind. Take heart” he turned and left immediately.
Olivia became silent for a while watching through the window as he hurried back to Joe’s residence. She ignored him, checked the time then walked out like a hunter without a gun. She was heading to the inner gate!
Darkness filled the atmosphere, grasses rattled, crickets chirped and birds sang but Olivia kept going. When she reached Defity’s domain, the continues burning fire from the inner gate reflected on her face. ” If Joe came out alive after entering, I must come out alive then see the reason why” she concluded within herself, drew out her sward then matched forward to the inner gate…

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