The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – episode 14

Episode 14
Written by Bright Daniel
Far away from the land of Jezra when darkness had started taking over the light, one could see Rose still running like a sheep without shepard. She wore a long bogus gown which she slept with the previous night. Her scattered hair almost covered her face while running but she kept sliding them back for a proper view. Unknowing to her, she ran into a deep stagnant mud and began to get drown gradually. She scre-med in the process demanding for help. Luckily for her, Diego and Eliza sighted her from afar. They ran to the s₱0t.
“Please, help me!”
“Calm down, I’m gonna help you out, Okay?” Diego pulled his belt, he stretched one end to her to grab before adding a pulling force. In the process, his trouser began to fall from his wa-ist.
“Diego, you’re getting yourself unclad before this girl!” Eliza provoked.
“Yeah, watch me get full unclad before you know that you should hold my wa-ist”
Eliza exhaled heavily, she pulled the trouser up to his wa-ist then held it tightly also adding a pulling force. That made it easier for them to successfully pull the young girl out of the stagnant mud but both fell on the ground in a way Diego fell on her body. She scre-med and pushed him away.
“I didn’t follow you here for you to kill me” she lamented trying to get on her feet.
“What’s the difference? We shall still die in the hands of…” he paused when he saw Rose running again. “Hey hey hey, come back!” he shouted.
Rose stopped, looking at them strangely. She didn’t make a move back neither did she say anything to them.
Diego approached her, “Why are you on the run? You look so exhausted and frustrated” he stretched his hand for her. “I’m Diego and that’s my girlfriend, Elizabeth. We’re heading to the land of Jezra. Hope we’re at the right track”
Hearing that, Rose picked interest. She took a step forward and said, “No one visits us, so why do you both want to get there?”
“You are from Jezra?” he smiled while Eliza went closer. “Thank God we met you. I guess you can take us there now”
“You’ve not answered my question, why do you wanna get there?” Rose repeated.
“Calm down, I’m gonna save your village from the seasonal death by Defity for only God knows how I’m gonna do that”
“Wait, you are a descendant of Beshia”
“Uhmm.. kinda yes, but don’t kill me yet!” he began to move back as a way to take caution.
“No way!” She grabbed his hand forcefully and began to draw him like someone pulling a goat with a rope.
Eliza provoked again. “C’mon, get you’re hands off him!!” she shrieked before Rose freed him.
“But we need to get to the village fast before another person dies” she clearly emphasized not knowing that she was the next to die.
“Shut up, what do you think you gonna do with him!”
“Alright!” Diego interfered thus making the two women quiet. “Before the sacrificial lamb is slayed, can we please first get to the village peacefully?” he pleaded.
Rose began to journey back to the village with them at night coz darkness had totally taken over the atmospher. Only twinkle stars gave a little illumination on the ground. Rose looked up at them and wondered what they were, for up above they were so high like a diamond in the sky.
“Aren’t we there yet? I’m tired” Eliza stopped walking and sat on a rock thus, making Rose bring down her eyes from the sky.
“We are close. This is mountain of Etha” she replied.
Just then, they saw from afar flashes of burning light on sticks like thieves going for a night operation. Rose wondered who they were likewise Diego and Elizabeth who whispered, “Who are they?”
“Sssshh” Rose sighed. “Hide” she ordered.
Those were Kacee and his men searching as instructed by captain Joe. They finally caught them from thèir hiding places then all gathered with their swards. Rose’s hands were tied likewise others.
“Please, don’t take me to captain Joe” she pleaded in the strong hands of Kacee who held her firmly while others held Diego and Elizabeth.
“Who are these two?” Kacee asked.
“They are descendant of Beshia!” Rose replied swiftly before any other person.
That provoked Eliza once again. Therefore she shouted at her saying, “Shut up you bitch!!”
The men couldn’t believe their ears and eyes. They did nothing but to look at one another on the face.
“Listen up” Kacee broke the silence as he was about to address the other men. Their population was more than twenty but didn’t exceed thirty. “We must take these folks to captain Joe except Rose, and if asked, Rose has not been found. Have i made myself clear?”
“But why?” Edra, his second in command asked.
“So that we can treat the issues of Defity and descendant of Beshia first” he replied.
“But captain said we shouldn’t return without her”
At least we are not returning empty handed. I guess he will even pick more interest on these two than Rose. I repeat, never tell captain Joe that she is found” he concluded while Rose stared at him wondering why he made that decision.
in,side the village was quiet and calmed because many had gone to bed, but at hearing the men footsteps, people like Olande came out to know what was happening. Dave came out too to see Kacee rushing in,side Olivia’s house with Rose. So he ran after them. He was the only one who had the knowledge.
“Rose!” Olivia embraced her immediately they went in.
Dave came in at that moment. Rose felt his presence then turned from Olivia to see him staring at her. Both ran at the same time and hugged each other warmly while Kacee watched them.
“Keep her out of sight. No one must know she’s here” she ordered and began to leave the building.
“Kacee” Olivia called him back. “Thank you” she added.
He responded by nodding his head before finally leaving the house.
Diego and Eliza were brought before captain Joe in,side his house with their mouths covered. They were made to kneel before him.
“Who are these?” he questioned standing from his executive chair. “Are they the person I sent you for?”
“We couldn’t fine Rose, captain, but I believe you’ll be more interested on these ones” Kacee replied. “They are of Beshia” he added.
“What?” Joe exclaimed taking a closer look. “How do you know this?”
“They confirmed it”
Joe knew that if actually is true, his life is over coz if Defity is killed, he will be dead too. Therefore, he would not let them stay alive. He began to plan on how to take their lives. He looked at Kacee surprisingly.
“Is the Villagers aware of this?”
“I guess not”
“Make sure nobody hears about them”
“But why, captain?” Kacee began to suspect him. “This is what we have been waiting for”
“You must do as i say. Now lock them up!!” Joe ordered…..

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