The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – episode 16

Episode 16
Written by Bright Daniel.
Though there was darkness but Elina’s presence created light within the arena Diego and Elizabeth laid lifeless. She always wore a child’s gown, black shoes and white stockings. She looked at the bodies with a smile and touched them after which invisible smoke evaporated from thèir bodies. She moved backward to watch them wake up.
Elizabeth coughed awake before her boyfriend. She narrowed her vision due to the bright light created by Elina. She was able to see her too!
Suddenly, Diego woke up too to see Elina standing before them. Just then, the bright light faded but she was still visible.
“Who are you?” Elizabeth asked her.
“She’s the sturbon Elina” Diego answered her then looked at the small girl. “I thought you would never show up again. The people you said i should save have rejected me. They even put us in,side a cell and…” he looked around him to see where they were. “What happened? How did we get here?” he asked Eliza.
“I have no idea” she replied.
“You were dead and brought here” Elina began. “You ate poison from the food you were given”
“See?!” Diego provoked. “How can they kill us when we are here to save them? Do you think it’s easy to volunteer to die for people who doesn’t value you?”
“But Jesus Christ did”
“What?!” Eliza exclaimed “So you really mean he’s gonna die? You must be joking. My boyfriend is not Jesus Christ so this mission is over!”
“Diego carries the blood of a god, his forefathers, who did many terrible things in the past. Therefore he must save Jezra” she began to walk away until vanished to the tin air.
The two lovers looked at each other silently.
“So I’m now paying for the sins of my forefathers. Is that what she was trying to say?” Diego broke the silence with a calmed voice.
“We need to go out from here. We have to go back to Gillary” Eliza stressed.
“Going back to Gillary is like going back to hell. I can’t afford to suffer more predicaments”
“So is it better to die. Uh?” she became emotional then sheded tears. She hugged him tightly while Diego patted her back bitterly.
“I must see the end of this”
“The end is death, please, let’s go home” Eliza concluded on his shoulder.
Dave gradually regained himself but the wound was still fresh. He sat up from the bed to see Rose staring at him but she suddenly met him.
“How are you feeling?”
“Where is Olivia?”
“She has gone out with Kacee”
Dave exhaled to recall what happened the previous day. After remembering, he wanted to stand but fell back on the bed. Rose held him in the process, looking at him.
“You still need to rest” she said. “I understand why you never wanted to tell me the truth but I don’t appreciate you lying to me no matter what. Also, you don’t have to die for my sake. If Defity gonna kill me, let her…”
“Not when I’m alive” Dave interrupted her. “Make sure you don’t leave my sight coz I wanna be there when Defity will come for you. She must not take you”
Just then, Kacee and Olivia walked in a hurry. They were surprise to see Dave up from the bed.
“Are you okay?” Kacee asked him.
“I’m Fine, what’s the latest?” Dave and Rose directed their eyes to them.
“The strangers are no more in the cell. I guess captain has killed them” Kacee explained.
“But why would captain prevent the death of Defity?”
“That’s not what we should discuss now” Olivia interfered. “Let’s plan on how to kill Defity with the powder”
“Rose will do it” Kacee suggested.
“What!?” Rose exclaimed. “I’m the one that gonna kill Defity? How?”
Kacee took two steps towards her. The sound of his shoes could be heard by any of them. His dressing was more like that of a cow boy.
“Defity gonna be coming for your life. You will have the powder and a sward close to you. The sward will be rubbed with the powder so that when penetrates in her body, she will die. We all gonna be present with our powder and swards too to help you. Defity must go down” Kacee narrated to the satisfaction of others but Rose could hear her heart beating faster than normal. Before she objected to the plan, they heard noise from outside. All rushed out including Dave to know what was happening. They saw people gathering Diego and Elizabeth who had come back to the village.
“It’s the strangers” Kacee said while they also joined the crowd.
Edra informed captain Joe so he had to run out too. He couldn’t believe his eyes. None of them were able to go close to them. Suddenly, Diego spoke up, “I am a descendant of Beshia. I was sent by Elina Celina to save you from Defity as it has been written in the old but I don’t know how”
Eliza held his arms closely shedding tears coz he had made up his mind to die. Just as the quietness lingered within the place, Joe spoke up too saying, “Over my dead body to see you or any other person defeat Defity!” he drew out his sward and told his story on why he will forever prevent the death of Defity.
“Well, since you made such covenant with the spiritualist or whoever, you must go down with Defity. We must be free!” Kacee said to the hearing of everybody and drew out his sward too.
Consequently, a sudden wind began to blow. Everybody became conscious of it coz that was how Defity comes and truly, she was the one coming. Therefore everybody directed their eyes to the inner gate.
“Defity is coming!!!” Olande shouted from the back then every body began to run in,side their various houses except Diego and Elizabeth.
Dave, Olivia, Kacee and Rose also ran into the house to execute their plans….

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