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The Inner Gate -Episode 2



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Written by Bright Daniel
The grasses rattled greatly by a strong wind that suddenly began to blow in the land of Jezra. That has been a way of the appearance of Defity, the rising bones from the inner gate.
Through the window, Nana and her daughter, likewise everyone else saw the wind turning into a tornado. It circulated so fast that it generated everything on the ground even the tomatoes. In the tornado were also human bones turning round without each of them hitting another. They were barely seen due to dust from the ground that polluted the environment. Suddenly, it stopped right in front of the village square. The wind stopped, particles of dust faded away and the bones fell on the floor.
Seeing that, Olivia hurried towards the door but the mother stopped her.
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“I can’t allow Defity to take another soul”
“You must be crazy!” Nana dragged her back. “People who had the courage to confront her years back, not even their bones were found. There is no remedy. We can do nothing but to wait for our death
The two women remained quiet for a while. Nana saw the zeal to conquer Defity in the eyes and breathing rate of her daughter. Sooner did their attention drawn back to the window where they hurried to witness the transformation of Defity into a goddess. To their surprise, the fallen bones began to rise joining from one joint to another until it became a full skeleton and eventually produced flesh. She was really a goddess, beautiful and s£xy. Her eyes shone brightly in red colour and her hair could touch the ground. She was [email protected] except a pieces of fabric that covered her [email protected] and waist. Fear grip everybody the more as she began to move towards one of the buildings. Olivia watched her until she went out of sight. Without time wasting, she began to hear cry of a woman shouting, “Help me! Leave me alone!”
Cry of a child escalated at that moment too which Olivia couldn’t bear anymore, so she hurried toward the door again.
“Olivia! Come back here!” The mother shouted but she opened the door forcefully and banged it closed. Immediately she went out, the strange wind started again. She sighted Defity who had turned back into a tornado and left with the shouting woman.
Gradually, people began to come out from thèir hiding places including Olande and Mendel. They circulated in sorrow looking at the direction of the inner gate.
Olivia sighted a poor boy of ten year old crying then walked to him. Before she got closer, he said with tears in his eyes, “She’s taken my mother. I tried to help her when she cried for help but Defity took her. What gonna happen to my mother? Will She come back from the inner gate?”
“Only the bones of your mother remain now at the inner gate” a male voice came from behind then Olivia turned. That was captain Joe known to be the chief of the village. Whatever he says is final. “Your mother never gonna return again, it’s our fate, so everybody should go back to their normal businesses” he added.
“How can you keep speaking this way?” Olivia began to move towards him. “For years we have been in this bondage, why don’t we start making plans on how to end this rather than being slave to some filthy bones?”
“Young girl, don’t start a fight you cannot finish. Anyone who carries the blood of our ancestors is doomed and forbidden. We cannot get out of this bondage” Captain Joe concluded.
People began to murmur when a young guy ran towards the exit of the village. His name was Mathis. Obviously he was tired of the land he found himself and thought he could run away from it. Everybody watched him pushed the gate open and suddenly went out of sight.
“Rejoice for the next to die is not from among us” Captain continued pointing fingers at the way through which Mathis ran out. ” He thinks he can run away from his blood or shadow. When the time comes, Defity will get him wherever he is” he turned and left the arena then the gate to the entrance of the village closed. The sound was loud enough..
In a far away technological city, Mathis could be seen among people on a street. He had been living there hoping that he’s free from the rising bones. As he walked, he bumped on a fellow young man. That was Diego.
“I’m sorry” Mathis apologised.
“Is alright” Diego stretched his hand to shake him but the wind began, thus, generating a tornado from afar.
Neglecting the handshake, Mathis said, “She’s here..she’s..here”
“What? Who’s here?” Diego asked.
He never replied rather began to run away. Others started running not because of the tornado but because they thought the presence of the wind was an evidence of a heavy rainful. Diego also took on the heels.
The tornado finally caught Mathis then carried him without the knowledge of anybody then the wind stopped.
Diego rushed into his house, locked the door from behind and removed his shirt immediately. “Stupid storm” he murmured going to the center of the sitting room but stopped at the sight of who he saw: a young girl of ten. She was looking so innocent and beautiful. She had a T.V remote in her hand.
“Who the fvck are you!?” Diego exclaimed looking around the house and taking another look at the door. “And how did you come in here?” he added.
The girl smiled at him. “I’m Elina Celina”
“Just call me Elina” she stood up and kept the remote ” She came here too, didn’t she?”
” Who are you talking about?” Diego quiered. “You know what, you have to leave my house now”
Just then the doorbell rang, he hurried to open it and saw his girlfriend, Elizabeth. She just greeted and hurried inside immediately as she explained how the storm affected her which was the reason she came unexpectedly. To Diego’s greatest surprise, she never acted as if she saw Elina in the house even though she just passed her.
“Elizabeth” he called her attention thereby interrupting the explanation.
“What’s it Diego? Who look worried” she asked.
“Haven’t you seen her?” he pointed at Elina. “She’s my problem. I just opened my door and found her watching my own television”
“I’m not seeing anybody” Eliza smiled. “I think you’re drunk, meet me in the bed room. No, kitching first” her voice came from a passage.
Diego and Elina stared at each other in the parlour before she gave him an innocent smile.
“Who are you” he asked again…

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