The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – episode 3

Episode 3
Written by Bright Daniel
Elina never answered the question rather went back to her seat with the television remote, cross her legs and changed the channel to a rom-ntic movie showing a man and a woman trying to have s€×. Diego hurried to her then took the remote from her forcefully.
“You’re a child, you don’t watch this!” he put off the television.
“I wasn’t gonna watch it, I put it for us” she stood up again going towards the door.
“What?” Diego stared at her. Why would a ten year old girl put er*t*c movie for both of them? He kept thinking surprisingly.
Just at the door, Elina turned. She neither smiled nor joked, her face became so mean as if there was a very big enemity between them. “Jezra needs you, you’re running out of time” she concluded and left.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth who had been hearing her boyfriend’s voice came out to see him staring at the door. There was a kitchen knife and onion in her hands. She called Diego’s name but he didn’t respond, so she had to move closer and touched him from behind. Only then did he realise himself.
“Diego, what is it? You have been talking to yourself and now you just went lost in thought”
“I wasn’t talking to myself!”
“But I heard your voice”
“Are you telling me you didn’t see the young girl here when you came in?”
“I didn’t see anybody!”
Diego raised his head up, exhaled heavily and began to walk into the room in confusion. He suddenly came back to Eliza and said, “Can you please kill me with the knife in your hand, maybe that will help me wake up from this dream”
“You’re crazy!” she hid the knife behind her.
“It would be better I’m crazy than hallucinating. I said kill me with the knife!” he tried to took the knife violently but Eliza ran from him before he hurried to his room.
“Diego!” She dropped both the knife and onion on the floor in a way they made noise before she ran after him. Obviously to her, he wasn’t himself…
Back to the land of Jezra where everyone stood still staring at the direction of the inner gate, it was another moment of silence for the death of Mathis. Rose, a young beautiful girl who was among the crowd began to quiver in fear because no one could tell if she would be the next to die. Her hand shook seriously but she suddenly felt another hand which gently held hers, so she look from the hand up to the face of the person to see Dave, a young guy too. Both had been seeing each other but had never intEr×¢ted.
“Why do you shake?” Dave said looking into her eyes.
“Who isn’t afraid to die?” She returned the question.
“I’m not afraid”
Before he could reply, captain Joe’s voice came again, “I told you! He had no where to run to. If you wanna be the next to die in a hurry, leave the four walls of Jezra! The only way you can leave and get saved is by leaving your blood behind”
As he spoke, Olivia left, so did other people begin to leave one after the other.
Rose disengaged her hand from Dave’s, looked at him once again then followed her parents. Dave never left, he stood there staring at her until she nearly went into their house. But before she totally went out of sight, she glanced back to see him still staring at her. Were they actually falling in love? How could they in such condition?
Before Dave left the s₱0t, Olande and Mendel, his partner in wine, came around. He smiled at them knowing very well that nothing reasonable comes out from the mouth of drunkards.
Olande tapped him. “I saw when you held her hand” he giggled.
“And I saw the way you looked at her” Mendel added with a smile. “Just one bottle of wine and she will be all yours” both giggled hilariously.
Dave chuckled at their statements. “You both should look for a way to get married” he said.
“How can one think of marriage on this land? If I must marry, it must be Defity” Olande clarified.
“Then why haven’t you approached her these years?”
“Coz she’s very stupid to be approached. She only needs a cane that would remind her that she needs someone like me in her life. That cane is no other person but Mendel who must go to the inner gate and tell Defity how much I love her” he hurried out.
“What?” Mendel followed him. “You are crazy. Let me remind you, Defity has been my dream woman…?”
Dave smiled at their hilarious charisma. He place a hand in his pocket then sighted Olivia in from of her compound. She sat quietly with much meditation. When he got there, he stood before her without a word until she looked up at him.
“Why are you staring at me like that? Have you no respect?”
“I know you wouldn’t have answered if I had greeted coz you so much want to think out a way to defeat Defity. Well..” he sat beside her. “I’m on your side. If you have a plan, let’s do it and save us from the ancestral blood bondage. I’m not afraid to die, but I’m afraid to see her die” he pointed at Rose who just came out from thèir house.
Olivia became speechless….

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