The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Episode 5

Dave looked at the direction of the voice to see Olivia standing with hands folded. He neglected her question then began to dress up.
“What are you doing in my house?” he asked without paying much attention to her.
“Don’t change the topic, just answered my question. You’ve seen the next to die, haven’t you?” Olivia stepped out to a brighter area of the room.
“I have no idea of what you’re talking about” he sat on the edge of his bed to put on his shoes after he had dressed up. “What have you come to do?” he asked again, stood up and began to walk out.
Olivia followed him. “I came because i need you. I came to tell you my secrets and plans” she said.
Dave stopped at the door of the building, stared into her eyes to continue but she never said anything again.
“What?” she spread her hands.
“Well, my ears are inching to hear the plans and secrets” he replied.
“I’m not telling you until you tell me yours”
Dave had a fictitious smile at her before he finally opened the door and both began to walk simultaneously to a place Olivia had no idea of coz she was only following him. She wore a trouser which seemed to be like that of a soldier, even her sleeveless top had the same colour. The shape and size of her b-ra, hence, her br-ast could be seen through the top.
They were people moving out of the village to trade in other far and neighbouring towns but all were conscious of their lives because they knew that anyone who leaves the village definitely becomes the next to die. But since they weren’t expecting Defity anytime soon, many used that opportunity to go out of the village in search of daily bread.
Teenagers and some adults especially females could be seen fetching water from wells and as well washing clothes.
Mrs. Sarah, who runs the wine business was Rose’s mother. She was in her little shop with Rose attending to customers when Olande entered with a sound mind coz it was still morning. He looked at Rose and said, “Get me a paste and a brush, it’s morning, I wanna brush my mouth”
Rose became confused, she glanced at her mother then back to Olande. There was a rag in her hand. She wore a black tight gown that stoped before the knees. She also had a long black hair on her head.
“Sir, we don’t brush mouth here” she said.
“What?” Olande glared at her. “But I have been brushing here before now”
Mrs. Serah smiled. “Rose, get him a bottle of wine and a glass cup. That’s what he meant?” she clarified her daughter.
Rose began to carry out the instruction with a smile on her face. She occasionally looked outside hopping to see Dave passing. As she was cleaning a table before Olande, her eyes fixed on the road without knowing that Olande himself had fixed his own eyes on her already.
“Madam Serah” he called the mother. “Your daughter’s mind isn’t here. It’s outside!”
Rose delivered the wine instantly then walked back to the mother who disdained her.
“Don’t listen to him, mother. Its a lie” she winked at the lousy customer.
Meanwhile, Olivia and Dave were still walking without saying a word. They were heading to the inner part of the village. On a second thought, Olivia asked, “Where are we going to?”
“To Benjamin’s” he replied.
“Just to say hello”
She remained quiet believing that it would be something more than just saying hello. Just before them, came Benjamin, a young man who was a bit older than Olivia. He was calmed, hærdworking and meek.
“Hi, Ben” Dave shook him.
“Hi, Dave” he glanced at Olivia who greeted with a smile too. “Hope I’m safe”
“Yeah, where are you heading to?”
“To other towns coz nobody knows when Defity will strike again”
“Alright, bye”
They began to walk out again. Olivia became surprise watching the young boy walk smartly. She never believed he was that friendly, fearless and smart. She didn’t want to believe that they came all the way from his house to just say hello to Ben. There was something behind it. Therefore she asked as they walked. “What was that for?”
“I told you I came to say hello to him” Dave replied.
“Coz I don’t know when I will see him again”
“He’s next to die, isn’t he?” Olivia stopped walking thereby making him to stop too. They became silent for a while. Dave glanced at Benjamin who was going towards the village gate, looked around and directed his eyes back to Olivia.
“You must keep this as a secret; you are right, I have the power to see who next to be taken by Defity and Ben is next in line” he replied.
Olivia became speechless looking at the innocent man as he walked towards the gate. She felt pity for him wondering what she could do to prevent his death. Dave noticed it and said, “Don’t get pity for him or let him know about this”
They began to walk again.
“This is so cruel” Olivia confessed.
“So tell me your secrets and plans. I have told you mine”
“Follow me, I need to show you something” she led the way while Dave followed. They were heading towards the inner gate! Just in front of Mrs. Sarah’s shop, Dave and Rose’s eyes caught together severally which Olivia noticed then smiled.
“Why the smile?” Dave asked her.
“Have you told her anything?” She returned the querry. “I mean have you told her that you’re ready to die for her to live?”
“You have to do that before Defity comes for her life or better still comes for yours” she concluded.
 Dave thought of how to confess his love for Rose even though he believes that nothing would happen to her. But who knows?
They had left residential areas, only those at the village square such as Rose could still see them. Rose kept looking at them wondering where they were heading to until they went out of sight. Suddenly, she also sighted captain Joe and other group of men running after them with swards. Obviously to her, they were after Olivia and Dave. Therefore her heart began to pound like a grandmother pounding pounded yam…

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