The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Episode 8

Episode 8
Written by Bright Daniel
Diego had no idea the reason why he shed tears but it kept pumping out of his eyes uncontrollably. He had heard people say that God told them something, he wondered if He tells them through the same way he has been told to go save Jezra with his own life. He stood up from the floor after drying his tears, picked his cell phone and called Sir Frank and Elizabeth.
They all seated in the residence of sir Frank again at the dining table just as they did before. Eliza seated right beside her boyfriend while sir Frank stared from the opposite side.
“I’ve figured the wh0le thing out” Diego began. “I think God is the one sending me to Jezra. Elina Celina is from heaven, so if she’s not God himself, she would be one of his angels” he explained his hypothesis using the meaning of Elina and Celina. Quietness lingered after the explanation.
“But why would God send you to your own death?” Eliza broke the silence.
“Are you sure I’m gonna die?”
“A second is enough for them to kill you if they discover you’re of Beshia” Sir Frank ch¡pped in.
“Then how actually am I gonna save them?” Diego needed to know.
“”Maybe this Elina should tell you”
“No” Eliza objected. “I don’t believe in all this. “I still insist that Diego stays here in the city of Gillary. He’s going no where, period!” She stood up angrily and walked outside while the two men watched her.
The next Morning in the land of Jezra, captain Joe called all the villagers who assembled around at an opened area. Dave located Olivia wherever she was before the captain let the cat out of the bag. He finally found her in the middle of the crowd then hit her friendly.
“I wonder what this man has to say” he began a conversation.
Olivia looked down at him to recognize his presence before averting her eyes. “What else is he gonna tell us apart from protecting Defity from being killed by any solution or remedy” she replied without looking at the young boy.
“I’m really suspecting him of something?”
“You’re still suspecting while I have concluded already that he’s a devil himself”
“How? tell me”
Before Olivia replied, Captain Joe’s voice interrupted. He had a huge body with men always surrounding him. He was black in complexion having a rumpled face due to old age. He was as strong as the lion. Therefore everyone got scared of him and anything that has to do with him. He never married nor had siblings – all taken by Defity. There is a visible mark found on his face which appears after he went into the inner gate years ago with some men. He was the only survival. That alone gave him a lot of accolade. Since then, he had not vividly said how he survived but received a lot of power and praise from the people.
“I gathered us here this morning for important reason” he began. “Some rules of this village is changed and the deviant must face the full wrath of Defity..”
People began to murmur wondering if he had been communicating with Defity. Could it be he’s now like the eyes of the goddess? The noise suddenly died down as he continued.
“From this day forward, no one has the right to follow the road to the inner gate talk more of seeing it’s burning fire. My decision is unquestionable”
Hearing that, Olivia and Dave glanced at each other quietly.
“Secondly, there is a good news” he continued. “We’ve all had been in sorrow and forget about merriment. So we shall soon merry for I’ll soon marry” he smiled while some people rejoiced wondering who he will marry. That ended the impromptu meeting, people went back to their daily activities except Dave and Olivia who remained at a corner watching as the captain entered into his house. Suddenly, they sighted Ben entering the house too. Olivia walked into her own house angrily followed by Dave.
“What’s he up to now?” she queried moving close to the window.
“We need to confront him” Dave suggested. “It’s obvious he has a skeleton in his cupboard”
“Yes, he is. Ben gave me a clue yesterday” she faced Dave who became interested to hear from her coz he had also been meaning to ask her why she went to Ben’s. “He said he can’t be killed by Defity” she added.
“Did you reveal it to him..”
“Not really, I indirectly did but he confirmed that he can’t be killed by Defity”
“Coz captain Joe assured him”
Dave exclaimed with a surprising face thinking critically. He had finally gotten the evidence to his suspicions. He hurried closer to Olivia, hit her hand hærdly and said, “We need to confront him. Possibly he knows how to end the killings. Possibly, he’s working for Defity otherwise he won’t give somebody like Ben such hope!”
“Not now, we need to wait and see the next to die before confronting him”
“Are you saying my ability is fake. Listen Ben gonna die, and if he doesn’t then captain Joe have to answer serious questions” Dave began to find his way out while Olivia entered into her room.
On the other hand, Ben entered into the very domain of Captain Joe. It was classic, rich and beautiful. Ancient totem could be seen both on the walls and as a statue. Candle light burn besides one that has the image of Defity.
Ben stood at a s₱0t waiting to see the captain coz he had no right to enter into any of his rooms. Suddenly, Joe came out with a wine.
“Hi, Ben, surprise visit I guess” he offered him a seat and a drink.
“You’re about to get married. Why won’t I visit” he joked while they giggled.
“There is more reason why you’re here. Just spit it out, young man”
“I need my own wife too. But before then, may I know the lucky woman who gonna be the wife of the great captain” Ben smiled while Joe chuckled.
“The very lucky girl is the one that delivers this wine to me daily” he lowered his voice. “Her name is Rose, the daughter of Mrs Sarah” he announced happily.
“Wow, how sure are you she will agree?”
“She dare not reject me. She has no choice, so my friend, drink and rejoice” they laughed.
Later in the evening, Rose entered into the house of Captain Joe with a bottle of wine in her hand. She wore a lengthy skirt and lose top that could expose her br-ast if bent down. She had come to deliver the wine to him as usual. When she was placing the bottle on a table, Joe sighted her attractive br-ast from a corner. He came closer.
“Good evening, sir” the young girl humbly prostrated.
“Evening, lad” he replied and ordered for a stick of weed which he lit then began to smoke. Rose wanted to leave without collecting money for the drink coz she felt uncomfortable with the way the man was looking at her, even the smell of the weed didn’t help matters. On her way out, he called her back and said, “Sit down with me”
The young girl fearfully turned but didn’t get a seat. “What is it you want from me, captain?” her voice came very pitch and nice.
“You ask a good question, Rose” Joe stood up to her, blew the last smoke of weed from his mouth and dropped the stick on the table. He rom-ntically touched from her hair to her check going down to her br-ast but she moved backward. Her legs quivered. “I want you, Rose. You’re the lucky one, I want you to be my wife”
Hearing that, her heartbeat became faster, the quivering legs increased, and Joe wasn’t hoping issues when he drew closer to touch her again. Just then, she ran out of the building. On her way, she saw Dave then paused a little with a worried look before continued running until she found herself on her bed.
Captain Joe smiled from his sanctum believing that nothing can stop him from marrying her.
Weeks later when All hope were still intact waiting for one thing or another to happen. Rose has not met Dave since then neither had Olivia met him. All were waiting for the right time to strike.
However, captain Joe had informed Mrs. Sarah about wanting to marry her daughter and she had no choice but to get ready to give out her daughter to him which Rose had been running away from.
Today isn’t exception, the sun set giving out it’s yellow and tender ray that reflected to every walls of buildings found in the land of Jezra. Captain Joe and his men arrived to the shop of the poor wine trader to pick Rose but she ran out to the residence of Dave who wondered what was pursuing her when she embraced him tightly without letting go of him. Before he could ask what the problem is, Joe and his men begged into the house nearly broking the door itself.
“Please, don’t let them take me, don’t let them take me, don’t leave me abeg you” Rose cried on his shoulder holding him very tight.
Meanwhile, people like Olande and Mendel were outside trying to have a view of what would happen.
“Get her!” Joe commanded his men.
“Wait!” Dave made Rose go behind him. “First, you all have to learn morals. Get a hell out of my house, close the door before you enter. That shows morals”
“Ring-ring!!” Olande exclaimed from outside where he heard the words of boldness from the very young boy.
“Pee-poo-peee!!” Mendel adeed which made the show more hilarious and people couldn’t help it but to laugh.
Obviously, captain Joe wasn’t gonna spare Dave alive coz he had drew out his sward with full force and anger going to meet him, but Dave stood firmly without moving an inch….

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