The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Final Episode

Final Episode (Episode 17)
Written by Bright Daniel

Diego and Elizabeth had a little idea on why all the villagers ran into their houses. They didn’t join them on the run but when the wind became unbearable, they had to take on their heels into one of the buildings where Olande and Mendel made a hiding place too. When the two drunkers saw them close the door from behind, they stared at them from a distance. The lovers couldn’t do anything but to stare back at them.
“What are you two doing here?” Olande queried.
“The same thing you are doing here” Elizabeth retorted.
Mendel whispered to his friend saying, “Let them be, it’s an honor to be with the decendants of Beshia”.
“No, it’s a curse and a sacrilege” Olande looked at the two again, this time, his voice became louder. “You two should leave this house. Your place should be at the inner gate, not here”
Diego ignored them likewise the girlfriend. They walked to one of the windows to witness what would happen next. They saw the almighty tornado coming from afar. It was so powerful that it can uproot a tree. That generated a lot of dust.
“What’s that?” Elizabeth asked.
“That’s Defity in the form of tornado” a voice replied from behind. Both looked back to see the two men very close to them but didn’t know the actual person that answered. Of course Mendel did. “She has come again to kill somebody. I wonder who that could be” he added.
They watched the tornado stopped at the village square and bones fell on the ground. To the very sight of the strangers, the bones began to rise joining from one joint to another until it became a full skeleton and eventually produced flesh.
“Oh my God!” Diego exclaimed. “What is she gonna do now?” he looked at the drunkers.
“Must I repeat myself again?” Mendel widely opened his eyes. “Of course the next thing is for her to go into one of the buildings and take…” he paused when he saw Defity walking magnetically in her outstanding beauty. “..oh, she’s already going, and she’s going to Olivia’s house!!” he concluded while others confirmed it.
Diego wanted to run outside to confront her but Elizabeth held him back. Both looked at each other in the eyes without a word, and, of course, Diego didn’t want to be remembered that she would never allow him go outside. Therefore, eyes contact became the best means of communication.
Back to Olivia’s residence, the four people were at the pick of their plans especially when they saw that Defity was coming.
Rose stood before a table covered with black fabric. Under the fabric was a sward and the powder made of grinded bones and poison oak.
On the other hand, Olivia and Kacee had to hide, even Dave who stood before Rose and said, “Don’t make a move. Be strong”
She didn’t respond rather allowed tears drip from her eyes. She watched Dave ran in,side one of the rooms.
The entire sanctum became very quiet with Rose standing in the middle of the sitting room waiting for Defity to walk in through the door. Her legs vibrated alongside with her hands. Her eyes never departed from the door. Suddenly she saw Defity’s shadow from many openings found on the frame of the door which gradually cracked open. Lo and behold, Defity entered the house with her long hair sweeping the floor. Her eyes went straight to the very young girl whose tears never stopped dropping, after which she turned back into a tornado. As she swiftly drew closer, Rose flung the black fabric up to enable the powder circulate the air. That made the tornado transformed into a human being again.
Rose picked the sward immediately, ran to cut her into two but Defity’s long hair flung her on the floor. She scre-med for help.
Dave, Olivia and Kacee ran out that moment coz they couldn’t bear to hear her scre-ming voice. They also spread the powder in the air in a large quantity which made Defity extremely weak that she couldn’t transform into a tornado again. Therefore it became a real survival of the featest.
Dave first cut off Defity’s hair which became an ash immediately and dissolved into the air, while Olivia rush her with a sward which she used on her stomach before Kacee finally cut off her head from her neck. Her wh0le body also turned to an ash and dissolved into the tin air. Defity became defeated!!
People grew worried why she had not come out from the house she entered and disappear to the inner gate as usual. Therefore, they gradually started coming out to know what was happening.
“Captain is dead!” Edra ran out with some men who were with him in captain’s house. But something shocked everyone when they came out; they saw Kacee coming out with Defity’s head. He raised it up in a way everybody saw it, even Diego and Elizabeth.
Dave, Rose, Olivia came out the same time, standing in a way Kacee was in the middle. Seeing that, all the villagers bowed down for their new captain-Kacee including Edra but except Diego and Elizabeth who saw Elina standing before them.
“What are you still waiting for!?” She shrieked.
The two lovers looked at each other before Diego spoke up saying, “What else do you want me to do? Look, they have already defeated Defity by themselves”
“I didn’t tell you to come defeat Defity for them, of course I know they had the power to do that which they have done”
“So why am I here?”
“You’re here to save them”
“From what?!”
“Enternal destruction. God chose you to make them except Jesus Christ. They never knew it was this type of safety their forefathers prophesied about a descendant of Beshia. So you have to save them coz God chose you”
“Who am I for God to choose me?”
“The ways of God is far from the ways of men” Elina disappeared.
Elizabeth glanced at her boyfriend with a different look before both looked up at all the crowd of people who were still bowing to Kacee.
“Alright, everybody listen!” he shouted thereby drawing their attention. They stood up and turned to them while Kacee raised Defity’s head down. “Does any of you heard of Jesus Christ the saviour of the world?” he asked but none of them replied. Though they had heard about it but didn’t believe in him.
Diego continued. “God sent me here to save you from enternal death. Who knows what that means?” nobody answered again therefore he became fed-up. “I never believed I was gonna be a preacher” he whispered to the hearing of Elizabeth who began to giggle at him..
Diego succeeded in doing the work sent to him by God years later and the land of Jezra became forever free.
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