The Innocent Child

The Innocent Child Episode 25 – finale


Innocent Child
A story boldly written by Joyce Okolie

”chai see house o! very soon I will become the madam of this paradise! I wa…”, as Kate was still talking to herself, a familiar voice interrupted her, she turned to see the person, lol and behold it was goodluck looking very cute and charming, holding a laptop on his hand, Kate on seeing goodluck almost fell from the couch,..same with goodluck, his laptop almost fell from his hand on seeing Kate but he managed to composed himself

”goo… goo.. goodluck! goodluck is that u? Kate asked, with her eyes and mouth wide opened with shocked and surprise ”madam close ur mouth before fly entered it! but wait! who are u and how did u know my name? goodluck pretended, with a squeezed face

”goodluck! oh my God I can’t believe u are alive? goodluck! oh my son! I really missed u so much! pls am very sorry for everything bad I did to u! pls forgive me!..aaah goodluck I really missed u so badly my son”, Kate said and was about hugging goodluck but goodluck angrily pushed her away making her to stagger and hit her head hard on the wall

”who allowed this mad woman into this compound? I guess is that stupid security? has it gotten to the extent for him to allow a mad woman into this house? don’t worry I know wat to do to him! now listen to me u this insane woman! before I close my eyes and opened them I want u out of this compound this minute before I release my dogs on u”, goodluck threatened with anger and hatred written all over his face, so Kate knelt down immediately with tears dropping down her eyes ”goodluck my son pls am very sorry! I know I treated u badly but pls find a place in ur heart to forgive me! am still ur mother o pls forgive me my son”, Kate cried

”oh my God! wat is this mad woman talking about? do u know me before? how come u even know my name? this woman is crazy”, goodluck angrily said, just then Mr Frank and Jenny walked in and met Kate kneeling down crying and pleading to goodluck ”wat is going on here? Kate why are u kneeling pleading to my son”, Mr Frank confusedly asked but got no response from Kate


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wat is happening here? pls can somebody talk to me? Mr Frank said looking at both Kate and goodluck ”dad!! I don’t know this mad woman who is claiming to be my mother? she has been kneeling since asking me to forgive her! my question now is, forgive her for wat? dad pls chase this woman out of here”, goodluck angrily said with a frowned face.
”dad I guess she is the one having dinner with us? Jenny asked Mr Frank who nodded ”then why is she pleading to my boyfriend! did she know him before? Jenny added


I do not know! Kate pls stand up and say something! Mr Frank said to kate who stood up but was still crying ”he is my son! my son I told u was dead! he is the one! my son from that rape! my son with u and ur second”, Kate managed to say and bursted into cry ”what?? my son here is ur son? our son!! no no no!! this is crazy! but I thought u told me he was dead a long time ago? this woman u are talking rubbish”, Mr Frank said


wat is this woman talking about? goodluck asked confusedly ”pls can somebody tell me wat is happening here! Jenny confusedly asked ”goodluck here is my son! my son with ur father here”, Kate said to Jenny.

Innocent Child

”Goodluck here is my son! my son with ur father here”, Kate said refferring to Jenny ”hahahaha! so funny! now I can believe that goodluck was right when he called u an insane person! wat nonsense are u talking about that goodluck is ur son through my dad? I can see u need a doctor attention! goodluck why not try attending to her? Jenny angrily said

”am not insane! goodluck here is my son with ur dad! why not try asking ur dad! I guess he is in the better position to make u understand everything”, Kate said ”dad do u know wat this woman is talking about? Jenny asked looking at her dad Mr Frank ”wait wait wait! wat exactly is even going on here? wat is this woman talking about? confused goodluck asked no one in particular

”goodluck! if u could remember, I used to tell u how I was raped by an armbed robber? and how I gave birth to u through the rape! Mr Frank here and his second were the ones who raped me”, Kate said with tears dropping down her eyes ”how dare u say that about my dad? getout from this house this minutes!! getout”, goodluck shouted and was about dragging Kate outside but Mr Frank stopped him

”my boy that’s enough! let her be”, Mr Frank said to angry goodluck ”dad u haven’t answered my question? do u know wat this woman is talking about? dad pls answer me”, Jenny said almost in tears, while Mr Frank sighed for a moment before he finally spoke ”u all should have a sit, let me tell u my story”, Mr Frank said as they all sat down.
”yes she is right! I and my second raped her years back and also murdered her mother! it happens the very night when my second and I went to rob at their house,..but unfortunately there was no money there, so we have no choice but to rape her, cut the long story short,..the rape results to pregnancy,.. after for so long,..we met yesterday by coincidence and she told me she got pregnant through the rape and that the baby died a long time ago,..but today I was surprised she said goodluck is her son through the rape”, Mr Frank explained and sighed

”what?? wat are u talking about dad? Jenny asked almost in tears ”i still don’t get wat is going on here? dad pls just tell me all this u said now are not true”, goodluck asked with a teary eyes ”i know how u guys feel? pls u guys should just calm down”, Mr Frank said refferring to Jenny and goodluck ”fine!! even if Mr Frank here is my biological father, I don’t regrets it but u this woman, I can never ever accept u as a woman! over my dead body”, goodluck said refferring to Kate, as hot tears started dropping down his eyes

”goodluck am very sorry my child! I know I treated u badly, pls find a place in ur heart to forgive me,.. I beg u my son”, Kate cried ”son?? did u just called me ur son? did u ever treat me as one? go ahead and tell them how u attempted to murder me twice! u hit me twice with a heavy rod thinking I was dead! as if that was not enough,.. u disposes me on a lonely road,.. if not for Jenny who saw me on time and took me to the hospital,..I would have longed be gone! I hate u so much right! I despise u!! I still stand on my words! over my dead body will I ever forgive u!! u are a Jezebel!! u disgust me”, goodluck angrily said to kate and spat on the floor

”thats enough goodluck son! no matter wat she has done to u in the past, pls just forgive and forget,…no matter wat she is still ur mother”, Mr Frank advise ”am sorry Dad! as long as am concerned this woman here is dead in my life a long time ago! to me she doesn’t exit”, goodluck added with tears dropping down his eyes

”pls Jenny help me beg goodluck to forgive me! pls u all should help me beg him”, Kate cried ”dont worry I will talk to him!! Mr Frank said to kate who was seen crying ”i will call my friend which is a doctor to carry a test on goodluck and I !! the DNA test will tell if goodluck is my biological son or not”, Mr Frank said

”wait wait wait! let me get something here! wat if the DNA test comes out positive? it better not be because I will kill myself if it comes positive! goodluck is my life! the air I breathe,..I will kill myself if the results comes out positive”, Jenny cried ”my daughter pls if the results says positive, pls I want u to accept the fate, u cant go on dating ur brother! it will be an abomination”, Mr Frank said to Jenny who was seen crying her eyes out. ”never! never! never I can never accept it”, Jenny cried.

Innocent Child
Episode:27 (FINAL)
A story written by Joyce Okolie

They were all in a sad mood when they heard a knock on the door ”come in”, Mr Frank shouted from inside, just then Mr Frank friend doctor Emma walked in ”greetings everyone”, doctor Emma greeted as they all replied his greetings ”welcome my friend! pls have a seat”, Mr Frank said as doctor Emma sat down ”this one ur faces are like this I hope all is well? doc Emma asked ”my friend pls I want u to do the DNA test”, Mr Frank said as doc Emma nodded and opened his bag,…after some hours, the DNA results was out ”here is the results? doc Emma said and handed the results to Mr Frank who collected it,..

Jenny was seen panicking and sweating real hard even though the AC was on, same with goodluck ”why not go ahead and open the results”, doctor Emma said to Mr Frank who sighed before opening the results, on seeing the results, his mood changed instantly ”daddy pls don’t tell me it positive!! Jenny panicked with tears dropping down her eyes ”the results says negative!! oh my! so goodluck is not my biological son, but the son of my second back then”, Mr Frank sadly said and handed the results to Jenny who collected it,..on seeing the results, she jumped up on goodluck’s body excitedly, goodluck on the other hand was seen smiling that finally he can marry the love of his life,..but still stand on his words that he will never forgive Kate

”oh my God am very happy right now”, Jenny happily said ”goodluck my son! pls forgive me i beg u! even if u don’t want to accept me back as ur mother no prob, I know am not worth it,..just forgive me,.. I need ur forgiveness plssss”, Kate pleaded crying seriously ”no way! I will never ever forgive u! stay away from me! as long as am concerned, u are longed dead In my life, just stay far away from me”, goodluck persist ”son pls forgive her! u are not even supposed to be angry with her but me! I was the cause of everything, but wat has happened has happened! God has a reason for keeping u alive even upon her attempt to kill u! pls forgive her, she is still ur mother, pls son! Mr Frank pleaded

”dad am sorry! I can’t forgive her! I vowed never to forgive her in my life, and I will keep to my word”, goodluck said with tears dropping down his eyes,.. ”my love! pls for the sake of our love and wat we shared together, pls forgive her and leave everything for God! pls!! remember she is still ur mother no matter what”, Jenny pleaded and pleaded,..after much pleading,..goodluck finally forgives Kate and hugged her tightly ”thank u my son for ur forgiveness! I really regrets my actions towards u! thank u jenny”, Kate said immediately she disengaged from the hug.

As all this was going on, goodluck later proposed to Jenny who happily accepted,..Kate on the other hand later turned a good leaf,..nine months later, Jenny later gave birth to a baby boy for goodluck who was very happy for being a father,… Kate came for baby sitting (omugwo) and they all lived happily ever after.
A story boldly written by Joyce Okolie.
thanks for reading….. byeeee

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