The Intimate Stranger


(Er*t*c Though) 
© Bright Daniel
Angelina left Adam running outside with the embarrassing expression on her face. She met Lucy downstairs but ignored her, yet, never stopped running. Though she normally had er*t*c thought but it has never happened to the extent of rom-ncing herself physically just like she did in the presence of Adam.
Still at the staircase, Suzanna met Adam staring at the direction Angelina ran to. He tried to figure out what came over her. There was no other explanation for her action except she was hallucinating er*t*cally or better still, was in need of s€×ual act. He turned to see Suzanna.
“Hey, what came over your friend?”
“Who? You mean Angelina?”
Suzanna took two steps down. “What has she done? Where is she?” she s₱0tted Lucy coming from the doorway.
“She acted weird, like.. like..” Adam paused coz he couldn’t explain the embarrassing act especially to the hearing of Lucy. He knew she would broadcast it if she get to hear about it because she never liked Angelina. Therefore he began to walk away.
“Hey, Adam, you’ve not said anything!” Suzanna shouted watching as he climbed the stairs.
“Just forget it!” he concluded.
Suzanna turned to see Lucy trying to pass her. She wanted to ask her if she had seen Angelina but Lucy put the question back into her mouth by saying almost with a disgusting face, “Why is your friend running like a mad bitch?”
“You are the one mad” she ignored her and ran downstairs.
“At least I’m not a bitch as she is!!” Lucy’s voice echoed within the arena before completely climbing the stairs shaking her butts. She was a bit plumpy with a average height. The length of her skirt barely get to her knees especially when she dragged it up pretending to be tucking-in sometimes. With the voluminous br-asts on her chest, she was exact description of a well loaded girl even as a teenager. Though she’s intelligent but aggressive and physically strong. She had caused a lot of problem for her parents recently.
Nevertheless, students gathered on the football field after the bell was rung, yet, Suzanna had not seen Angelina. Students knew that whenever they are summoned on the field instead of the assembly ground, they’ll were gonna talk about sport or any kind of game, and there was no other person to give the speech except Adam and his assistant, Angelina. But surprisingly to them, Lucy came out with Adam. Other prefects especially the headboy monitored and controlled the students.
“Good morning students!” Adam began as noise gradually died down. “I must introduce to you my new assistant, Lucy d-ckson, as ordered by the principal this morning. We have a message to pass to you but I’ll give her the chance to do that” a soliloquy commenced among the students as Adam left the ground for Lucy. She was so excited! Glowing smiles which shows her whitish teeth could be seen on her face. She adjusted her skirt upward before she began. Angelina arrived at that moment stared by students especially Adam who wondered where she came from. She located Suzanna then stood behind her without exchanging words. When she looked up, her eyes caught with Adam’s so she bent down her face shamefully looking straight to her br-asts. Adam understood.
“My fellow students,” Suzanna began and the soliloquy stopped immediately. “Heed to this announcement; we gonna have a female football competition with Feminine Senior Secondary School and training starts tomorrow. The ministry of education will be present on that day and the winning team will have a trophy. The game prefect and I will make sure the trophy 🏆 comes to us!” she concluded with smiles while students cheered and clapped their hands happily.
School dismissed for day. Mr. Jay, the principal, had scolded Angelina for coming late when her attention was mostly needed which prompt for her replacement. She sat back in the classroom feeling worried about everything as everybody was going home. Suddenly, Adam approached hanging his school bag behind. Both looked at each other but remained quiet.
“Listen, I’m sorry” Angelina broke the silence then began to arrange her books.
“For what?” Adam gazed.
“For what you saw. I never knew when my shirt opened”
“But I saw you opened them rom-ntically”
Hearing that, Angelina suspended what she was doing then gaze back at him with increase in heartbeat. She didn’t know what to say but was so ashamed of herself. Before she knew it, she began to have er*t*c thought again about the person standing before her: she could see both of them seriously having s€× on her bed. She mo-ned s€×ually holding him tightly and smiling with full pleasure. She could see him s-cking her n-pples and moving down to s-ck her cl*toris too, but Adam’s touch physically brought her out from that thought. She realized herself again and closed her eyes tightly. She opened them, grabbed her bag and wanted to leave but Adam held her back.
“Angelina, what came over you?” he asked but she never replied rather stared at him. “You’ve not been yourself today, you came to school late, you rom-nced yourself unknowingly at the staircase and now.. I want to know if you’re okay”
“I have to go now” she began to leave.
“I’m sorry, Adam”
“Bye then”
She took a last glance at him at the door before rushing downstairs. She was lucky to see her driver immediate. After she entered on the back seat of the car, she exhaled in relief as if a great burden was carried away from her. The driver adjusted the center mirror to see her.
“Are you okay, ma’am?”
“Just take me home”
The driver began to drive. He looked at the mirror again. “Your mum complained why you didn’t eat something before leaving this morning and also why you woke up late”
“She did?”
“Oh..” she placed a hand on her forehead with eyes closed as if on pains. She eventually laid flat on the seats in a way she face up with a leg up too but her thighs were covered.
“Ma’am, are you sure you’re okay? I have a bottle of water if you want”
“I’m fine”
“Okay” the driver raised the volume of ‘Westlife’ blues playing from the car CD. With the music, Angel
ina slept and began to have a w-t dream. She physically began to rom-nce herself thereby distracting the driver who saw her through the mirror. He could see her unbuttoning her shirt again with a hand while the other hand slowly dragged her skirt up in a way her white p-nt became visible. Already, the driver’s d*ck had er-cted as he enjoyed the show forgetting that he was driving. As Angelina wanted to place a hand into her p-nt, the driver hit the car on a moving vehicle thereby putting it to a stop. The alarm of the two cars escalated. Angelina woke up to see hersel f almost unclad…
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