The Intimate Stranger


(Er*t*c  Thought )
Suzanna opened the door to behold Miss Caroline sitting on her chair. She was always on tight spaghetti hand gowns. She stared at young Suzanna who slowly walked into the office, stood before her table and folded her hands downward. She looked at her from head to toe then found her attractive. She leaned forward from her seat and offered her a seat too.
“How may I help you, young girl?”
“I.. I.. i have a problem” Suzanna stammered rubbing her hand through her neck down to her br-asts. She could imagine Miss Caroline k-ssing her on that seat.
“What problem do you have, young girl?”
“Can you make love to me, please?” she began to rom-nce herself. She was at the state of s€×ual enthusiasm. She couldn’t think of anything but s€× neither did she know how she even got there, all controlled by the spirit of er*t*c thought. 
Miss Caroline wasn’t only surprise at her request but became enthusiastic to it too thereby standing up from her seat. She grabbed the innocent girl up from the seat, pushed her to the wall and began to k-ss her which Suzanna reciprocated amazingly. The act was exactly the same with what she saw in the w-t dream. So, she quit the k-ss, looked at Miss Caroline and said, “You are the woman in my dream”
“Yes, Suzanna, I am” she replied then began to k-ss her again but Suzanna quit for the second time. 
“How do you know my name?”
“Because I was in that dream too sent to satisfy you”
“Sent by who?”
“Amalia, queen 👑 of the marine kindom”
Hearing that, Suzanna’s mind opened thereby realizing herself. She pushed her away from her body after shouting the name above every other name. Her heartbeat increased as she looked around the office. “How did I get here? What am I doing here?” she adjusted her dress and walked towards the door but Miss Caroline’s voice interrupted her.
“Suzanna, you can’t resist it. You are the same with Angelina, your friend”
“How do you know that Angelina is my friend?” Suzanna became amazed.
Miss Caroline didn’t reply her rather smiled to her seat where she watched her leave the office. She was one of the agent of the marine kindom. She initiated Lucy into it. Therefore, she knew exactly who Lucy is and what is going on in the life of Angelina and Suzanna, even at Royal Academy.
As Suzanna walked along the road that leads to the gate of General Health Center, she saw a young guy and a girl standing in a juxtapose manner, laughing and smiling. She stopped and pictured both of them er*t*cally with her eyes closed: She saw them making love whileas physically, they weren’t. At the sight of that love making she began to rom-nce herself in the public without knowing until a woman passing-by touched her.
“Young girl, what do you think you’re doing in the public?”
Suzanna looked at herself to notice her shirt rumpled at the br-ast region. She looked at the people who she thought were making love to see them still laughing and discussing. So, she began to shed tears and ran away from there.
As Suzanna was on her way to Angelina’s house to explain to her what she was experiencing, so as Ernest was on his way to pick Lucy for the dinner date they planned. He used one of the cars at home, the one Angelina normally goes to school with precisely-Highlander Jeep. He parked at a corner where he waited for Lucy to come out. He wore a jean trouser with a white canvas and a white T-shirt standing beside the driver’s door. He occasionally checked the time. Suddenly, Lucy came out looking like a charming marine goddess. She wore a sparkling dark red gown with a high heel👠. She was actually beautiful. Nobody would have thought she’s just a teenage SS3 student. When she saw the car Ernest stood by the side, her mind went to Angelina coz she normally saw it at school. Nevertheless, she approached closer to Ernest who said, “You look amazing”
“Thank you. You ain’t looking bad too”
They smiled before Ernest opened the door for her. After entering and driving out, Lucy asked, “Are you a brother to Angelina Halbert?”
“Yes, how do you know?”
“She normally comes to school with this car”
They became quiet. Lucy’s face changed, she became worried and ashamed, so she began to think, “Lucy girl, what have you gotten yourself into? How can you fall in love with the brother of your enemy?!”
Ernest noticed the worried face then placed a hand on her shoulder while another held the steering wheel. That actually interrupted Lucy’s thought.
“Are you okay, Lucy?” he asked like a gentle man. 
“I’m fine, Ernest” she replied smiling in a factitious manner.
Meanwhile, Suzanna and Angelina were in Angelina’s room sitting on the edge of a bed. Both looked worried. Already, Suzanna had told her story with Miss Caroline and how she had found herself having w-t dreams and er*t*c thought, even rom-ncing herself in the public.
“I guess Miss Caroline knows our problem” Angelina broke the silence.
“Yes, coz she sounded so confidential” Suzanna supported.
“We should go confront her”
“I think that’s a good, but it will be tomorrow coz its getting late”
The surprising think about these girls and their situation is that they tend to forget prayers and things of God. That was the manipulation of the evil spirits of the marine kindom headed by Amalia, the queen. 
A few hours later, Ernest came back from the dinner date. He wanted to check on his sister but to see her door locked 🔒. He actually wanted to tell her how successful the date went, and also tell her the name of his new found girlfriend coz Lucy accepted his relationsh¡p proposal.
Darkness covered the sky. The time was quarter pass ten post-meridian. Suzanna and Angelina resumed their w-t dreams and fingering themselves on the bed, while Lucy’s spirit went out to the Marine kindom. It was a deep sea with beautiful features. Only beautiful girls were dominating
the it. Lucy stood before the queen and other members like Miss Caroline. All were unclad. 
“You came uninvited, Lucy d-ckson. What’s the matter?” Amalia asked. There was a crown on her head and a staff in her hand.
“I came to tell you to release Angelina and Suzanna from the spirit of er*t*c thought and w-t dreams which get them embarrass in public” Lucy replied.
“And why should I do that?”
“Coz I’ve achieved my aim. Moreover, I’m deeply in love with her brother”
“Nonsense!” the queen hit the staff angrily on the ground and pointed it at Lucy. “Listen my savant, I will do no such thing not until I see both of them dead!”
“What? That wasn’t the agreement”
“Nonsense! They must suffer disgrace, shame, embarrassment and die!”
“I disagree with you!” Lucy shouted back. “Over my dead body will I watch them die, not this time I’m in love with Ernest!”
“Then prepare to die with them!”
“If only you can kill me” Lucy walked away to the queen’s amazement. She spoke authoritatively as if she had a c*ckroach in her cupboard.
“The battle line has been drawn” Amalia concluded angrily.. 
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