The Intimate Stranger


(Eotic Thought )
Lucy woke up unclad the next day which was Monday morning. She had nothing in mind but to apologize to Angelina and Suzanna, hence, protecting them from the wrath of Amalia, queen of the marine kindom. How she would do that was something she alone knew about. As she contemplated, her cell phone beeped. She flung up a blanket that covered her body and walked to the phone. That was a message from Ernest which she read thus: “I woke up thousands of miles away from you, but it doesn’t matter because you are in my heart”. She smiled as she replies the message. That boosted the guts in her to make sure that Angelina is free and alive.
On the other hand, Adam had dressed up for school looking at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe how God used him to save Angelina’s live during the weekend. He remembered the words of encouragement he gave to her like a pastor even though he hærdly read the Bible or listen to the word of God talk more of obeying the commandments. He could also remember the very words which he used to save Angelina’s live: “I love you. I love you, Angelina..” he paused and smiled. Truly he was crushing on her before the incident but he had no idea if she also feels the same. Nevertheless, Adam sighted a Bible through the mirror, he stared at it for a long time without knowing why before turning to pick it and finally kept it into his school bag.
He chattered a taxi 🚕 coz he was already late for school. Close to G.H.C, he saw Angelina’s driver driving toward the Health Center and two students with uniform in,side the car. He believed one of them was Angelina. He tapped the taxi driver, “Follow that Highlander vehicle” he instructed.
“Okay, sir” the driver replied.
“What did you call me?”
“My name is Adam”
The driver smiled and glanced at him through the inner mirror. “If you’re Adam, where is your Eve?” he asked jokingly. 
“She’s in,side the car I told you to follow. Now quit asking questions and follow her” he also smiled at the brief conversation.
The taxi driver followed the car into GHC environment then stopped. Adam could see Angelina and Suzanna coming out of the car and walking into the psychotherapy building.
“What are there doing here?” he asked rhetorically aloud.
“Which of the girls is your Eve?” the driver queried.
“Just guess”
“The one at the right” he pointed at Angelina. 
“Nice guess” they smiled.
Miss Caroline was actually in her office with Lucy arguing over her decision without knowing the two girls were on their way coming. Both stood upright glaring at each other. Lucy was also on a school uniform.
“ have no right to disobey Amalia, the queen!” Miss Caroline said. Just then, the two girls approached to the door listening to them. 
“The queen didn’t stick to our agreement. Why does she want Angelina and her friend dead?” Lucy quiried. 
“So you don’t know? Anyone who is under the spell of our kindom must die! The same way the destiny of any girl I sleep with as a l-sbian is taken away. We use their destiny and blood to enrich our kindom and make them forget their creator, even to pray to him”
“Well, not in this case coz I won’t allow them die”
Miss Caroline moved closer to her in a way she glared into her two bold eyes. Just before she said something, the door opened. They turned to see Angelina and Suzanna looking at them. All were surprised without knowing what to say until tears rolled down from Angelina’s eyes. 
“Lucy, what’s going on? We heard our names. Are we going to die?”
“You will not die. I’ll explain everything to you” Lucy replied walking to them.
“You will do no such thing!!” Amalia appeared through the wall.
The girls scre-med running out of the building led by Lucy. When they finally ran out, Lucy shouted, “Follow me, we need a taxi!”
“My driver is here!” Angelina shouted.
“Forget him!” she concluded as all were running to the very taxi Adam was.
Already, he had been surprised to see Lucy among the two girls wondering what she was also doing there. “Why are they running?” he asked. Before he knew it, they ran into the taxi.
“Go go go” Lucy shouted before the man drove off. Only then did they realise Adam’s presence. Suzanna and Angelina sat at the back seat with him while Lucy sat in the front seat.
“Adam?” Angelina looked at him. Hearing the name, Lucy turned to see him too. 
“What are you doing here Adam?” she asked.
“He followed his Eve” the young driver replied.
Adam looked at Angelina. “I actually followed you when I saw your car” he said. 
None of them said a word again in the taxi but the driver broke the silence.
“Where are your destinations?”
“Royal Academy” Adam replied.
“No, Dinny Site” Lucy objected.
“Dinny Site?” the driver repeated surprisingly coz it seemed he was the only one who knew the place. “That’s out of town and it’s no place for kids like you. It’s dangerous, scary and weary”
“Wait, stop the car!” Suzanna shouted then the driver pulled over. “We ain’t going anywhere” she stepped out of the car with Angelina. Lucy also went down angrily while Adam sluggishly came down too.
“Listen, girls” Lucy began. “You will die if you don’t follow me there. I am actually responsible for your er*t*c thought and w-t dreams, you won’t stop having them until you take your own lives because of the shame and embarrassment it will cause you in public. You saw what happened at GHC. They will not stop hunting us”
“Oh my God!” Angelina exclaimed. “How and why did you do this to us, Lucy?”
“It’s a long story. We need to go now!”
Suzanna quietly went closer to Lucy then gave her a sound slap. “How dare you put us in this mess?!” she slapped her again. “You’re wicked!” she shrieked with tears in her eyes as
Angelina pulled her back. Lucy didn’t retaliate rather rubbed her cheek to reduce the pains.
“Why are we going to Dinny Site?” Angelina asked her. 
“I know of someone who can help you. I want to release you girls from this bondage” she replied. 
Adam suddenly became dumb reasoning what they were saying. He also understood that Suzanna, who use to be so religious said nothing about God in such condition. He became more surprise when they actually agreed to follow Lucy to Dinny Site. That proved that all had forgotten God the creator and the greatest. As they entered into the car, he hesitated.
“Adam, won’t you follow us?” Angelina asked him.
“He doesn’t need to” Lucy said.
“Nobody can help you except God the creator” Adam said aloud then all looked at one another in,side the vehicle. Suddenly, a marine spirit possessed the driver then he started the car and drove off with a high speed which would actually lead them all to a drastic accident.. 
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