The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Even Jennifer herself became surprise of what she did. She gently pulled the child down as the child’s parents and other people ran to meet her. They knew that no witch could do that because witches and wizards don’t expose their powers publicly like that, and definitely, Jennifer wasn’t a witch.
“Hi, are you okay?” Jennifer asked the little child who didn’t say anything but stared at her. Just then, her parents arrived. The mother carried her while the father said looking at Jennifer, “Thank you for saving our only
Jennifer didn’t say a word. She looked back just to see her own parents staring at her surprisingly. Already, people had converged snapping her pictures and asking her questions.
“Are you a witch?” one of them asked positioning his camera well.
“I’m not a witch” Jennifer replied.
“Are you a superwoman? Do you have super powers..?” As the questions went on without Jennifer responding to any of them, the siren of fire fighters and the police came from a distant so Jennifer ran in,side their house, into her room. She began to look at her hands breathing hastily. To confirm whether she was the one that saved the child, she had to try it with an object. She looked at her wardrobe concentrating pertinently on her clothes. Suddenly, the clothes began to quiver and eventually left the wardrobe and floating in the air. As Jennifer heard a knock on the
door, she brought down her hand then all the clothes fell on the floor. Her parents came in.
“Jane, what just happened over there?” the father asked.
“Where, Dad?” Jennifer returned the question.
“Nothing happened, Dad”
“But we saw you save that little child” the mother interfered. “Do you have powers?” she asked but Jennifer remained quiet. She knew how her parents hated powers especially from witches and wizards, so she said, “I’m not a witch”
“That’s not the question!” the father provoked. “Of course we know you aren’t a witch. The question is whether you have powers!”
Jennifer kept quiet with her hands
behind her. She glanced through the window to see policemen making inquiries, so she averted her eyes from them back to her parents. “No, i don’t have powers” she replied.
“How come you save that child?” the mother asked.
“I don’t know”
“Better, coz i won’t tolerate you, your seed and powers in this house” the father walked out angrily but the mother slowly walked to Jennifer. She made her sit on the bed with her. She was surprise to see Jennifer’s clothes on the floor.
“Why are your clothes on the floor?”
“Umm.. I’m sorry, let me pick them up” Jennifer wanted to stand but the mother prevented her saying, “What has come over you, Jane? I think you aren’t yourself”
“I’m fine, mum” Jennifer began with her face downward and twisting her fingers but she suddenly looked at her mother. “Mum, do you hate me?”
“No” the mother answered sincerely.
“What if i turn out to be something else?”
“Like what?”
Jennifer kept quiet while her mother placed a hand on her shoulder. “I will always love you dear” she said.
“Thank you, mum” Jennifer hugged her.
Few hours later, the news went online that a girl with powers saved a child from a hazardous accident. That wasn’t the only power Jennifer had. There were
others she was yet to discover.
At Hannah’s residence, Jennifer bagged in with the happiness of the power she just discovered. She needed nobody to talk to about it but Hannah. “Ann! Ann!” she shouted in the livingroom.
“Ann isn’t around” Vena came out.
“Where is she?”
“She just left to Keza Supermarket to get something”
“Okay, thanks” Jennifer hurried to the supermarket. She pushed the door of the market open and looked around if she would see Hannah. She wore a jean jacket over a black top, and on her wa-ist was also a short jean skirt. She never hesitated to carry the seed along with her in her bag. After she hurried in,side the supermark at the end of a particular roll, she saw a girl in a black attire so she ran to her thinking she was Hannah.
“Hey, Ann” Jennifer touched the girl.
“Excuse me?” the girl turned. Just then, Jennifer realised that it wasn’t Hannah.
“Sorry, i thought you are someone I’m looking for” Jennifer turned immediately. After taking few steps, the five old witches and wizards who also wanted the seed blocked her. They dressed in different attire.
“Hey, you are blocking my way” Jennifer said holding her bag tightly.
“Yes, we know, Remina” a witch said then Jennifer became surprise.
“Where did you get that name?”
“We have waited for you and the seed. Now is time for you to give it to us”
“Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter, give us the seed!” they began to move forward.
Jennifer stretched her hands to activate her power but nothing happened. Then she concluded that they were witches and wizards, so she took on her heels but they pursued her.

To be continued

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