The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 11

As the witches and wizards pursued Jennifer, she stumbled on a trash-can and fell down. Her hands never left the bag where the seed was. However, the three witches and two wizards had surrounded her. There was a big electric bulb above Jennifer’s head which one of the watches commanded silently to start sparking and eventually bursted. It wanted to fall on Jennifer’s head but she dogged it swiftly. The very act affected other bulbs and electrical appliances in the supermarket and all went off. Customers who noticed what was happening ran away.
Nevertheless, Jennifer stretched her hand again concentrating on the witches and wizards. She hoped her power works but nothing happened.
“Your power is useless here, Remina” a wizard said then Jennifer withdrew back her hand in disappointment.
“Let me go!” she shouted.
“No, until you give us the seed of
immortality” they responded at the same time and began to circulate her.
“No, no, don’t come close to me”
Jennifer cried out. Suddenly, Hannah arrived. As a witch, when she stretched her hands, sparkling light came out from them and drove the witches and wizards on the floor. “Run!” she told Jennifer who began to run with her.
Meanwhile, the witches and wizards had stood up and pursued them making magic for shelves containing valuable goods to fall on them but they dogged all and ran out. Then the wizards disappeared along with the watches.
Jennifer and Hannah could be seen still running on a lonely street that led to Hannah’s house but they suddenly stopped and began to walk hastily.
“I’ve saved your ass once again” Hannah said without smiling.
“Thank you” Jennifer began. “I guess they were witches and wizards”
“They wanted to take the seed from me”
“Really?” Hannah glanced at her just at the entrance of their house. “Everybody would like to take the seed from you” she added and went in,side.
“But why?” Jennifer followed her. “Jack told me that the police also need the seed to destroy it. How am i gonna overcome all these people? First, the invincible hunters whom i don’t know when they will strike. Secondly, the police and thirdly, the witches and wizards” she added.
Hearing that, Hannah turned quietly looking at Jennifer. “It seems like you don’t know the cross you are carrying” she began. “Anyone who the seed is in his or her possession will never die”
“Immortality?” Jennifer asked surprisingly.
“Yes, and that’s why everybody wants the seed” they became quiet. How would Jennifer know that even the person standing before her wants the seed too?
Nevertheless, she brought out the seed staring at it strangely. Even Hannah couldn’t take her eyes off it….
Frank hurried to Jack’s house with his lap-top. He found him coming out of the kitchen carrying a plate of rice with salad.
“Jack, this gonna blow your mind” Frank said following him to the sittingroom.
“What’s it?” Jack kept the food on the centre table.
“I did a research on the seed throughout last night and guess what? I found out that what’s happening now is a prophecy which states, “Years to come, the seed of life will rest in the hand of a powerful girl named Remina”
“Yes, i already know about that from my uncle” Jack sat down to eat.
“But is Jennifer Remina?” Frank curiously queried.
“Yes, i just found out”
“Oh, my God!”
“What?” Jack looked at him with a
spoonful rice close to his mouth.
“That means Jennifer has super powers” Frank replied.
“Powers? How do you know?” Jack returned the spoon of rice amazingly.
“My research also proved that Remina has super powers!”
“For real?”
Jack stood up and reached his cell phone immediately.
Back to Hannah’s resident, Jennifer put back the seed in her bag wondering what made it so powerful to give eternal life.
“I was looking for you at the supermarket to tell you that i have discovered my power” Jennifer said looking at Hannah.
“You do?” Hannah became surprised and more jealous.
“Yes, i just saved a little child from
accident this morning by just stretching my hands. When i tried to use the same power on the witches and wizards it didn’t work”
“They must have charmed you?” Hannah said. “They are too powerful that’s why we had to run” she added. Just then, Jennifer’s phone rang-that was Jack who called her to come over to his apartment. The line went off.
“Ann, would you train me on how to use my newly found power?” Jennifer requested.
When Hannah heard that, she had a factitious smile. She found the request as an opportunity to take the seed even if it involves killing Jennifer. Therefore she replied with a smile, “I will be glad to train you”
“Thank you” Jennifer smiled too. “Jack needs me” she added and went out.
As Jennifer headed to Jack’s apartment with the seed, so as uncle Ben was also going there.
Randy, on the other hand was on his way to buy can-food from Karina’s place of work.

To be continued

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