The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 13

At Jack’s resident, Jennifer, uncle Ben and Jack stood at the entrance. They couldn’t believe what their eyes were beholding. They saw people running helter and skelter without seeing what triggered it. At their very sight, some began to flew to a distant as if they were being thrown away. Seeing that, uncle Ben shouted, “Oh, shit! The hunters are here!”
“But why can’t we see them?” Jack
“Because they are still invisible”
“What are we gonna do now coz we definitely can’t fight what we can’t see” Jack added.
Meanwhile, Frank was still in,side the house all alone..
At Milky Crab Company, Karina and
Blessing had no customers to attend to so they kept themselves busy by watching a television programme. Suddenly, they saw the door cracked opened without seeing who entered so they glanced at each other in fear and amazement. Karina stood up because she had experienced such thing in Jack’s house when Jennifer initially introduced the seed. She quietly began to walk towards the door.
“Where are u going to?” Blessing asked standing up too.
“Ssshh…” Karina signed with a finger across her l-ips. She wore a black skirt and the company’s T-shirt which had black and red colour. The name of the company was tagged on it-both front and back. Karina finally reached the door, closed it again and wanted to walk back but she found herself being held on the throat and drag upward in a way her legs left the ground. Seeing that, Blessing scre-med…
Frank finally came out from the house to behold what others were beholding. As a fragile and fearful guy, he hid himself behind uncle Ben but when he realised that Jennifer had supper powers, he relocated to her back. Uncle Ben couldn’t bear the way people were being flung as if they were stones so he shouted at Jennifer, “Do something!”
“Do what?!” Jennifer shouted back.
“Well, can’t you make the hunters visible?”
“I don’t know, i don’t know” Jennifer became confuse and emotional. Jack could see her eyes w-t with tears as she reached her bag to bring out the seed. When she brought it out, it shone a white light and the hunters became visible. They all saw a crowd of skeletons attacking people.
“Oh, my God!” Frank exclaimed.
“Demn!” Jack added.
“Oh, shit!” uncle Ben added too.
“Lana” Jennifer remembered her family.
They saw some hunters coming towards them so uncle Ben brought out a small gun and began to shoot them but they didn’t die rather hastened up because they were invincible.
“Everybody get in,side!” uncle Ben
commanded as he rushed to his car to get a bigger and more powerful gun. Frank was the first to run in,side the house followed by Jack who wanted to get his gun too. Meanwhile, Jennifer had threw away her bag holding the seed boldly in her left hand. “I hope this works” she murmured and stretched her right hand at the hunters concentrating very well on each of them. One by one they began to float in the air. Jennifer controlled them simultaneously with the movement of her hand thereby hitting them hærdly with a great force on a nearby tree and walls. No hunter survived it. All hit the trees and walls and pieces on the floor. Frank couldn’t believe it from the window!
When Jennifer saw that uncle Ben’s new gun was killing the hunters, she rushed out.
“Where are you going to?” uncle Ben asked.
“To save my parents” Jennifer replied. She wanted to cross the road but suddenly turned back. She secretly stretched her hand at uncle Ben’s car-key and it flew to her without uncle Ben’s knowledge. As he was shooting the hunters, he heard the sound of his car and turned. He saw the car already in motion then he glanced at his trouser where he hung the key. “What?!” he exclaimed surprisingly. Meanwhile, Jennifer had driven out..
Back to the Milky Crab Company, the hunter who attacked Karina had become visible. Seeing that, Blessing scre-med the more and wanted to run away but the hunter flung Karina to her in a way both hit each other and fell on a shelf. Can-food fell on them. They saw the hunter coming towards them again. There was nowhere to escape so they cried for help with their eyes closed. In a short while, they opened them and saw the hunter’s bones pieces on the floor-that was Randy who killed it with a very big stick he found on his way coming. The girls were very happy to see him.
“Randy!” Karina struggled up.
“Come on, we have to leave now” Randy stretched his hand then she grabbed it.
“Come on, Blessing” Karina also
stretched her hand at her then all rushed out into an abandoned cab. Randy was the driver. As he sped on the road, he hit so many hunters with the car.
“Who are these skeletons?” Blessing asked from the back seat.
“They are called invincible hunters” Randy replied.
“Where are we heading to now?” Karina also asked.
“A friend of mine needs to  be saved”
“Frank” Randy concluded.


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