The Invincible Hunters


Episode 14

Karina suddenly kept quiet after Randy told her that they were heading to save Frank. That was a true character of friendsh¡p which got her worried because she expected Jack to be on his way to save her too or even worry about her at that hazardous moment.
On the other hand, Blessing remembered when Karina asked her about the invincible hunters after Randy replied her question in,side the cab too. Only few knew about the hunters in Zumga city.
“Hey, i wonna know something here. Who are these hunters and what are they hunting for?” Blessing asked again.
“This isn’t the right time, girl” Randy replied and drove into a lonely street.
“No, I’m asking Karina” Blessing stared at her.
“I don’t know please” Karina replied absent-minded. All her minds were on Jack. “Probably he has gone to save Jennifer instead of me” she thought.
Randy looked at her. “Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine. Watch out!!” Karina shouted then Randy matched the break. They nearly hit an electric pole.
“Don’t worry, nothing gonna happen to us in as much as we have blessing” Randy moved the car again.
“I’m blushing!” Blessing shouted while Randy became confused wondering why she had to say that.
“Wait, is your name Blessing?”
“Yes of course”
“Sorry, i didn’t mean your own blessing but a blessing from God” Randy corrected looking at Blessing through the centre mirror of the car.
“Whatever!” Blessing frowned while Randy and Karina smiled.
Jennifer was in a high speed going
home. She could see hunters from the side mirror of the car running after her. On a seat beside her was the seed which never stopped glowing in white colour. Suddenly, Karina reversed the car and faced the hunters running after her. She warmed up the car in a way the back tyres began to rotate very fast, yet without the car moving. “F-ck my ass you metal d*cks” she said and released the break then the car sped off. It crushed all the hunters then she reversed again and began her journey home.
At home, Jennifer heard the cry of Lana from outside, so she hurried up with the seed in her hand. Just at the door, three watches blocked her. Already, two wizards were in,side the house holding her parents. Seeing them, Jennifer
remembered her phone and stepped backward. She could see broken bones of dead hunters on the floor.
“Give us the seed, Remina” one of the witches said.
“No” Karina smartly dialed Jack’s number…
Meanwhile, Jack had come out from the house leaving his cell phone on the centre table. Uncle Ben was surprise to see him not only with a gun but also shooting at the hunters.
“Jackson, what a heck are you doing?! I told you to remain in,side!” Uncle Ben shouted losing concentration on the hunters without knowing that one was very close to him.
“I’m going nowhere!” Jack replied
and sighted the hunter who had raised a hand to hit uncle Ben. “Uncle, watch out!!” he aimed at the hunter and shot his skull thereby pulling him back before uncle Ben finally killed him. He looked at Jack and said, “Nice shot!”
Jack smiled. Just then, the hunters began to retreat. People could see them running away and eventually finished.
“Jack, Jane is calling!” Frank shouted from the door with the cell phone. Before Jack reached the phone, the call ended, so he quickly entered into his car and drove to Jennifer’s.
Policemen fought the hunters even Hannah who used her power as a witch to protect herself and other citizens-but secretly.
Back to Jennifer’s resident, Jennifer felt powerless in the presence of the witches who commanded the car behind her to start. Lo and behold, the car started without anybody in it. It moved and hit Jennifer in a way the seed fell from her. “Noo!” she shouted.
As the witches wanted to pick the seed, Jack arrived shooting them from his car then they ran away even the ones in,side. He rushed Jennifer.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine” Jennifer hurried in,side the house leaving the seed outside. She found her parents lying down on the floor even Lana.
“Dad, Mum, are you okay?” Jennifer carried Lana while the parents staggered up.
“I have never been okay since that seed entered this house” Mr Fenado replied.
“Hey, Jane, where is the seed?” Jack asked then Jennifer realised and saw the seed through the window. She stretched her hand, the window opened and the seed flew to her hand instantly. The parents couldn’t believe it!
Randy and co arrived at Jack’s apartment after they couldn’t see Frank in his house. As Randy shook Frank’s hand, Karina ran in,side in search of Jack but didn’t see him. She came out.
“Where is Jack?”
“He has gone to Jane’s” Frank replied.
Just then, Jack and Jennifer arrived in different cars. Everybody stared at them, even uncle Ben. Seeing them together sent a signal to Karina, even Jennifer knew what was in her mind.
“Karina!” Jack hurried to meet her  but Karina slapped him to everybody’s amazement.

To be continued

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