The Invincible Hunters


(  Unimaginable_Seed )

Jack held his cheek to reduce the pains of the slap he received from Karina. Jennifer couldn’t take it but at the same time couldn’t do anything, less, she would complicate issues. She was still standing alone beside uncle Ben’s car while Randy, Frank and Blessing stood together watching the drama like every other person. One could see anger burning in Karina’s eyes as she glared at Jack unabashedly.
“What was that for?!” Jack shouted.
“You never cared about me!” Karina began. “All this while the hunters invaded the city u didn’t care to know if I’m okay or not? All your enthusiasm is on Jennifer! I don’t even know what I’m doing with u!”
However, Jennifer had approached
closer to them to at least calm Karina down. She took a deep breathe and said, “Karina, is not what you..”
“Stay out of this!” Karina interrupted her.
“What do you wonna tell me? Huu! Isn’t it obvious that Jack prefers you to me?” she looked at Jack steadily in anger. “I guess we are done” she added and walked out. Jennifer wanted to stop her and talk things over with her but she ignored her.
All became quiet looking at one another even uncle Ben.
“Sorry, if you don’t mind, I’m leaving with her” Blessing broke the silence and ran after Karina.
“Now what?” Randy said.
“Nothing, but to destroy the seed” uncle Ben stepped forward.
“Nobody is destroying the seed!” Jennifer opposed boldly.
“I support her!” a female voice came from a distant then all turned to her-that was Hannah. She was always on black with attire and black make-up too. Frank, who had never fallen in love began to admire her.
“Wow, she’s… she’s… she’s definitely what she is”
“Hey, Frank, she might be a witch” Randy whispered to him.
“Oh, yes, i love witches” Frank objected still admiring Hannah who stood beside Jennifer. Only Jack and Jennifer knew who she was.
“Who de hell are you?” uncle Ben asked looking her.
“She’s Ann, my friend” Jennifer replied.
“Now listen to me” uncle Ben began. “I give you twenty-four hours to make up your mind and release the seed for destruction otherwise, we, the police, shall also start hunting u and the seed” he walked into his car. All stood beside each other in line watching as uncle Ben drove off. Then Jack’s eyes caught with Jennifer’s and he entered into his
house sadly. One could deduce that he wasn’t okay with Karina’s reaction.
Hannah glanced at Jennifer and said, “What’s going on with Jack?”
“He has a little problem with Karina” Jennifer replied.
“Who’s Karina?”
“His… his.. girlfriend”
“The girl i saw him with at your house the other day?”
“How about the seed?” Hannah changed the topic because of her selfish interest on the seed. Moreover, she didn’t have any emotional feelings or relationsh¡p with anyone. Therefore she didn’t care.
“The seed is save” Jennifer replied.
“Okay, I’m gonna be at your place
tomorrow for the training” Hannah wanted to walk out but Frank approached. He adjusted his eyeglasses and composed himself.
“Hi, I’m Frank”
“Who cares?” Hannah disdained him and quickened her steps while Randy and Jennifer smiled. Yet, Frank kept staring at her.
“Hey, Frank!” Jennifer called. “She’s not your type. She’s a witch”
“I love witches!” Frank exclaimed.
Back to the resident of Mr Fenado, Lana watched her parents exchange words in the sittingroom after they saw Jennifer use her power.
“Did you see that?” Mr Fenado began. “Your daughter doesn’t only have powers, but also used it in my house!”
“I know how you hate strange powers and witches but u need to accept Jane for who she is now!” the wife backfired.
“Oh, i don’t blame you coz your mother was a witch”
“Don’t bring my late mother into this!” the wife walked in,side the room with Lana.
Frank and Randy went away while Jennifer walked into Jack’s house. She found him sitting in the living room with his two legs on the centre table. From all indications, he was emotionally down.
“Jack?” Jennifer called rom-ntically. “I’m sorry for everything. I guess I’m the reason why Karina reacted that way. Sincerely, i shouldn’t be taking her place in your life. Thank u for being there when i needed you but i think it gonna stop now coz it’s causing problem. Bye” she began to walk out. Just at the door, she stopped at Jack’s voice who called, “Jennifer!” she turned.
Jack stood up looking at her, “It’s not your fault. Stop blaming yourself. I made a promise to protect u”
“But I’m here telling you to stop it” Jennifer said.
“I can’t”
Jack remained silent coz he didn’t know how to give his reasons. It was obvious that the two were in love with each other.
“Why can’t u break your promise?” Jennifer repeated.
Jack walked closer to her in a way they looked into each other’s eyes. “Because promises are not meant to be broken” he replied. As the eye contact lingered, Jennifer walked out without a word.

To be continued

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