The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )


Immediately Jennifer went out through the door, she had a fash of a burning fire. Due to it was a new development, she stumbled at the stairs and fell down.
“Jane!” Jack shouted when he saw her. He rushed and help her up. “Are you okay?”
“My head aches” Jennifer replied under her breathe with a hand on her forehead.
“Sorry, let me take you home with my car” Jack said holding her wa-ist as they staggered towards the car. But when Jennifer remembered Karina’s initial character, she said, “Don’t worry, i can take myself home” she disengaged from Jack who stood at a s₱0t looking at her. Suddenly, she fell down again then Jack rushed her for the second time.
“Jane, enter into the car let me take you home!”
“I said I’m fine!”
“You are not fine”
“What’s your problem? Leave me alone!” Jennifer hastened to the main road and eventually found her way home. Jack became disappointed.
At Mr. Fenado’s resident, Jennifer
pushed the door opened still with a hand on her forehead. Only her mother and Lana were in the sittingroom. They could tell that she wasn’t okay, so the mother stood up.
“Jane, what’s wrong with you?”
“I’m fine, mum” Jennifer wanted to enter into her room but her father came out like an angry lion.
“Now explain to me what happened today, Jane”
“Dad, please, i want to be alone”
“What nonsense! I want to know who you really are coz i can’t believe that you came out from my scrotum”
Just before any other ranting, everybody’s eyes went to the television where the mayor of Zumga city stood before a microphone. He wore a light green suit and had a chocolate complexion. Other influential men stood behind him as he gave a speech saying, “Good citizens of Zumga, what we experienced today isn’t a new thing to this city. It happened decades ago. Many of you don’t have any knowledge
about it. It is about a seed of life which mysteriously got missing during the war after the bearer was killed. But a prophecy was made that in years to come, the seed will meet a new bearer called Remina. Now, i guess the prophecy has been fulfilled. The seed has found a new bearer called Remina who i believe is a citizen of this city. That’s why we are experiencing the war of the invincible hunters again. Nevertheless, i promise you that we shall find this Remina of a girl, take the seed and destroy it. I guess that’s the only way to stop this war….”
Mr. Fenado understood better who his daughter was, so he bemusedly looked at Jennifer who quietly entered into her room and locked the door.
“Jennifer is Remina, right?” Mr Fenado turned to his wife.
“Yes” the wife replied.
“But i never named her Remina”
“Only my late mother called her that”
“This is serious” Mr Fenado became torpor and sat down.
Night began to take over, yet, Jennifer had not come out from her room or eaten anything which got her parents worried. She was actually experiencing new changes in her life, body and soul as the bearer of the seed of life. Everybody in the city had a better understanding and wondered who Remina is and where she is. All those who knew about her and the seed kept quiet. Uncle Ben didn’t want to tell the public yet that he knew who Remina is, but concluded that he would if Jennifer refuse to hand over the seed peacefully for distraction.
Jack drove to Karina’s apartment that evening. On his way he saw light from every part of the city regardless the fact that a serious war happened that day with the invincible hunters. He stopped in front of the apartment and came out wearing a black jacket over a shirt coz the weather was cold. On his legs were a pair of blue jean trouser, and on his feet were white canvas. He took a deep breathe before knocking at the door. A few seconds later, Karina opened the door wearing a bomshort, a white singlet and standing voluptuously.
“Hi” Jack broke the silence.
Karina didn’t say a word rather went back into the house leaving the door opened. Jack entered. He saw her sitting on a couch with a Milky Crab can-food in her hand. She was actually eating it. So he stood beside her and said, “I’m sorry for not being there when you needed me the most. But i want you to understand that Jennifer isn’t the reason why i wasn’t there to save you”
“Then why?” Karina asked without
looking at him.
“I had a bemused state of being. I
couldn’t think of anything or anybody”
“Even me?” Karina looked at him. “That shows how unimportant i am to you. But i saw you coming back with Jennifer from their house. You remembered her…”
“She cried for help through a phone call” Jack interrupted then both remained quiet. He turned to leave but Karina called him back and walked closer to him.
“It’s okay, I’m sorry too” she said.
“Thank you” Jack replied.
Karina crossed her hand on his neck and wanted to k-ss him but Jack withdrew his face.

To be continued

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