The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Hannah entered the house looking w-t and dirty. She didn’t expect to see the people standing and staring at her but was amazed at their gaze. Vena moved forward to take a good look at her too. None of them said a word rather waited for Hannah to explain herself and her way about. But she didn’t rather began to run upstairs.
“Ann!” Mr Fenado called then she
stopped at the staircase and gently looked back. “Where is Jane?”
“I don’t know” Hannah replied.
“liar!” Mrs Fenado stepped forward. “You went out with her today and you are telling us you don’t know where she is?”
“I said i don’t know!” Hannah finally ran upstairs. Randy and Jack glance at each other speechlessly while Mr and Mrs Fenado also looked at each other. As Vena turned to sit down, Hannah came out standing at the end of the staircase. She was in the mood nobody had ever seen her in. They could see her breathing hastily and shedding tears.
“It’s all my fault!” Hannah began then Vena turned surprisingly. Even others stared at her. “I took Jane to the den and pushed her down a cliff after taking the seed from her”
“Oh, my God!” Mrs Fenado gasped with her hands on her mouth.
“You did what?!” the husband provoked. He took a piece of glass and ran to Hannah. He nearly wounded her with it but Vena’s voice which vibrated the building pulled him back in a way he fell down from the staircase.
“I won’t allow you touch her!” Vena stepped forward. “Though I’m not in support of her actions but you must not lay your hands on her”
“You must be stupid!” Mr Fenado turned to her. “We are talking about my daughter’s life here!”
Already, Mrs Fenado had started weeping. She slowly went closer to the staircase looking at Hannah.
“Please, my child, where is this den of a place? I want to carry my daughter’s body” she cried.
“I’m sorry, her body is nowhere to be found. I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t see her” Hannah replied which increased Mrs Fenado’s tears.
“How could you betray your best
friend?!” Jack shrieked glaring at
“They is a possibility that Jennifer is still alive” Vena began then everybody stared at her. “Remember she’s a special child. The bearer of the seed of life. So we need to stay together and wait, for she will be back!”
Everywhere remained calmed.
“What about the seed?” Jack broke the silence.
“Some witches and wizards attacked us and took it away but i promise to get it back” Hannah stepped down..
Jennifer scre-med when she was falling from the cliff flinging her hands in the air. But before she reached the ground, she saw herself standing with a woman in another world. The place was whitish even the people in it. The woman standing beside her was also covered with white robe from head to toe in a way only her face was seen. She looked at Jennifer with a smile and said, “Welcome, Remina”
“Where am i?” Jennifer asked.
“Where were you?”
“I.. i was falling down from a cliff”
The woman smiled again. “Follow me” she said and moved forward. Jennifer followed her. She saw children, teenagers and adults who were on white clothings playing and chattering. They couldn’t see her but she saw all of them. The woman took her to an
open area where she saw a young beautiful girl that looks like her completely. She was running around and playing love with a guy familiar to Jennifer too.
“Jack?” Jennifer murmured.
“Do you know him?” the woman asked.
“Yes, he’s my friend, and.. and that’s me over there too”
“You are in the future and this is how it gonna look like”
“You mean i will end up with Jack in the future?”
“But what about Karina?”
“Karina?” the woman repeated. She pointed at her right handside and said, “That’s Karina”
Jennifer looked at the direction and saw an old woman. “Why is she old while I’m young?” she asked.
“Good question” the woman stared at her. “That’s the point i want to make here. You will forever remain young and beautiful in as much as you protect the seed. We have been monitoring you right from birth till the day you found the seed in the forest. It wasn’t a coincidence but a prophecy that needed to be fulfilled. You have been endowed with the power to protect the seed because we love you”
Jennifer was moved emotionally then she began to shed tears. “But why me? Who am i to have such a precious gift of immortality?” she asked.
The woman smiled again. “It’s because you are from the lineage of Theados”
“Yes, decades ago, Theados was the only man who, out of unselfishness rendered help to the seed bearer before he was killed regardless the fact that he had the opportunity to take it. That’s why you were chosen from his lineage to be the new bearer of the seed. Now go protect it and save the city!” the woman pushed her and Jennifer found herself at the base of the cliff unharmed.

To be continued

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