The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 23

Mr and Mrs Fenado sat restlessly in the sittingroom without altering a word. They were actually thinking about their daughter’s sudden change of life and the mission she was about to embark on that night. As they contemplated, Jennifer came out from her room dressed like a witch. The parents stared at her. She was in a black attire all throughout with high heel shoes on her feet. Her black natural hair was parked backward too.
“Jane” the mother stood up and hugged her tightly. She felt like she was losing her daughter.
“Mum” Jennifer began looking at her. “I’m not gonna die. You just have to accept the new me now and move on with life. I have fully understood who i am and who i will be, so don’t worry about me” she looked at her father who was already looking at her but they didn’t say anything to each other. Therefore, Jennifer walked towards the door. She turned to see her parents still looking at her even Lana who came out of the room immediately wearing a white gown.
“Where are you going, Jane?”
“To get something dear”
“I wonna follow you”
“Oh, no, honey” Jennifer met Lana and began to touch her hair squatting down. “I will be back very soon. I want you to do me a favour”
“What favour?” Lana asked.
“Take care of Mum and Dad while I’m gone”
“But i don’t have super powers like you, Jane”
Hearing that, Jennifer began to smile, she k-ssed her on the forehead then stood up. “You have powers my dear” she said then headed to the door again, looked at her parents and went out. She saw Frank, Randy and Jack waiting for her in front of the house. They were already ready.
“What’s he doing here?” Jennifer asked looking at Frank.
“Are you kidding me?” Frank began. “You should be happy that a sophisticated warrior like me is here to save your ass from the buffulers”
All began to smile coz they knew he was only exaggerating, then Randy looked at Jennifer and said “He wants to follow us because..”
“Don’t say it!” Frank interrupted.
“..because of Hannah” Randy finally said.
“F-ck you!” Frank exclaimed.
Jennifer smiled. “I don’t want you to risk your life because of a girl” she said.
“Hannah isn’t just a girl, she’s.. she’s.. she’s what she is” Frank objected senselessly then all became quiet staring him as if he had gone insane. Just then, they saw Vena and Hannah coming from afar. Jennifer frowned her face while Frank opened his eyes widely admiring Hannah until they arrived.
“Are you ready?” Vena asked.
“Yes, we are” Frank hurriedly replied before any other person.
“Who are you?” Vena asked him.
“I’m Frank, Hannah’s boyfriend”
“Excuse me?!” Hannah glared at him. “When did we..”
“We have no time to wa-ist” Vena
interrupted. They heard the siren of police vehicles and took another route out of the place because they knew the police was after Jennifer.
A few minutes later after they left, the police arrived and Mr and Mrs. Fenado never hesitated to open the door for them.
“Where is your daughter?” uncle Ben wasn’t looking happy anymore.
“She’s not yet back” Mr. Fenado replied then uncle Ben glanced at his wrist watch: 07:05pm.
“I guess you are playing with our
intelligence” Uncle Ben commanded his men to search the house but they didn’t see Jennifer or the seed, so he also went in,side the house. When he saw Jennifer’s picture hanging on the wall, he broke it’s glass and took it before they left.
Darkness had taken over the sky when Jennifer and co were on a lonely road heading to the buffulers in Jack’s car. It was at the fringes of the city where no building was found. All they could see were bushes both left and right side of the road. Few minutes later, they stopped and came down looking at a faraway building by the leftside of the road. They could see dim yellowish light coming out of the windows of the building.
“That’s where they are going” Vena said.
“You mean in,side that building?” Frank asked in disbelief.
“It looks dangerous”
“Yes, it is dangerous. The witches and wizards there are even more dangerous, powerful and wicked” Vena concluded and led the way followed by Randy and Hannah.
“Wait!” Frank shouted then everybody looked at him. “Uhm.. can somebody give me a gun, please?” he requested but nobody answered him rather they began to move again. “Alright, i guess my girlfriend gonna protect me” Frank followed Hannah immediately.
Only Jack and Jennifer remained on the roadside looking at each other for a reason best known to them.
“I don’t like the idea of you coming here with me” Jennifer broke the silence.
“Why?” Jack asked.
“Coz i told you to stop”
“Is it still about Karina?”
Jennifer remained quiet staring at him. She wanted to walk away but Jack held her hand.
“Hannah said she pushed u off a cliff. How did you survive?”
“I don’t know” Jennifer replied and disengaged Jack’s hand.

To be continued

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